Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


10. flirting with the new guy

I open my eyes into my still-dark room. I don't know what time it is, so i check my phone.


Crap, i have to get up for school now! I lifted up my comforter and the cold air pricked my skin. My clothes were wrinkled and barely smoothed when i stepped out of bed.

I walked to my closet and threw on a dark-red knit sweater and some grey tights, with my tall tan boots. I straightened my hair so it was only a little wavy, and applied my makeup.

I thought i looked really good today, and i was proud of myself. I smiled before heading downstairs.

My parents already left, and my sister didn't get up this early, so i was alone.

I made some waffles, watched some random stuff before heading out the door. I breathed in the cold air as the realization hit me, today was friday.

The last day of school! I was so exited, i squealed and ran to my car. I lugged my bag with me and threw it in the back before driving a little to fast to school.

when i arrived, i saw Luke waiting by my parking space.

"what are you doing?" i ask as i step out of my car.

"waiting for you." he smiles goofily. (is that even a word?)

"awe how sweet." i smile and roll my eyes. he grabs my waist and pulls me to him like he did that one day after class.

"luke." i try to wiggle away but he was too strong, so i gave up.

"another kiss?" he whispered in my ear, his breath was hot against my frost-nipped ear.

"you know were not dating right?" he turned me around and i was so close to him i could see my reflection in his blue eyes.

"i know." his whisper was low, only for me to hear. i almost kissed him. almost.

he bites his lip when he sees me pause. then he flicked his tongue across them.

it really wasn't fair how he was playing with my feelings. i would remember the kiss, but i don't actually like him. at least, i didn't think i did.

"luke." i whisper. "you know that i don't love you like that."

he pouts and i frown. alright, maybe a kiss on the cheek to make him happy.

i tip-toe up to him while he still has his hands on my waist ams i kiss his cheek. he tried to move his face so i would find his lips, but i moved back first.


"nice try." i say smirking. then i walk off to class, leaving him standing there like a tree again.


"is this seat taken?" i look up and see a guy with bright red hair and and an eyebrow piercing starring at me with curious eyes.

he is wearing a grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

"um." i look around for Luke, but i don't see him. maybe he wouldn't mind. "you can sit here."

"sweet." he says as he sits down. he is skinny and looks really good. like really good.

"I'm Michael." he looks at me and i bite my lip.

"hi, I'm carly." i take in every inch of his face. it had to be hand carved by god. he was Niall Horan hot.

"cool name." he smiles and holds out his hand. i shake it and his hand is really firm and warm. i guessed mine was cold and clammy. way to go carly.

"carly? who is that?" i look up and see Luke standing above me, pointing to Michael.

"oh, i hope you don't mind."

"is this your seat?" michael says, starting to get up.

"yeah, but please stay michael." oops, i hope that didn't sound desperate.

"um yeah, ill uh, find another seat." Luke walks away and i swear his cheeks are a bit pink.

"who was that?" his piercing raises with his eyebrow; i silently die inside.

"luke, he's a friend."

"oh, i thought he was your boyfriend or something."

i flush and stare down at my desk.

"nope, just friends." just then class starts, and he doesn't talk to me much more.

until the last bit of class.

"glad your just friends." he whispers as he slips a piece of paper in my pocket and walks off.

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