Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


29. going over



I pace around my room, trying to comprehend the level of this situation. to Carly, i must have seemed calm, but inside i was upset. we were going behind Michael's back, and i knew that he could fight well. the skin around my eye is still a pale grey and i knew the last thing Carly wanted was us to fight again. 

i hadn't admitted it, but when she said she had feelings for me, it made me extremely nervous. the more i thought about it, the more i realized i never thought she would actually like me one day. 

i wad supposed to go over to her house in about fifteen minutes, but i was scared. she was dating someone who hated my guts, and he really wouldn't want to find out that his girlfriend is in love with me. i looked in the mirror, fixing my hair. it was in a quiff but it looked kind of messy, so i tugged my favorite beanie on and fixed my blonde hair around it. i sat on my bed and picked at the hem of my AC DC shirt. in addition to that, i was wearing black vans and skinny jeans. i basically wore the same thing every day. 

i pulled my phone from my pocket, not really knowing what to do with it. so i put it back in my pocket and sighed. i decided to go ahead and leave for her house. i wanted to help her not stress about it so much, since she seemed to feel better after we met in the bathroom. 

i tell my mom i'm leaving before i walk outside in the rain, thankful for the beanie, and i get inside my car. i start it, and i back out of the driveway. i get to her house after ten minutes, and park on the street. i see a car in the driveway that's no her's, and i wonder who it could be as  i step out of my car and run to her front door.

i knock once and wait for someone to answer the door. i stand for about two minutes before someone opens the door. i nearly fall over when i see Michael there. Carly was behind him, her face in her hands.

"what are you doing here?" he's confused and so am i. one of the few things we have in common. 

"i uh- i came here to give Carly those notes. for class." i said, thinking about the lie i used earlier. 

"why didn't you just give them to her at school?" 

"well you pulled her away like i was a wild animal or something." i shove my hands in my front pockets, wishing i wasn't in this situation. 

"well i wasn't going to have her sit by you. not after what happened that caused our suspension. only good thing is that i got to spend time with my girlfriend." he was trying to make me jealous. 


"congratulations." i rolled my eyes.

"look, just get out of here, we can get the notes from someone else. i don't like you." i was starting to get angry because so far i hadn't done anything yet he was treating me like i did.

"hey, its not like i'm fucking your girlfriend dude, i'm just here to give her the notes." i smirked because he was really pissed now.

"GET. OUT." 

"its not your house Michael." 

"so?" i could tell it was annoying him that i was staying so calm. he seemed like the type to loose him temper real quick.

"just go and i wont beat you up. no old teacher here to stop you from getting your ass whooped."

"oooh, i'm so scared."

"guys stop." Carly walked in between us, one hand on my chest, and one on Michael's chest. we both looked at her and i felt bad even though i wasn't the one being a jerk.

"sorry." i scratched the back of my neck awkwardly, looking anywhere but Michael.

"yeah, sorry Carly." but i knew he wasn't sorry. especially when he did what he did next. he leaned down and kissed Carly, pressing her again the brick structure of the house. i could tell she knew he was trying to make me jealous, and she tried to wiggle away, but he wouldn't let her up. my blood boiled and i wanted to scream that she was in love with me too but i knew i couldn't so i kept my mouth shut and walked back to my car. 

i was about to get inside when she called my name.

"Luke wait!" she chased after me and i didn't get in the car. Michael got in his though, and drove off. but not before giving me the finger, which i gladly returned. when he was out of sight, i turned to Carly who was getting soaked in the heavy rain. 

"Luke, i'm so sorry, he was pinning me down and i couldn't move." 

"i know, i saw you struggling." her brown hair was clinging to her forehead and water was running down her face, but i didn't know if she was crying or if it was just the rain. "why?" i asked her. she looked at me, confused.

"why do you like him? he's an ass." she chewed on her lip, searching for an answer. 

"i-i don't really know." 

"then why are you dating him?" 

"i-i guess... maybe i was just trying to make you jealous... before i knew i liked you.." you can tell she was admitting this to me, and herself as well. 

"does this mean you pick me?" 

"i don't know." she avoided my eyes and we just let the rain soak our clothes in the silence. i could feel water down in my underwear, that's how heavy the rain was. 

"look, i suck at love. I've been chasing the same girl for years, not knowing how to take no for an answer. i actually lucked out because she likes me back. she always has. maybe. did you know i never went on a date after i met you? that's because i didn't wan't another girl. i just wanted you! and even know that you've admitted to yourself that you like me, your still dating an ass!" i was angry. not at her, but at this whole relationship between us. it wasn't just recently. i had always been angry, ever since she and Michael started dating, and even before that. i was so jealous and hurt i couldn't be around her any more. what i said might have been a little harsh. but its what she needed to hear. 

Carly slowly nodded, processing my words.

"you never went on a date after you met me?" i shook my head.

"i didn't want anyone else!" i shouted over the rain. she said nothing. she just walked over to me, and gave me a hug. our clothes made a squishy sound as they pressed together, making me laugh a little. 

"i choose you."  


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