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19. hair dye


"he said he doesn't want me to be mad and he said he loves me..."

"if he loved you, he would have stayed your friend."

"yeah..." i trail off. or maybe he just loves me so much that he let me go with Michael so i would be happy.

"come on. lets go inside, and maybe order some pizza." he smiles and i sniff before grinning.

"sounds good." i say. i must still look a little shaken because Michael walks over to me and hugs me.

"its gonna be alright babe, i promise." he whispers in my ear. i shudder and smile.

"Thank you." i lay my head on his chest and he kisses the top of my head. "but still.. Michael... he loves me..."

"whats wrong with love?"

"i dont want to hurt him."

"focus on us Carly. Focus on me and you." he smiles at me and gives he looks like a little kitten. i giggle and kiss him on the lips, taking in his musky smell.

"are you alright baby?"

"yeah." i giggle.

"good. now i was thinking.. what would you think if i dyed my hair?" i stared up at his bright red hair and raise one eye brow before looking back at Michael.

"what color?"

"blue." he has obviously thought about it.

"hmm.." i try to picture it and i smile.

"it wouldn't look terrible Mikey."


"how many times have you died you hair?"

"i lost count." he laughs at himself.

"that many times?"


"when are you gonna dye it?"

"soon, but i wanted to ask you first."

"aw." i reach up and kiss him, and he presses me close out of no where.

"i want your approval." he mumbles against my lips. i don't think he was talking about the hair anymore.

"what do you mean?" he kisses the corner of my mouth and i smile. "are we still talking about your hair?" i smirk.

"i think you know that answer babe."

"not now Mikey."


"not now." i grin, knowing this will disappoint him. he narrows his eyes at me. i know he is trying to look menacing, but really, he looks like a little angry kitten. "you look adorable Michael." i giggle at him when he frowns.

"i'm not a kitten!" he protests.

"yes you are." i tease.

"if anything, you're my little kitten." he mutters in my ear. he kisses my temple.

"but you look more the part." i bite my lip to try and hide a smile.

"your killing the moment kitten."

"what moment?" i smirk, knowing that i'm ruining it.

"carlyyyyyy." he drags out my name and i laugh at him.

"come on cutie, lets do something."

"i know something we could do." he has a grin on his lips and i smack his arm.

"no." i poke his nose and he swats my hand away.

"dont you want to see what your missing?" he places his hands on the small of my back and roughly places his lips on mine. he softly bites my lip and presses my against the wall. he tugs at my shirt but i push his hands down.

"please?" he mutters in my ear and i have to think for a moment before saying no. instead of protesting with words, he kisses me harder, pressing me firmer against the wall.

"Michael stop." i push on his chest but i cant move him.

"stop." i grumble and turn my head, breaking our lips. he looks shocked and worry takes over his face.

"i'm so sorry Carly!" he swears at himself. "something just came over me..."

"alright." i feel angry at him for not stopping when i asked the first time. i walk over and sit on my bed and he follows me. i look in the opposite direction and stare at the floor.

"Carlyyyyy." he whines. i feel him put his chin on my shoulder and i know his beautiful green eyes are staring at me. i giggle and turn back around.

"theres my baby girl." he smiles.

"Michael, do you only want me for kisses and... other things?"

"no! of course not! im so sorry i didnt mean to do that, i just.. your so beautiful.."

"i told you to stop and you didn't. that worries me."

"i swear i will never take advantage of you."

"but you didn't stop."

"it was heated." he stares at his hands in his lap. i lay my head under his and stare into his beautiful eyes. i kiss him and wrap my arms around him.

"i know. i'm just.. trying to keep my morals straight."


"you know, like saving yourself for marriage?"

"baby, if its love, its love."

"maybe if we had been dating for a while..."


"Michael stop."

"im sorry." he kisses me gently and i flinch at first, but then i relax. he scoots me closer to him and i rest a hand on his thigh. i bite his lip tenderly but i think he might take it the wrong way and i try to pull away.

"im okay, i promise." he grabs my arms and i whimper, he grabbed it too hard.

"Fuck, did i hurt you?"

"you know what Michael... i think i'm gonna go downstairs..." he was acting really strange and i didn't want to be around him.

"kitten wait!" he says as i start crossing over to the door, pulling my sweater sleeves down to make sweater paws. he grabs my waist and wraps both of his arms around me. he rests his chin on my shoulder again and i try to push him off but he is too strong.

"im going to keep cuddling you until you love me." i try to hold back a laugh.

"pweaseeeeeeeeee." he says in a little baby voice.

"no." i say stubbornly. but i turn around and let him swallow me in a hug. he kisses my forehead.

"i wont ever hurt you love."


"i promise."

i rest my head on his chest and listen to his heart beat. its calming and warm.

"michael will you cuddle with me?" i look up at him and he smiles.

"of course". i take his hand and pull him over to my bed and lay down and he lays beside me. i conform my back into his tummy and he pulls me closer with his arms. i feel his lips behind my ear and sigh.

"what?" his breath tickles my neck.

"nothing." i switch my position so that i'm facing Michael. i nuzzle my head in the dip of his neck and he places his chin on the top of my head.

"your my little spoon."

"why cant i be the big spoon?" i ask.

"becuase.." he searches around for an answer. "i dont know."

"will you be my little spoon?" i ask.


"because i asked nicely."

"fine." he turns over and i wrap my arms around his large self. he is just like a giant teddy bear and im just a small kitten, but i insist on being the big spoon.

he is too big and i can barely get my arms around him.

"your struggling." he laughs.

"am not." i pull him closer, as a possessive gesture.

"your struggling kitten." i sigh in defeat and he turns over, taking me into his form. i sigh and stare into his green eyes.

"your the kitten." i tell him. i take my pointer finger and gently scratch under his chin while he struggles not to laugh. "you hair is fluffy like a little kitten and you wrinkle your nose and its so cute."

"whatever." i bop his nose.

"kiss me." cliche i know, but he is just so adorable. we mold our lips together and he cups my cheek. he rests his leg on top of mine.

"Michael." i warn him, keeping our lips close.

"i know kitten, relax." he tugs on my bottom lip and pulls me closer and i start to worry he is gonna hurt me again. but he just gently moves his lips with me and is really sweet. i break apart to catch my breath.

"see? i wont hurt you kitten." i smile at the nickname.

"i know. and you call me kitten in every single sentence."

"because your my little kitten."

"your my kitten." i protest and bury my head in his chest and press myself closer to him. "and i love my little kitten."

"im not little." he protested.

"your a giant kitten."

"am not."

"your my kitten."

"we have used the word kitten so many times."

"i know," i pause and then add, "kitten." and i laugh. i snuggle into him and close my eyes. i breath in his scent and my lips curl into a smile. i kiss his collar bone and he makes a 'mm' sound. im starting to feel sentimental; im guessing im caught feels from michael. i laugh.

"whats so funny?" he asks.

"nothing." i smirk to myself and close my eyes again. after a few more kisses and a few more 'kittens', i felt myself drifting off to sleep.




i wake up and the first thing i do is stretch. then i notice that michael is gone.

"kitten?" it slips out before i can stop it and i blush, hoping no one heard me.

"hmm?" Michael pokes his head through the door and smiles.

"you left."

"i had to piss."


"mood killer?" he asks.

"yeah." i giggle. "come 'er." i pat the bed beside me and he walks over and sits beside me.

"so you wanted to dye your hair kitten?"


"lets go get some dye."




"yeah." i smile and kiss his nose. he smiles but then he sneezes.

"like a little kitten."

"shut up." he says playfully.

"come on." so we leave to get some hair dye.




"it looks great kitten." i ruffle his cute blue hair.


"i love it." i tip-toe up and kiss his nose.

"i want to dye your hair."

"what? no, absolutely not!" he plays with a few strands that had fallen from my hair.

"i think yes." he grins.

"no kitten."

"yes." he whispers and gets closer to me. he backs me to the wall and i start to get nervous. he takes my chin between his thumb and pointer finger and presses his lips to mine.

"dont hurt me." i mutter. he pulls away and looks me dead in the eyes.

"you have to trust me kitten. i wont hurt you. i'll stop if you want, just tell me and i'll stop." i nod.

"i trust you." he smiles and brings our lips together again, and we press against the wall. i feel his hips pressing into mine as the kiss gets hotter. i tense but i know my kitten won't hurt me.

"kitten." he mumbles against my lips. he slips a hand up the back of my shirt but instead of stopping it, i let his hand stay there and i slip my hand up his shirt feeling his back.

"i thought you wanted to take things slow kitten." he mutters in my ear.

"shhhhh." i whisper back and tug his lip. Michael lifts my shirt up a little and adrenaline pounds through my veins. it gets to the bottom of my bra and i know i need to stop him before i can't stop myself. he trails his lips down to my collarbone while trying to get my shirt off.

"i think we need to stop." i mutter.

"stop?" his hot breath against my neck make my hairs stand on end.

"we cant go that far,"

"were already here kitten." he try's to kiss me again and finish taking off my shirt, but i stop him.

"remember what i said about stop Michael?" he pauses.

"stop and go to the bedroom?" he tries.

"no silly. and why did you try to take my shirt off first? maybe if you took your off first..." i taunt. he rips off his shirt and i laugh at him.

"i was joking kitten." he scowls at me and i look at his bare chest. "now put on your shirt kitten."

"i could say the same for you." i look at the fabric bunched around my neck.

"so close... you sure you wanna stop?" i bite my lip. "Kitten? i may joke a lot, but if you're not ready, i wont force you into it. i want it to be love not rape."

"your so sweet kitten." i loved how he understood that i wasn't ready.

"you deserve love carly." his fingertips trace my arms and i shiver. he towers over me and moves closer.

"i said wait michael."

"i know, you're just so damn beautiful." he traces my lips with his finger then tenderly kisses them. i blush and stare into his green eyes.

"i-im beautiful?"

"yes you are." he whispers in my ear and i feel myself melting. a feel a rush of cold air against my bare stomach and look down and i also see my bra. i cover myself with my arms, feeling exposed.

"why'd you do that kitten?"

"i'm exposed."

"but you're beautiful." he tries to move my arms, but i move away and pull down my shirt. Michael however is still shirtless. "no, take it off kitten." he growls hungrily.

"Michael? i said no." he corners me in the small bathroom.

"but you deserve to be loved." he pulls me close by my waist and tugs on my shirt. i slap his hand and shove him away.

"i said no!" he needs to learn to control his hormones. i walk out the door and i hear him fumble with his shirt before running out behind me.

"kitten wait!"

"what did i say about no Michael? that was the third time i had to leave!"

"shit, im so sorry. i just lo"

"you just met me!"

"i promise i wont try to force you into in, i didn't try to take off your pants or anything. i didn't take off my pants." he was right, he wasn't being explicit.

"you still didn't respect it when i said no!" i fumbled for a reason to be mad.


"shut up and kiss me!" i shove myself against him and press my lips passionately against his. this time, i'm the one who presses him against the wall. i grab his shirt collar and then run my hands through his blue hair.

"I guess thats your preview from me." I say as i suddenly break away and leave him there looking stunned.


sorry that this chapter was really mushy, i just really need a bf (who can relate?) :((( im lonely and thats why i write this stuff.


do you ship Marly? or Cake?

do you think i went too fast with these two? naughty sluts... JK !! aha

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alright bye guys and i'll update soon :))) i love you guys :D

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