Im never gonna date you luke hemmings


20. back to school

Tell me if you feel like i jumped to far ahead

Michael pov

We walk through the school hall holding hands, and we both have big smiles on our faces. It is our first day back and i guessed people were shocked to see me and Carly together.

"This is the class with Luke." My little kitten says nervously. She fiddles with her lips ring- i notices that she did that when she was nervous.

"It will be alright kitten." I kiss the top of her head for assurance.


"I will be right beside you kitten."

"Get a room." Some ass mutters as he shoves past me, hitting my shoulder.

"Already had a room with your mom!" I yelled. "Come one love." I walk in the class room and lock eyes with Luke. I scowl and he mutters a curse at me. Then he looks at Carly with sad eyes, but she doesn't notice him.

We take our seats beside each other and keep our hands intertwined under the desk. Im talking to Carly when i feel a tap on my shoulder.

"What do you want?" I say when i turn around and see Luke. Carly falls silent beside me

"Thats my seat." He says calmly.

"You can sit somewhere else." I say through gritted teeth.

"This is my seat." Im honestly so annoyed with him.

"Well I'm not moving." I stare at him and wait for him to say something.

"Fine. But let me talk to carly."

"You can tell us both what you have to say."

"Let me sit."

"Sit on the other side." I roll my eyes and gesture to the empty seat.

"Fine." He sits down and Carly looks at me, panicked.

"Don't worry kitten, i wont let anything happen." She smiles and pecks me on the lips before turning back to Luke. I turn to my desk and fiddle with my thumbs and after a moment, i feel Carly cling to me.

"Whats wrong?" I ask, and stare into her frightened eyes.

"H-he kissed me." White hot anger burns my veins in a instant. I stand up and glare at Luke. He stands up and matches my height.

My hands are clenched at my sides, and i cant stand that stupid look on his face. I raise my hand and make contact with Luke's jaw.

"Michael!" Carly yells. I start beating Luke and yelling at him, barely feeling Carly's attempts to stop me.

"DONT YOU FUCKING TOUCH HERE EVER AGAIN!" I scream as i bust his lip. The teacher screams at me to stop and tried to lift me up, but she isn't strong enough to stop me.

Luke gets in a few hits himself, busting my jaw and giving me a cut under my eye with his pinky ring. He slaps me, leaving a stinging in my cheek.

I pull on his lip ring hard and he yelps in pain as i pull harder.

"Michael stop!" Carly screams. She try's to pull me away, and i let her after i hit Luke's jaw again. But he hits back in my jaw, and i know I'm going to have dark purple marking my pale skin.

I shove him off and stand up, and turn to embrace carly, but she dissapeared. I look behind me and see her knelt beside Luke, helping him up as he winces in pain.

She looks at me and gasps. After helping Luke in a chair, she rushes over to me.

"Are you okay?" I run my jaw and wince. She cringes and helps me sit down. "Your bleeding!" I see tears well in her eyes.

"MICHAEL CLIFFORD AND LUKE HEMMINGS!" The teacher screams. I ignore her and hug carly.

"Your bleeding." She says again. I feel the hot liquid trailing down my cheek and dripping onto my shirt.

"Michael." A tear slips down her face.

"Don't cry kitten."

"PRINCIPALS OFFICE NOW." I still ignore her and so does Luke.

"Your hurt kitten." She wines and my heart breaks when another tear slips down her face. I wipe it away with the pad of thumb.

"I'll be okay." Suddenly a hand grabs my arm and i turn around to see our red faced teacher already holding Luke's arm. He looks embarrassed.

His eye is already swelling and theirs a dark purple bruise on his jaw.

"I have to go." I say.

"Im coming with you." She stand up.

"No, you cant."

"I don't care." She grabs my hand.

"Carly, you say here." The teacher said and I come up with a painful idea.

"Hit me." I whisper to her.


"Then you will get suspended with me."


"Just hit me."


"Damn it..." I take her hand and hit myself with it.

"She hit me!"

"Carly, your coming too." I sigh in relief an grab her hand. We start out on our journey to the principals office.

"Michael, are you okay?" I look at my kitten and sigh. My face hurts like hell.

"Just a little painful." She frowns. I lean down and kiss her lips and Luke growls.

"Watch it." I warn. "I wont hesitate to smash your face."

"Watch it clifford." The teacher warns.


"Mikey." She snuggles up to my shoulder and i feel my aggressive edge slip away.

We eventually get to the office where were seated and we wait in uncomfortable chairs. The teacher leaves and were left with the secretary that pays no mind to us.

"Im so sorry carly. I just got so mad that he kissed you."

"You looked so... Angry."

"Im so sorry you had to see that."

"Your hurt."

"I know that."

"Look at me." I look over at her brown eyes that were swimming with tears.

"Don't cry kitten."

"Sorry." She says and she wipes her eyes.

"Im okay i promise." I put on a smile for her to try and make her brighten up.

"I know your hurt kitten."


"SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH YOUR KITTEN TALK." Luke yells and i turn to look at him, shooting daggers with my eyes.

"Language!" The secretary yells before turning back to her computer.

"Im gonna call my girlfriend kitten, if i fucking want to call her kitten." I spit at the blonde boy. He just rolls his eyes and sits back.

"Now like i was saying, I'm fine kitten." Luke exhales noisily. I swear that boy gets on my fucking nerves.

"I know your lying." She says.

"Kitten.." I place my hand on her inner thigh and rub my thumb in circles. She rests her head on my shoulder and i kiss the top of her head.

"Your my kitten." I whisper to her. "No one will take my little kitten from me."

"You still look more the part than i do." She says.

"Whatever." I giggle at her. She places her hand on top of mine and rubs circles in my hand. The slight pressure hurts my bruised knuckles.

She must have noticed.

"Does that hurt?" She asks.

"No." I lie.


"Your making me fucking sick." Luke comments.

"Shut the fuck up you little shit." I growl. Then i turn back to my little kitten. She takes my hand and kisses my knuckles.

"Better?" She asks. I smile.

"Better. Now kiss me." I lean in and kiss her softly, trying to avoid hurting my swollen lip. She sucks my lip which hurts a little, but i don't mind.

"Yuck." She says pulling away. I see some blood on her lips and grimace.

"Sorry kitten."

"Its ok."

"Michael, Luke and Carly?" Someone calls our names and we all look up.

"Yes?" I answer.

"Follow me."

"On which social media?" I say, trying to be a smartass. "Im kidding." I get up, clutching Carly's hand and all three of us follow her.




"Your not in trouble, it wasn't your fault honey." My father says.

Me, my kitten, and Luke had all gotten a weeks suspension, so thats gonna be fun... At least i can hang out with mikey, because one he explained it to his parents, they weren't mad.

So here he was, standing beside me, holding my hand.

"You kids enjoy your time off." My dad smiles at us.

"Thanks." I grin.

Then Me and Michael go up to my room. After cuddling, watching Netflix, and kissing, we are on the verge of falling asleep.

Michael is sitting on my bed, and I'm sitting between his legs with my back rested on his stomach. He plays with my hair and kisses me at random.

"Are you sure your okay kitten?" I ask.

"Im fine."

"Hey michael?" My eye lids are fluttering and i cant hardly keep them open.

"Do you want to spend the night?"

"Sure kitten." He kisses my sweet spot; right behind my ear. I turn myself to where in sideways and using Michael as a pillow. I listen to him breath and i listen to his heart sooth me. I close my tired eyes and Michael hugs me close to him.

"Go to sleep kitten." He mutters in my ear.

"Mmmm." And then i fall asleep.

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