Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


1. chair kicker

"Stop kicking my chair." I said without turning around.


"Why?" He asked.


"Because your annoying as hell."


"Sorry to hear that. My kiss can make it better." I flushed and turned around.


"Im not gonna kiss you luke."


"Not even a little?" His tongue played with his stupid lip ring.


"Stop before i rip that ring out." I grumbled.


"You don't wanna hurt me."


"Who gave you that impression?" He stayed silent while i smirked and turned around.


Moments before the bell rung, i jostled in my seat and turned to give him the evil eye. He smiled and sat there. I raised one eyebrow before turning back to gather my things.


I didn't see him walk past me, but i got up anyway.


"Where are you going?" He pulled me by my waist to him and whispered in my ear, his breath tickling me.


"Home." I was a senior in high school wanting to get away from this moron.


"Can i come?" I turned around and out faces were really close. I pulled away fast and he frowned.


"No. Now what do you want?"


"For you to be my girlfriend." I snort.


"So funny hemmimgs."


"It wasn't a joke." The look on his face was dead serious.


"I know." I sighed.


"Kiss me, please."


"Why?" I ran my free hand through my brown hair and sighed again.


"Because i love you."


"Kisses are for people who love eachother."


"You don't love me?"


"Nope. You annoy me."


"Please? Just one kiss? I mean, were at least friends right?"


"Maybe friends, but friends don't kiss other friends."


"Just a kiss on the cheek? Friends do that right?"


"Nope." I kissed my fingertips and smacked his face.


"There's your kiss." He rubbed his cheek as i walked off.



Sorry its really short, just an intro for ya, hope u like! I promise the actual chapters will be much longer. xx



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