Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


14. Your high idiot


Tony POV-

 Its 10:35 and we finished performing. We got to the hotel and still no call from Amillia...I know the way she is....she gets attached fast to the one that she loves and in this case it’s me… Once they leave for a while she gets all sad and mad and does things to herself. Things that I hope she thinks twice about doing.

I looked at my phone and saw a picture of her and called her right away. I laid on the bed and wanted for Amillia to answer.

"Amillia" I said her name the moment she answered.

"What" she sounded down and too quiet.

 "Hey look I'm sorry for leaving you this morning"

 "Ok....I need you" she sounded hurt

"baby why are you so down?"

"I have a lot on my mind" she sounded soo dull.

 "Oh so how was your day?" This is not amillia. Amillia is usually joking and upbeat.

 "Oh it was good...I mean I dropped off my job paper thing then layed in bed thinking about some stuff" I raised an eyebrow when she said that.

 "What do you mean stuff like working? Your family?" She giggled but it wasn't her still

"nah...just...memories" I felt like she was talking about high school.

"What kind of memories?"

"You know the good times you and me...when you were the reason why I like school" I smiled

"Yeah I know I had all the bitches and money at that time...you where one of them" I laughed while joking

"Stop...just stop good night" she hung up in that instant.

I didn't even get to say good night or I love you to the one that I love. I then called her back. The phone rang and rang

"Heyyy! What's up? What good? Sorry I didn't get to the phone its either one I hate you it two I actually couldn't get to you. But I'll hit you up later boo thang!"

 That voice mail was amillia. What I was talking to wasn't. I then texted her

Me-baby I'm sorry if I got you mad I was just kidding.I love you

Amillia(♥ω♥*)-well did I sound like I wanted to playing around? No so please just leave me alone tonight. Bye

 She just did that. She didn't even say I love you back. I wanted my girl with me. I want to just mess with her super curly brown hair and just hug her. I want to see her big chocolate eyes wide open looking around searching for excitement. I miss her. I then texted Sam to see what was up with her.

Me-hey what's wrong with amillia?

Sam┌|°з°|┘-idk she got mad at me erlyer when I told her about what you said

 Me-wait what part did you tell her?

Sam┌|°з°|┘-that one thing about spring.

Me-why? Holy shit no wonder why shes mad

Sam ┌|°з°|┘-can you please explain ?

 Me-i cant its too.much.

Sam ┌|°з°|┘-no tell me! we're talking about my best friend she's my sister...NOW TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON.

Me-amillia used to be crazy she is the exactly the same as she was I high school and I know she she'll do that same things she did in high school

Sam┌|°з°|┘-such as? Me-anger issues...she still has them right?

 Sam -yes but is that all? Me-while she used to cut Sam SHUT THE FUCK AMILLIA WOULD BEVER DO THAT!

ME- Im telling you truth she started in the spring of tenth grade thats why we called the the spring mode she stopped doing two weeks before school was out.

Sam-oh my god okay well Ima try to see if she has been doing that stuff....gtg bye tone

By this time I was just tired and sleepy. Jamie then came in "hey dude what's wrong?" I shrugged "nothing sleepy and tired" he squinted his eyes "nooo, something is up come on...I here for you dude!" He patted my back. "Amillia" he nodded. "oh listen lover boy look I know you miss her but, at least you can call he matter fact call her right now." I then nodded no "dude I can't she got mad at me for no reason.” “That's why we broke up she has a short temper!" Vic yelled. This fucker has been listening. "Vic shut up" he came out and shrugged. “Sorry but it’s the truth" I rolled my eyes. "Anyways I’m a go take a shower" I got up and grabbed the basics. I waited till the water was nice and warm.

The while time I was in the shower I was just thinking about what Sam is going to do to see if Amillia is going back to that bad habit. I got out the shower and looked at my phone Amillia was my lock screen. She is just so beautiful. She had my glasses on with a messy bun with some of her curly hair sticking out. While making a duck face to the side and crossing her eyes. I got in to bed and just wanted Amillia here with me.

Amillia POV-

 After I got mad at tony I went to bed crying. Why did I get mad at him? My anger issues ruin everything. I miss him....I just wanna keep him out of my mind for a little. I drifted away while think about this stuff.

Next morning.~~

 I got up with pain all up on my thighs. I lifted up my shorts and there they were smiling at me. Why do this? I asked myself so many times before even getting out of bed. I put on some pants to be safe and not let Sam see these fuckers on me.

 I walked into the kitchen and saw Sam sitting at the table looking at her phone. "Morning Sammm!" She looked up at me and went back down to her phone. I know she's mad about me getting mad at her. "Sam I'm sorry for last night I was a bitch." She looked up at me "you know you should say sorry to yourself" I looked at her wired "What are you talking about?" She gave me her phone "what the fuck is this Amillia?" She had a picture of some jeans on the floor with drops of blood. "Where did you see this?" She gave me a mad face "Amillia I went to your room last night and found them on the floor...why are you doing this to yourself?" I got mad "Sam why the hell where you in my room?" She breathed in slowly "BECUASE TONY TOLD ME TO! HE TOLD ME THE SHIT YOU USED TO DO BUT GUESS WHAT YOU STILL DO IT!" I got quiet "I'm out bye ". I grabbed the keys and went to my room and had Sam follow me. "AMILLIA YOU CAN’T BE DOING THIS TO YOUR SELF! LISTEN TO ME!" I grabbed a little bag that Alex gave me at the night of the party. "Shut the fuck up" I told her and went to the car she ran out "AMILLIA WE NEED TO TALKED THIS OUT NOW! THIS IS SERIOUS!" I THEN HONKED "BYE BITCH!" I turned off my phone to ignore her phone calls I know how she is.

I then drove off the beach to cool down. I looked at the time. 9:53 and I'm pissed as fuck already... I got to the beach and looked at the bag and it was just what I needed. I went down by the water and just sat there and looked at the waved rolling and rising. I felt better already. I stayed just looking at the beach and humming songs to myself for a good 2 whole drake albums. So let's see one album is 1 hour and the other is 50 minutes so what about 2 hours singing to myself. Sounds about right. I took my shoes off and put my phone and keys in the little baggie of big girl goodies. I went straight to the water with my clothes and sat in water just enjoying the sound of the waves crashing down. I swam to where it was calm. I stayed floating and looking at the water for a while. I got out the water and sand run my toes. I looked around to see if anyone was here but I remember it empty because it’s Monday. I grabbed my little goodie bag. I looked down at the weed. Alex did me a huge favor for this. Everything I need here lighter, blunt, and most importantly the weed. I rolled it up faster than I thought I could.  I lit it up. I took a couple of puffs and looked at the sky nice and blue...

 I felt someone tap my back I looked up and it was him. "What are doing?" he asked my eyes opened wide "no what are you doing?" He smiled down at me and sat down. "Umm my bad for wanting to see you...I miss you” He gave me a hug. "What the hell is up with your hair?" I asked. He shook his head messing with his hair "Nothing this is how it is all the time." I squinted "um nooo Bruh! You have it short and up in a quiff" he laughed "okayyy you’re going crazy " I playfully punched him "No I'm not you've had a quiff for a while already" he nodded no slowly "no…whatever anyways sooo??" He said poking me "Sto-ha-ha-ap" We both laughed and looked at me in the eye and said "baby" I smiled "yes?" He grabbed my hand "have you been..." I looked down. As he then continued "you can't be doing this to yourself..." I looked up at him with tears "I'm sorry It’s just I can't do this...it’s just all too much for me at once." He leaned in to hug me "tell me what's so hard?" I wiped a tear. "Your gone and it’s just I need you here...all I have is Laysia, Sam, and Alex... Everyone else doesn't like me I can tell." He lifted my chin up "baby don't worry about them...they don't know what they're missing out on." I smiled he added "look Amillia they hate us cause the ain't us..." I laughed "dude I know you got that from the movie" he made a confused face "what are you talking about" I wiped my tears "hehheh the interview" he then laughed "ohh no I want to see that movie but no I keep seeing that saying online" I nodded and took a puff from the blunt. "So are you mad?" I asked him "no just a disappointed....you know I love you" I looked at him into his big brown eyes "yeah I love you too....but why did you have to leave me like that?" He let go of my hand. "I have my reasons and you know them..." He move the hair out of my face. "Just know that I love you" he got up and grabbed my hand "come on let's walk for a little" we began walk "you I'm really happy you came just to see me for like what three hours" he smiled "yeahhh, look I need to tell you something really important" he stopped "okay what is it?" He grabbed both my hands "we were really close back then and I had a big ass crush on you....now that I see you again I really miss you and like you again" I was confused "okay and what are you trying to say ?" He looked down and back up "will you be my girlfriend?" I then looked around "I mean I already your girlfriend" his eyes got big...I just wanna threw my face on him.

Jesus! Amillia stop! You can't be freaky at the beach!

"Oh wow so you already felt like we were together ?" He asked. "Hecks yeah remember? we got in a fight in your car and then you told me you loved me and that you only want me....we kinda made out a little" he looked at me so lost. "Wow that sounds pretty interesting but I don't know what you’re talking about" I then dropped it "oh well it’s okay your here and that's all that matters." I leaned in to kiss him...I couldn't keep it in no more. Right when our lips where about to meet he moved out the way. Fuck.

 I fell to the ground. Wow nigga didn't even help me up. I couldn't get up but I couldn't I jus-

 Later on that night~~

 I woke up in someone else's house. I got up I was sweating, and my heart was pounding. The room was empty and it looked a little weird. There was my goodie bag by me with my keys and phone. The weed was missing though. There was a Mexican flag hanging on the wall so this person is Mexican... I looked at a picture that on the wall of a 2 guys and 1 girl all cholos. "Aye fucker what hell?" I turned around and saw an intimating Mexican girl. She had a blue and white collar shirt on with black converse. She had cat eye eyeliner with red lipstick on her lip. "Sorry...but how did I get here?" She laughed "tu eres de nosotros ahora" I was lost "no I'm not sorry but can you please tell me how the fuck I here?" She pulled my arm "come over here tigre" okay she just called me tiger. "Mira, me and my boyfriend found you on the beach n shit you were passed out. We went over to see if you were okay n shit y entonces you look like you can fight and do shit for us. So yeah...no I'm kidding but yeah our crew could use someone like you..si puedes hablar?" I nodded "Si ! Pish soy mexicana" she smilied "pies dime por que estabas en la playa dormiendo?" I laughed "por que calle bien feo" she laughed "sure…it was weed wasn't it?" I raised an eyebrow she continued "were not dumb we saw your little blunt and weed" I then wrapped my hair in a bun "oh well I never got your name" she scratched her wrist "Soy Areli but everyone in the crew calls me AJ what about you?" I looked at my phone "Amillia, look I need to get home is my car still at the beach?" She laughed "nah my boyfriend brought over here its outside" I smiled "okay thank you AJ"

She walked out with me "AYE MAMA." Wolf whistles came out from the guys that where with I think AJ's boyfriend. "Fuckers shut the fuck up. Jose que estas haciendo?" he looked at AJ "nothing babe" one of the guys then added "man AJ I didn't know that y'all had a nice car like this" AJ Laughed "nah man es de ella. she gotta leave she better on her feet now" I walked over to my car "aye sexy that car look better with you in it" I laughed "good try fucker" my ghetto Mexican side is coming out. "Aye AJ how the fuck I get back to the beach?" She walked over "okay mija you go down and make a left stay on the street for 5 lights y entonces vas a mirar el freeway from there its all signs. Got it?" I nodded "thanks too" SHE SMILED "no problem foo wait quieres my number so we can fuck shit up I know you’ll be down come on" I gave her my number "BYE FUCKERS!!" I yelled to everyone while they waved at me the guys yelled "bye sexy!" "Bye chula!" I called Sam to let her know everything is okay she answered.



“Yes trust me I am…don’t worry about spring mode im over it for sure”

Sam sighed “Okay well are you close by?”

“yeahh I’ll be there soon trust me bye” I hung up on Sam

I on the way home I played it think Hold on till May from the guys and WOW. I’m honestly speech less I couldn’t believe that their music is that good. I always thought this music was just ewww but, now that I listen to what they’re saying it’s just amazing…I listen to random songs from them but one song stuck out the most for me it’s just something about it just good. I forgot the name so I’m screwed until I hear it again on Pandora.  

I got home and Sam had a big speech for me. ”Amillia I missed you so much. What you did is really serious” Blah blah blah yeah I don’t care I want to talk to Tony. I then nodded with agreement to make it seem like I was paying attention to what she was saying. I gto up from the couch and went ot my room. “Well thank you for the informative speech and dony worry im okay ima go talk to Tony in my room okay?”
I went to my room and called Tony

“TONY!!!!” I yelled into the phone

“BABY!!!” He yelled back

“Look im sorry for being a bitch last night Im just out of it and miss you and shit”

“its okay how are you doing with…”

I sighed “don’t worry about it im over it. Shit I gotta go I have practice tomorrow for dance”

He then added “well promise to call me everyday”

“I Promise with all my heart I love you”

“I love you too and Sam told me thought you needed to know okay good night beautiful”

“Goodnight I love you”

I hung up on tony and im such a liar. The red color makes me feel good when Iook at it. My stress goes down whenthis happens

In the bathroom doing my thing.  Until I heard her come in “AMILLIA GET OUT GET OUT NOW!!!!”

She banged and banged on the door.  








AN- One day early awesooome anyweys like n all that good stuff oh my friend is just wanting me to die she is at the dang concert for ptv anyways bye yallll-TOPSZN #gangstaaa

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