Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


13. You're my bestfriend


 I was in bed...

I'm not sure how I got here but I yeah in bed with Amillia? It has to be her. She had her curly brown hair in her face. I moved strands she then pull me in to a hug. "I love you" she whispered. I gave her a kiss on her forehead "I love you too." She drifted away. It was still night. I saw amillia phone I grabbed off the nightstand by her bed. It was 5:30 I'm gonna have to leave at 7 shit. I pulled amillia closer to me. I fell back asleep.


I looked around to find my phone . I got up and found my phone on the floor along with my shirt,shoes, socks, and snapback. It was time. I looked over to Amillia. She was knocked out. I went to her bathroom and washed my face and also my mouth. After doing that went to look for my keys. I found them behind her door. I can't just leaver her . I grabbed a paper and pen from her desk. I began to write.

Amillia I love you. I'm sorry that I'm leaving without even saying bye to you. I just don't want to wake you up to have you sad at this time is 7 to early to be sad.and I know.you I love you and I will still love you even on tour...you're a tough girl I know! Keep your head up and call me when you see this letter. I love you. -Tony

After writing the note I went to the kitchen I saw Jamie. He was on the couch... I went over Jamie and poked him. "Dude get up we need to leave." He grunted "no I'm sleepy" I poked him again "um dude we need to get ready for New York and its 7:30 we need to get home" he got up and his hair was all fucked up. "You ready?" I asked "no." He threw his face on the pillow. I then texted Vic to come and get us.

Me- hey can you come and pick me and Jamie up from amillia's place?

Vic〇_∅- dude didn't you take your car? Use your car

Me-im leaving my car here. Come on just get us

Vic〇_∅-why are you gonna leave there?

Me-becuase amillia and Sammi don't have a car and they need one so I'm just gonna leave here they need it.

Vic〇_∅-oh yeah forgot bout that I'll be there soon.

I went back to amillia room just to be there with her for a little. I don't want to leave her. My phone buzzed its time. I gave amillia one more kiss before I left. Jamie was on the couch "Jamie dude Vic is here come on" Jamie got up "ah alright " we walked out there and got in the car. Vic was smiling with a Starbucks coffee in his hand. "Want some? You know I was stuck in traffic for you guys and to make i-" Jamie then hushed him "Vic we  dont we have a tour to get ready for?" Vic took a sip and started driving. "So how was last night?" Jamie laughed "it was crazy" I was only look ou t the window "oh really what did you guys do?" I told him "we just drank a little had some fun in the backyard cooking" Vic nodded "oh well we got a long tour coming our way"

We got to our place and started to pack. Jesus we went hours packing and putting stuff into the buses and shit. Ugh I'm so tireddd. Now we just have to go to the air port.I looked at the time 4. So excited -_- woo!

Amillia POV~~~

 After reading the note and having a moment with my self I got out and went to Sam's room "Sam get up we need to goto the fucking mall!!" Sam shot up "dude what the fuck ?" I grabbed her converse off the floor and threw them at her "we need to do some stuff" she got up from the bed and changed, while I went to the kitchen to get water.

I got to the kitchen and noticed the  Tony's keys. "Tony what the fuck? How do forget your keys? " I whispered to myself. I looked put the window and saw his car. Wow it hit me. He left it here in case I need it. Wow IM SMART! Sammi came out with a bun,black sweater, and skinny jeans. "Ready?" She asked. "Yeah come on" we got in to the car with our job applications. "Tony let you keep the car while he's gone?" I nodded and put The Weeknd Rolling stone.


Sam noticed that I was bummed out about Tony leaving "Hey that acoustic though" Sam said trying to make me laugh. "Yeah I know" I smiled at Sammi to show that I appreciate her trying to make me happy.

We got to the mall. "Here is your application you goto vans and text me right away! " I gave the application to Sam she rolled her eyes "you don't have to act like a mom" I snapped "the fuck you talking about I'm just trying to get a job so we can pay the rent at our damn house you little bitch" Sam got quiet "well Ima go...." She then walked away.

I made my way to footlocker. I saw Langston the guy who gave me.the job application. I walked over to him "oh hi your the girl who came.for the job.right?" I smiled at nodded "yeah I got the application here!" I gave him the application. "Cool I'll be back let me take this to my manager real quick." I sat down and started to look at the shoes.Langston then came over to.me "hey amillia well you one step closer to the job ya feel me so basically you need to come for a interview Wednesday at 2:30 is that cool?" I smiled "yeah dude okay well i'll see ya soon Foo" I walked out and texted Sam

Me- Aye girly I'm out.n stuff you ready?

S∆m-yeah I'll be in the front waiting.

I walked to the front and saw a Starbucks coffee stand so I had to stop for one really quick. After getting my coffee I met Sam up she was happy too happy. She kept singing to me "Sam why are you so jumpy" she smiled and pulled out a paper "This really cute guy named Mark gave me his number he's so cute" I screamed "girlll!!!! Yasss SLAY!" We pulled out and made our way home we got home fast. "Sam I'm go for my run" she went straight to the couch. "Wait amillia." I looked over to her "yes Sammi?" She looked at her phone "Have you talked to Tony?"

I walked off and went to my room to change. She followed me "Millia Tony is worried." I laughed "worried about what?" She shrugged "I don't know he said he doesn't want your spring mode out. What the fuck is that?" I nodded and laughed "he's just talking about my anger issues. Remember? Also I don't have anger issues anymore" Sam looked to the side as if I just said a lie. "Millia you still have a bit of anger issues you do know that right?" At this point I was done "Sam get the fuck out please now" she got up "attitude right there!" I slammed the door to my room and threw my self on the bed and just thought about my spring mode from back then.


The chemistry teacher was going over last nights homework and what we were going to for the day. "Okay students so today we're going to have a lab..." Blah blah the teacher went on and on. I looked over at Tony he stuck his tounge out and crossed his eyes. I did this same back. "Amillia!" I looked at the teacher. "Yes mam'" she pointed to the door " the office wants you.

I made my way to the office "hello Ms.Amillia please go to Mrs.Mcgoldrick room" I walked into the principle's office "hi Amillia. Please sit down" I sat down.What's going on? "So amillia tell me how's track" I smiled "oh it's good" she nodded "oh that's good... you know cassie right? She is in the same track races as you." I nodded "yeah she's actually in the same relay team as me" she wrote in her notepad. "Okay now tell me were you two close?" I nodded no "not really I only talk to her during practice" she then asked another question "Do you know that we found marijuana in her locker?" I looked around I didn't know what to say. Oh sucks for her I then nodded in disappointment "wow never thought she would do something like that." Lies she looks like a crack head. "Do you know what she said when we asked her about it?" I nodded no while Mrs.Mcgoldrick continued. "She said she got it from you. Now tell me did you give it to her?" I felt my heart pound with rage. What the fuck I don't even know the bitch like that. "No I don't even do drugs." The principle the dialed the phone. "Hello?" It was my mom. This bitch called my mom. "Hi Ms.Garcia this is Mrs.mcgoldrich the principal at Clifford Lee high school. I'm here with your daughter to let you know what she is taking part of." My eyes opened wide when this happened.

I banked out all the noise and cussed her out mentally. "Amillia I'm on the phone with your mother. Tell me the truth did you give Cassie the drugs." I then yelled "NO STOP TRYING TO BLAME IT ON ME! WHAT EVER THE BITCH DID HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME." The Principal have me a dead look "thank you for the conference  Ms.Garcia" she hung up and wrote me a detention for my language.

"You should of said I had no part of the drugs but no you wanted to make a big scene especially in front of your mother." I rolled my eyes "I told you once and I didn't Stutter but you ignored me and called my mom for no reason" her eyes opened wide "do you want a 2 hour?" I shrugged "go ahead write it I know I did nothing wrong it would be a nice and quiet place to do homework" she did it hoe gave me a 2 hour detention. She then pointed me to leave the office.

I entered class. I saw Tony in the back motioning *what happened?* I nodded and rolled my eyes and lifted the detention. The whole time in chemistry I was quiet doing the lab. I rode with bus back home it went by fast knowing I'm gonna be in trouble in minutes. "Love you hoe" Tony said I looked back and I was already home. Oh shit no one is home I got inside and found a note.


Me and everyone including your dad went to drop something off at Freeport we won't be home till 8:30 you better be ready to tell your dad what happened. I crumpled up the note and went to the bathroom. . I never thought I would do this but I did it again.

2 hours later.~~~~

"Fucking little girl just like your cousins damn drug dealer" he slapped me across my face "you got it from that damn boy didn't you" I was in tears "I CANT BELIEVE THAT I THOUGHT YOU WE WORTH IT. LITTLE FUCKER THINKS SHE CAN SO THIS SHIT BEHIND OUR BACKS" at this point I was fucked up only thing I can do is run. Out the door.

I went.


I ignored him and ran to the only place I thought I was save at. I got a pebble from the floor and threw it at Tony's window. He looked out, and saw me and opened the window with concern. "Amillia what are you doing here?" I couldn't talk from the tears. "I-I- cant" He looked worried for me. "Don't worry go to the front." Tony let me in. I went to his room. "what happen?" he asked. Still choking I tried to talk "Th-th-they Too-took it to f-far". He then pulled me into a hug. "Hey hey its okay...its okay.....its okay" Tony said that until i calmed down.

I got up from Tony's bed and saw my face. Red and fucked up. I sat down "You better?" he asked. "Yeah..." i looked down at my hands. "You sleepy?" i nodded "yeah also pissed as fuck...can you bring me like a shit load of blanket?" he got up "sure let me go get them' Be fore he left i stopped him "Wait do you have basketball short?" He nodded and tossed me a pair."Thank you" he left and closed the door. I took my shirt off and of course left my tank top under on. I was in the middle of putting on Tony's basketball shorts until "STOP! CLOSE THE DOOR" Yeah he saw a good amount of my body. "I'm so sorry Amillia" I laughed "its okay"

He drop the blankets on the floor and got in bed like nothing. I made a little bed on the floor. I looked at Tony "Goodnight Tony" he said nothing. I turned out the lights "Goodnight Tony!" he then said something back. "Why are you doing that?" I was confused. "What are you talking about?" 

"The cuts."
I got quiet. "Because they took it too far" he then looked down at me "get up from the floor" I got up "Get in here" I opened the blanket. I got in "dude this is weird" I said. I felt him smile but slowly lose it "Not its not...i love you...i don't ever lose my bestfriend" I got closer to him and hugged him "I love you too loser" eh then added "promise me you'll stop hurting yourself like that" I nodded "Promise" it was quiet "How long have you been doing this?" I closed my eyes " start of Spring" 


End of flashback~~~~

I snapped out of my thoughts and was in the bathroom. 


Fuck my life again.

What the fuck is my problem?

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