Life is about making mistakes, but Ellie Nolan happens to make the hugest one of all when she puts her trust in Lucas Black.

Her life was all about black and white, and she craved color.

Lucas turned it red.


1. Prologue.

Blood. Blood. God, there was so much blood. It pooled around my feet like I had stepped in a rain puddle, and my hands hung at my side, trembling. I was trembling all over. I yelled his name, savage screams ripping from my body like I was being torn apart, falling into the puddle as I caressed the body’s face, blood covering my hands.

“What?” His voice was cold as he stood there, looking down at the body with a hunger, his pupils dilated. He was holding the weapon like a trophy. “This is what you wanted.” I sobbed as I pulled her body into my lap, the blood seeming to surround me. It was everywhere, as a mist, as a solid, holding me down and swallowing me whole. I was drenched in blood.

“Not this. I didn’t ask for this.” I screamed as I pushed her tangled hair back, staring into her lifeless eyes, frantic.

“No one asks for certain things. But it happened. Get up. You’re contaminating her with your DNA.” He hissed, rubbing the blood up his arm as if he couldn’t get enough of it. His eyes darkened as he looked at me, and I saw something once that I hadn’t seen before—his bright eyes, his bright brown eyes—vaguely were the color of


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