Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


18. Co-Worker

"you know him? good, that will give you a familiar face."

"yeah... Luke, what are you doing here?"

"i work here?" he examines his fingers in effort to look at anything but me.

"right..." why on earth did i have to choose to apply to Luke's workplace?

"are you the new worker?"

"i applied to be." i stretch my mouth in a thin line because this situation is really awkward.

"awesome." he says sarcatically.

"don't be like-"

"can i talk to you outside?" he cuts me off.

"whatever. i uh, sorry Mike, uh... call me when you decide if i can work here." i walk out, and even though i don't look behind me, i know Luke is following me.

"he- what is Luke doing here?" Michael says.

"oh, uh, he works here." i grumble.


"hey, I'm not a bad person, its just Carly here broke my heart."

"i didn't mean to." i turn to face him. god he is so tall it makes me uncomfortable.

"you still hurt me." his blue eyes bore into my green eyes. i can see the hurt in them and it gets to me.

"I'm sorry."

"i know. i just... if you work here, then it wont help me."

"I'm sorry."

"i just... i love you Carly."

"its too late for that." Michael growls.

"what do you mean?"

"well, shes my girlfriend now." i feel myself being pulled by my waist and his arms wrap around my belly. i stare at the floor, feeling ashamed.

"w-what?" i see Luke's eyes getting glassy and he takes a step back. "Carly i- why did- you..." he fumbles with his words.

"you knew it was gonna happen."

"but... it... hurts." Luke gets out. i wiggle from Michaels grasp and walk over to Luke.

"I'm sorry." i feel tears coming to my own eyes and it stings.

"dont." a tear rolls down my face.

"Luke please." i whisper. "don't be like this. you left me once, don't leave again." another tear falls and lands on my shirt.

"why are you crying?" i look away from his red eyes and stare at the floor.

"i don't want you to leave again. the day you left me in the parking lot... i felt horrible. i wanted my best friend back."

"but you don't love me."

"I'm sorry." i start full-on crying. "don't leave." i choke out.

"carly, don't cry." he says. i look up and he wipes the tears from my eyes. he lets his hand linger on my cheek and Michael notices. he coughs and Luke pulls his hand away.

"are you gonna leave me?" i whisper.

"i don't want to..."

"what?" i take a step back and feel Michael place a hand on my shoulder.

"i don't want to, but you know how i feel and-"

"don't do this to me." i shake my head and back up even further until Michael has a protective grip on my waist.

"I'm sorry." he looks at the floor which must be a long look since his face is so far away from the floor.

"no." i say softly. instead of replying, he walks away.

"luke." i choke out. besides him, i didn't have many friends. Luke was really my only friend, and i just lost him again, because he loves me to much.

i feel Michael turn me to face him and i look in his green eyes.

"are you alright?"

"he's my best friend..."

"I'm sorry." i just place my head between his collar bones, and he rests his chin on the top of my head. i want to wrap my arms around his waist, but i know we should probably go.

"will you take me home?" i mutter in his chest.

"of course."

"thank you." Luke had gone back to the back for work, but this place wasn't busy anyway. as a matter of fact, i haven't seen a single person that wasn't a worker the whole time i was here.

we walked hand in hand to his car, and were settled inside quickly. i leaned back in my seat, and closed my eyes. i though about Luke, and how i had felt something missing when we weren't hanging out.

but i have Michael, and Michael makes me happy right? of course he does. i love Michael and he loves me to. but something about Luke not being in the picture felt wrong.

these thoughts were beginning to stress me out, so i opened my eyes and focused on the flurries drifting in the air. some clustered together, and some fell by themselves.

i felt myself frowning, and i tried to smile. but my argument with Luke made it hard, so eventually i gave up.

after ten minutes of starring blankly out the window, the car stopped.

"why'd we stop?"

"were at your house."

"oh." i ha been so deep in thought, i didn't notice the familiar surroundings.

"silly." he giggled. the corners of my mouth slightly raised but then fell again. i guess I'm just a little down in the dumps.

"will you come inside-" i was cut off my my phone going on.


Luke: hey, i hope your not mad at me

i love you.

"whats wrong?" it must have been on my face.

"its Luke." i choked out.

"what did he say?"

"he said he loves me."

sorry this is short....

anyway... i was wondering something. i feel like the Michael in the book isn't like Michael in real life.. know what i mean?

i feel like i didn't make him... Michael enough.


so do you think he is okay? or that i should add more of Michaels personality in real life? comment! <3

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