Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


8. feelings

"School is closed!" I yelled to my mother as i walked in he door.

"Okay." I am cold and wet. I sat in the snow for half an hour, letting the snow cover cover me. I was so cold and my fingers were numb.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't feel anything like real feelings towards him, but well i don't know.

When i kissed him, i felt something... Like.... It was like a click inside me. Its hard to explain. Maybe Luke felt it too.

I didn't really know what to do at this point. And i didn't really think about what would happen after we kissed.

I knew it would complicate things!

I sat sprawled out on my bed, playing on my phone. Luke texted me a couple of times, but i didn't feel like replying.

I could tell he was getting paranoid, but he would get over it.

I opened twitter and scrolled through my boring timeline. It was only boring because one direction didn't tweet anything. *sigh*

I couldn't get warm and the wet cold was biting my skin, so i decided to take a shower.

I walked to my bathroom and got all my things out that i would need; shampoo, conditioner, wash cloth, and a towel.

Once i was set, i took off my clothes and threw them in a soggy lump on the bathroom floor. They landed with a mucky thwack that made me giggle.

I then went onto my phone and went into my music to put FOUR by One Direction on shuffle. I LOVED them so much it was just unreal.

I twisted the cold metal knob to start the warm shower that was coated in soap scum, and stepped inside.

The warm water on my cold skin tingled. I was thankful when i was warmed up and i started to wash myself and my hair.

When it came time to wash my face, i chewed on my lips, remembering Lukes.

Was this giddy feeling ever gonna go away? I hoped it would and i just kept telling myself that i didn't actually like Luke. Were just friends. And i went and screwed everything up.

I hope we could be friends still... He was pretty cool to hang out with and i didn't wanna risk that.

I sighed and got out of the shower. I cleared a little patch of steam from the mirror so i could see my reflection.

My skin was a healthy glow again, and my lips weren't a faded purple anymore. I smiled at myself.

I walked out of the bathroom covered in a fluffy brown towel, and i went to my room. I closed and locked the door and laid on my bed.

I checked my phone which had a lot of messages from luke.

Luke: hey

Luke: hello?

Luke: am i a good kisser?

Luke: are you gonna ignore me?

Luke: Carly pls

Luke: did i do something wrong?

Luke: answer me pls

Luke: are u dead or something

Luke: did u die

Luke: metal poisionong?

Luke: my kiss?

Me: are you having fun there?

Luke: oh my gosh where have you been?

Me: i was showering

Luke: well i feel stupid now

Me: you should

Me: and the kiss wasn't that great


Luke: awe

Luke: our next kiss will be better

Me: their wont be another one

Luke: why not

Luke: i felt something and i know you did too

So he did feel it...

Me: nope


Luke: don't lie

Me: I'm not

I was so close to confessing that I did feel something, but i don't have actual feelings for him.

Luke: Carly please

Me: what

Luke: i know you felt something

Me: fine i did

Luke: am i being punked

Me: no

Me: i felt something

Me: but i don't have like, feelings for you

Me: just friend feelings

Luke: oh

Me: yeah

Luke: so what now

Luke: you feeling something must be a universal sigh or something

Me: doubt it

Luke: i think it means were supposed to date

Me: i don't think so

Luke: can i come over?

Me: nope

I jug realised that i was texted a guy when all i was wearing was a towel. I got up and changed into an 1D t-shirt and grey sweat pants. Mmm.

I then went back to texting luke.

Luke: pweaseeeeeee

Luke: peaseeeeee

Me: adorable

Luke: so i can come over? **hopeful face**

Me: no **evil grin**

Luke: ugh

Me: gtg

Luke: no wait!

Me: you get one more text

Luke. Okay. I love you Carly and i hope you love me one day too

A sentimental lump rose in my throat. He loved me and wouldn't stop telling me. This boy would not get discouraged. Its kinda admirable :)

I spent the whole day basically being lazy. (Of course.) i ate a lot of food, did some more thinking, and i actually decided to let my new piercing grown in.

It seemed unimportant and i think it was getting infected anyway. It was starting to hurt.

Oh and wanna know how i fell asleep? I passed out in my bed holding my phone. I was scrolling through twitter, but i guess i was just so tired.

The last thing i thought about, was Luke's lips on mine.

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