Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


2. how did you get my number?

I placed my hand on the cold gearshift and pulled out of the frosty school lot.

It was almost winter break and i was so happy that it was already wednsday. More importantly, i would be away from my "friend" Luke Hemmings.

He was an okay guy i guess, he was just annoying as hell. Wasn't bad looking either.

I guess... It just annoyed me how compatible we are. We both had lip rings, both loved beanies, both hated school, and were desperately in love with people we couldn't have.

At least his crush was realistic. I was in love with a boy band member from One Direction who goes by Niall Horan, but it was never gonna happen. I was just gonna sit here with my bleeding heart, sighing loudly.

I don't know why i wasn't attracted to luke, maybe it was because he seemed to go through girls faster than taylor swift goes through guys.

But she was just looking for the write guy. And when she realised the guy she was dating wasn't him, she bailed. Maybe the same went for luke, but i doubt it.

My guess was that he banged them, then left them. Pig.

It was kinda cool hanging out with him though. Yeah we hung out sometimes after school, but not too often.

I pulled into my driveway, having mindlessly driven home. I pulled my phone from my bag and stared at it when i saw an unknown number on the screen, calling me.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey Carly."


"You know it."

"How did you get my number?"

"That isn't important."

"Yes it is." I heard him sigh.

"Well, you know when you left your phone unlocked and on your desk?"

"You looked through my phone?"

"Ummm... Pshhhhhh no." Wow okay.

"Luke, delete my number." I was about to hang up when he stopped me.

"Wait! Please? Were friends and i should have the right to know your number!" I thought about it.



"Don't screw me over."

"Of course not! You can decide that."


"Sorry. For the record, that wasn't my fault."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, it was my hormones." I rolled my eyes.

"Sure, okay."

"Im not lying!"

"Whatever." He wasn't proving himself at the moment.

"So what do you want to talk about?"

"I don't know." I shrugged and felt like an idiot because he couldn't see me. *facepalm*

"Hey, we should get matching lip rings." He offered.

"Hey, how about we dont."

"Come on! Meet me at the tattoo parlour in 20 minutes."

"How did we get from lip rings to tattoos? Besides, I'm not interested."

"Come on! A tattoo would look good on you!"

"It would also hurt! Besides, don't you need parental consent to ink yourself?"

"Nope. Not this place."

"Sounds shady."

"It is." Well at least he was honest.

"I don't know luke..."



"At least come with me to pick out mine."

"Well, i guess that couldn't hurt..."

"Thank you!" Oh god, what did i get myself in to?

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