Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


31. Epilouge


"Are you sure he won't be mad?" 

"Well he hates me, so no." We walk in the school hand in hand after yesterday. I was extremely nervous and confused and my stomach was in knots. I felt dirty for going behind Michael's back when he was just trying to be sweet to me the whole time we were dating. But when i realized i fell for Luke, it all changed. That day in the rain and the day Luke kissed me- if flipped around my world. 

"Should we not uh..." I raised our intertwined hands and looked between them and him. 

"Oh i uh, i guess." 

"Keep an eye out for Michael, and we will tell him together. Okay?" 

"Are you scared?" He ask's.

"Of course i am. i mean, i still kinda-"

"Have feelings for him?" 

"I mean... i dated him because i like him but it all happened so fast and i really haven't known him that long and i've known you forever an-" He cut me off by giving me a quick kiss that also served to calm my nerves. 

"thanks, i needed that." 

"Anytime. Now, wanna tell him before science class?" He asks. 

"Maybe after school would be better." 

"He might punch the shit out of me Carly!" 

"Calm down, he wont." We are deep in the conversation so we are surprised when Michael walks up. He scares me half to death, which he responds to with a laugh. 

"Hey baby." I feel Luke stiften and drop my hand while Michael pulls me into his side like he normally does. "Luke." He says dryly. 

"Is Luke bothering you?" I look up at him and see his hair has changed- yet again. 

"Your hair." i notice.

"Yeah. you like it?" It was blonde with blue littered across the top, almost like a light blue explosion on his head. 

"Yeah." Luke coughed and i could sense he was feeling awkward. i was too. Michael eyed Luke, then turned back to me.

"Let's go to class Carly." He leaned down and kissed my cheek which for one made me uncomfortable. We started walking away but not before i quietly turned back and mouth 'im sorry' to a sad looking Luke.


I walk from the school building hand in hand with Michael. Today is Friday, so we get to go home for the weekend. 

"Carly!" Luke exclaims, frowning when he sees me and Michael holding hands.

"Can we tell him now?" i drop Michael's hand and stand beside Luke.


"tell me what?" he asks, nervous looking.

"Uh..." i froze, being nervous, not wanting to hurt him.

"Me and Carly are together. She fell in love with me." Luke said proudly. then he grabbed my hand, interlocking our fingers. Michael slowly blinked as he processed this.

"what?" he looked between me and Luke. i felt bad because he looked so hurt. Maybe Luke was too rash.


"dont." he stared at Luke with glassy eyes, and walked away.

To Be Continued...

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