Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


17. getting a job

"so how was your date?" my mother said in a cheery tone. i picked at my eggs, trying to recall something i could tell her. i didn't want to tall about Luke, and telling her that Michael kissed me was out of the question.

"good." slips from the thousands of words in my brain.

"what movie did you see?"

"some scary movie."

"it wasn't that one was it? i heard it was sick."

"yeah, it was that one. we left early. it was sick and it was all my fault and i just- i ruined the date."

"its alright, you didn't know it was like that."

"i need to play him back the money...

"if you want. but I'm not giving you any money."

"why not?"

"i think... maybe its time to get a job."

"what?" i drop my fork and it makes a clank as it hits the plate.

"i just need like, twenty dollars to pay him back."

"well yeah, but don't you want to have more money that you can use to buy whatever you want with."

"it seems like you were planning me telling me this..." i eye her suspiciously.

"yeah... me and your dad have been talking about it for a while."

"what so you want me to job hunt today?"



"but get a job somewhere nice."

"you want me to do that now?"

"well, yeah."

"thanks mom." i shove my cold eggs away and scoot out of my chair. i straighten my sweater and brush over my hair.

i pull my phone from my pocket and unlock it. i call Michael on the way up from the stairs.

"hey." he answers on the second ring.

"hey." i smile.

"whats up?"

"my mom is making me get a job." i sigh.


"yeah. i have to go job hunting now."

"that sucks. want me to help? i could drive you around if you want."

"you would do that?"

"sure, ill be at your house in ten."

"alright. thank you."

"sure." i didn't really know who should hang up now, so i kept the phone on.

"i uh.. i guess i'll let you drive over." i said awkwardly.

"uh, yeah." he said and i hung up. i was already ready for the day, so i guess the only thing to do was look quickly online for people that are hiring.

i slide my laptop out from under my bed and open it. i press the power button and sit down on the lush carpet in my room.

i wait for it to load and go to the homescreen. i click on Google Chrome and search for hiring people in my area.

i found a few like fast food and grocery stores and things like that. i didn't really want to work at places like that, but their isn't much out there for a teen.

i clicked on a ad for a cook at wendys. it seemed like a terrible idea to work at a fast food place, but i did need money. and i began to think about how my parents were buying less and less things for me unless i bought them myself.

i have some money that i get from babysitting jobs, but i need a steady money flow. i guessed this would have to do.

as i closed my laptop, i heard the doorbell ring.

"i got it!" i yell as i run out my room and down the stairs to the door. i got really exited and almost tripped over the carpet.

"Michael!" i grinned at him when i opened the door.

"carly!" he matched my exitement. i slipped my arms over his torso and squeezed him in a tight hug. he returned the hug, slightly pulling up my shirt, making a strip of skin expose.

"i missed you." he muttered.

"i missed you too mikey." after hugging for a while, we pull away.

"ready to go job hunting?"

"yeah, i guess. i found a job opening at Wendys."

"do you have a resumé?"

"uh..." i think. "i don't think i need one for a fast food place."

"we can ask."


"are you completely ready?"

"i guess. lets go." i say and i take his warm hand as we walk to the car. small snowflakes swirl around us as we walk.

Michael opens my door for me and i smile.

once were all settled in the car and headed to Wendys, Michael starts talking.

"are you doing anything for christmas? its in two days..."

"christmas already?" shoot, she hadn't gotten Michael a gift yet, and figured she wouldn't be able to save for something nice in time.


"dang. well i uh.. i guess I'm just going to hang out with family and stuff."

"same. do you think we will get to see each other on christmas?"

"maybe." i grin and bite my lip.

"oh, were here." butterfly's erupt in my stomach.

"Michael, i don't think i can do this. i feel nervous, this is a bad idea..."

"hey, its alright love. everyone gets a little nervous, thats all."

"yeah but-"

"no buts."

"mikey." i whine. he places his hand on my knee and rubs small circles with his thumb.

"it will be alright. I'm right here with you." i nod.

"okay. lets do this."

"thats my girl." he removes his hand and gets out and i leave too. as i open the door, the air draws goosebumps on my skin. Michael watches me shudder.

"come here." he pulls me from behind and wraps his arms around me. he kisses my head and i fiddle with my lip ring.

"thanks." i say. he moves so that he now has his arm around my shoulder. we walk inside and see the place is really empty except for a man with a chocolate shake.

"uh, excuse me." i say shyly. "i heard you were looking for a cook?" a burly man comes to the counter and faces us.

"you interested?"


"come with me."

"wait here." i say to mikey, dropping his hand.

"alright." he presses his lips to my temple before i leave. i follow walk through the counter to the back and we come to a small office.

"sit." he gestures to a chair.

"ok." i take a seat, and find it uncomfortable.

"so you want to work here?"

"uh, yeah."

"okay. did you fill out the online application?"

"no. i didn't know there was one."

"yeah. you can fill that out here if you like"

"alright." he types something in his computer and clicks the mouse a few times before motioning me over. he gets up and tells me to sit in his seat, and just to come back to the front of the place when I'm done.

i look at the screen after he leaves, and start typing in my information. this wasn't a laptop, it was a dinosaur computer.

i hated these things, and i would have liked it better if it were a laptop, but i guess i will just have to suffer with this.

the survey asked general questions that i expected to be on there. questions like, whats your full name, where do you live, social security number, etc.

i had to text my mom to ask her what my social security was. i didn't know that number yet.

i finished in about twenty five minutes. i submit the form and get up from the chair, and walk to the front like he told me.

"hey." i say to both Michael and my possible future boss.


"yep." i had used 'yep' and 'yeah' so much that it felt weird to say yes.

"good. ill review your application and call you when i know if you've got the job or not. i assume you filled out your phone number on the application?"


"good. oh! two things before you go. my name is Mike if you have any questions."

"I'm Carly." he extends a hand and i shake it. he had a warm, firm handshake.

"and the other thing, would you like to meet your possible fellow employees?"

"uh, sure!" i smile. "ill be right back Michael."

"alright, ill be waiting here." he smiles at me.

"alrighty, lets go." Mike says kindly. i follow him back behind the counter and this time, we go back to where the machines are and such.

"we have seven people working here. theres Rhonda-" he points to a small black haired girl with brown eyes and she gives a small smile, "tammy-" he points to a larger blonde girl with amber eyes. I'm guessing they were contacts. "gracie-" he points to a small girl with brown hair and green eyes, "and-" i lock eyes with the person he was going to say next. i cant believe it.


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