Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


14. did he just ask me out?

"are you alright? you never came down for dinner last night?" my mother asked me as i sat at the kitchen table. she was off today, and worrying at me. she had already noticed my swollen eyes.

"yeah." i said quietly.

"your lying." it wasn't a question. "guy problems?"

"not like you think. it just.. i lost my friend Luke because he saw me talking ti the new guy Michael and he likes me and i told him i don't know where it could go with Michael and he got upset and said their was no point in hurting himself by being around me."

"wow." she breathed.

"yeah." i could feel my eyes starting to burn from fresh tears, and i suddenly wanted to just go back up to my room and be alone again.

"I'm gonna go lay down."

"wait!" my mom said. but i ignored her and ran up to my room, shutting and locking the door. i sat down in the floor, starring at the wall and picking a loose thread on my sleeve.

"luke." i whispered. i cant believe i was being such a baby about this. why is this hurting so much anyway? we were just friends, but something just broke when he said we weren't friends. maybe i cared about him more than i thought.

i breathed out a shuddery sigh and got up. it was no use crying over him. he obviously wasn't upset and didn't care that i am. i think I'm ready to text Michael now.

i dug in my pocket since i hadn't changed my clothes from yesterday, and pulled out the crumpled slip of paper. i gently opened it and read the number before putting it in my phone.

i took a deep breath, and sent him "hey, its carly."

michael: oh hey!

me: sorry i didn't text you yesterday...

michael: thats fine

michael: i actually saw you talking to that guy from class in the parking lot yesterday

me: luke

michael: yeah luke. anyway, you looked upset and he looked pissed

me: yeah...

michael: are you alright

me: I'm okay i guess

michael: sure?

me: i was upset at first

me: I'm alright now i guess

Michael: thats good

michael: so uh, hey... i was wondering if maybe you would like to uh, catch a movie or something on Tuesday?

me: what?

michael: if you don't want to, you don't have to..

me: no, its sounds fun :D

michael: yay :)

me: i will text you my address on Tuesday

michael: okay :)

me: see you then Michael

michael: see ya carly

i clicked the off button and watched the screen turn black. Michael asked me out on a date and he just met me today. maybe he did like me. maybe thats why Luke was so mad, because he saw that Michael liked me. clearly i was too stupid to pick that up, but i definitely knew now.

but what would Luke do if he found out?

i don't think i want to know.

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