Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


4. clutz

"What was blat bor!" Shoot, i cant talk.

"hahahahah." He ran to his car laughing like an idiot. I still had my hand on my head and i rubbed his lips residue off.

"LUKE!" I screamed. It actually sounded threatening.

"CARLY!" He screamed. Their wasn't anyone else there, but I'm sure they would have been looking at us funny.

"I swear." I mumbled as i walk back to my car, but i trip on something.

"Ouch!" I yelp and i land on the concrete.

"Carly?" I hear Luke say. "Carly!" I hear him rush towards me. My palms are full of itchy gravel from where i tried to stop myself from falling. Tears sting my eyes as i look down at my jeans. Their ripped and red. I look like crap and i let a tear fall.

"Oh my gosh!" I feel like take me into his lap and i don't object because i honestly want to be held right now. My palms are bleeding a lot as i try to brush off the gravel. It stings alot.

He holds my head to his chest, and to be completely honest, it feels really good.

I really loved these pants, and now their stained with blood from my shredded knees. Im a bloody mess and this might also be something i would say on my period.

Another tear falls and i see Luke's face. Its blurry, but he looks sad too.

"Im gonna go get some towels okay?" I nod and he picks me up and carries me to the sidewalk. How sweet.

He hurries inside and comes out later with a lot of paper towels and a first aid kit.

"Here." He Hands me some paper towels and i wipe my hands and knees. They look terrible. I use another to wipe my eyes and i know my makeup is smudged beyond ugly.

He sits beside me and takes my hand and rubs them with gauze. I grimace and yank my hand back as little white bubbles form where the wound is. I curse and he frowns.

"Antiseptic." He says taking my other hand. I brace myself and it hurts worse. Then he does my knees and soon i have bandaids all over me, and i have stopped crying.

"Thanks Luke."

"Of course."

"Want me to drive you home?"

"Im okay." But when i tried to get up by gently pressing against the ground, it hurt so much and i whimpered.

"You sure?" I shook my head.

"I'll go and get my car tomorrow. Somehow."

"I'll drive you here before school."

"Thanks." I picked me up and we walked for a few minutes to his car, leaving mine behind. It didn't matter if i got my bad or not, i didn't have any homework.

We finally reached his car and he opened the door for me and set me in there. My knees and hands were throbbing. I would probably need to take some aspirin or something.

I kept my eyes closed until Luke started asking for directions to my house. It actually surprised me, i guess i thought he already knew or something. Weird.

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