Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...



I woke up with only my bottoms on. I looked over to my side and saw Vic dead asleep. He looked so cute sleeping. I gave him a kiss and got up. I began to make my way to the bathroom to wash my face. I saw my bra on the floor and ran for it. I put it on and went to the bathroom to wash my face. I washed all the make up off from last nights wedding. I then noticed I broke out on under my eye. What the actual fuck? I haven't broke out in months and this happens. This is why I hate make up. I got out the bathroom and put some clothes on to get some food. I looked at Vic and he still sleeping.

I left and went down stairs and saw a bunch of kids in the lobby with poster. I walked over to one of the girls. "Hi there" I said to the blonde. "Uh hi" oh god its a preppy kid. "Um why are there a bunch of kids here?" The girl looked at me as if I was a idiot. "Are serious? Vic is here" I shook my head "oh like the Vic Fuentes?" the girl rolled her eyes "no I'm talking about a different Vic of course I'm talking about Vic Fuentes." I then crossed my arms. "You know you're acting a little rude you need to get yourself in check" the girl started to laugh "haha get myself in check? Says the whore with hickies all over her neck" I was confused and thought about last night. I then got the best idea for this kid. "You should be careful karma is out there " she rolled her eyes. "If I'm getting karma's its the good kind who knows maybe I'll end up with Vic" jesuss give me strength this kid is so rude and crazy "okay well what goes around comes around like a hills hoop the wise words of Lil Wayne" the girl gave me a discussed face. "You're so weird who listens to rap" I walked off and went to buy myself something to eat. I bought a doughnut with coffee and went back to the room.

I opened the door and saw Vic still passed out.


I grabbed some clothes from my bag and went to take a shower. I turned on the water and waited for the water to turn hot. Once it turned it on I got in the shower. I did the same thing like every other day. Nothing different. I got out and dried my hair with the towel and  threw on some sweatpants and a crop top. I walked out and Vic was just sitting on the bed made still in PJ's. "Good morning babe " I smiled at him "morning" I threw my back on the bed. "So what you want to do today I'm ready" Vic smiled but frowned. "I wish we can just walk around New York but I need to help edit the song i'm doing with Kellin" 
I got up from the bed and got on my phone. "Okay so I'll just stay here right?" Vic looked at me like I was crazy "no, you'll just come with me" I jumped up "aye okay" Vic got up and Grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I sat on the bed and just googled ways to get rid of hickies but nah everything included Makeup which I don't have. I then just threw my phone to the side I just laid of the front of the 
Tv . "Vic?!" I yelled to get him out of the bathroom faster. He opened the door and popped his head out "what?" I shrugged "nothing just hurry up…I need to buy some  make up" he closed the bathroom door. "I just need to put on my pants and in out", I waited for 30 seconds and he came out. I got up and grabbed my shoes. "Why did you leave these marks on me?" Pointing to the hickeys. He bit his lips. "Because… I wanted to" I then wrapped my hair around my neck and tied it. "Babe what you doing?" Vic asked. I turned around "hiding the hickeys." He laughed "so you want make up to hide them?" I nodded "yes so please can we please go to the store?" He nodded and grabbed the key for the room. He stuck his hand out and I grabbed it. We made our way down to the lobby. We saw the kids screamig. "Vic! Vic!" 20 kids yelling Vic's name.  I then saw the girl that went off on me. Vic wanted to stop and say hi to the kids. "Hey is it okay if I say hi to the fans?" I then let go of his hand "of course ! You mean the world to some of those kids...go take a picture with them" I then went the side and sat watching vic make these kids happy. I then took a picutre of him hugging fans.The girl from earlier can up to me showing me her phone. It was a picture of her and Vic.
"He's practically mine already you stupid bitch."she growled in my face.
"Look I'm glad you met Vic and all but-"Vic had cut me off.
"Hey babe you ready to go."he asked while kissing me .
"Actually I wanted to take a picture with her can I?" the girl said really fast .
"Of course you fans are all so nice" Vic said with a grin.
"Listen you bitch Vic is only dating you because your the easiest catch you are a low whore get hit by a car because I know your just using him for looks!"she growled through a gritted smile as Vic took 500 pictures.
"Omg thank you Vic you're the sweetest it was amazing meeting you guys" she said giving me a small glare. 
"Why did she glare at you?"Vic asked while we walked away from he front desk to the rental car.
"She thinks I'm using you for money and looks,also that I'm a whore."I said while laughing at how ridiculous some fans can be. 
"Oh my gosh are you kidding me....I knew fans were crazy but I didn't know they would go this far!"as we got in a cab to go to the store so I could get makeup to cover up the hickies that Vic "accidentally" left on my neck.

Afterwards we went to the recording studio were we met up with Kellin. When the hours of agony in the recording studio they finally finished. We stared walking around the now lighted up New York stopping at some stores. We stopped at jewelery store where Vic started talking to he old nice woman at the counter while I walked around looking at all the small things we calk jewelry.When he was done talking to the nice old woman I watched as he put a small baggie and receipt into his pocket. By this time it was already 10 so we decided we should head back to the hotel since we still had to get ready for the air plane the next morning.

~1 week later~
Everything was back to normal I was working out and going to dance and Vic was writing songs about who knows what goes on in his head. But tonight was special the dance crew was going to the regional competition tonight if we made it through we would go to state finals up against he "legendary rattlers" known to rattle their opponents with amazingly impossible looking moves. Vic drove me to the studio wishing me good luck and giving me a quick kiss. After we all dressed into our outfits we piled onto The bus we made our way to the place of the competition.

When we got to the arena for the dance battles I knew this was going to be crazy. We walked to our area for the dancers. Many of the crews where familiar with us it was because we knew each other from other competitons. Most of them where nice but this is business we had to be serious. Every dance crew had about 6 minutes to preform. there was about 15 dance crews. We where one of the crew's in the middle. "Amillia!" I turned around saw Vic i gave him a hug and a kiss. "you look like a chola" I playfully punched Vic on the arm. "Chill its all part of the dance..." I smiled but dosed off "Millia, you okay?" I shook my head. "yeah I'm just a little n-" he cut me off "nervous?" I smiled "yes" he wrapped his arms around me. "you'll do amazing" I took his snapback off and put it on and smiled. He took the snapback off me and put it back on. "Millie! Come on ma" Alex called me over. "Ima be up I love you" Vic smiled back making get all hype for this performance "I love you too" I walked off with Alex. "Ya? we're up?" Alex started to jump around. "Yeah" I walked to Laysia and stretched. One of the directors pointed us to the stage. we made our way to the stage my heart was pounding fast. I felt so nervous so many people came to see all these dance crews. If we mess up now we done. 


Everyone was in there spot. Make it or break it. The moment Big Sean started talking it was like I wasn't even controlling myself the music was moving my body. It was weird. But hey this is crazy.



There was a slow part for the guys o dance and i needed that break. Once the upbeat music came back on everyone was dancing. We got this 1st place i got it in my hands.

Once the song finished I was able to catch my breath  and also relax one and for all. Me and the rest of the crew where hype and excited because we knew we won this.  I got off the stage and there Vic was with a big smile on his face. He walked over to me and hugged. "You did amazing." I took my flannel off and wiped my face. "Thank you...I know we won" He grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss on my forehead. We walked out to see the other dance crews. They where okay but honestly not as good as us. 

"OKAY WE NEED ALL THE DANCE CREWS OUT HERE" The host had a little paper with the winners. "OKAY YALL REMEMBER THE TOP THREE GO TO STATE FINALS" Everyone was quiet and they watched the host look around before reading the winners. "In third place..." I started to grab Vic's hand tighter. "ow" i looked a him "I'm sorry...i'm fucking nervous" he smiled. i looked back at the host. "Untouchables" Cheers from the crowd. The crew got on stage and got off. "In second place...." I looked at Vic with tears in my face. "Whats wrong?" he cupped my face. "Nothing... I know we won" he laughed  "God i thought you where crying because something bad happened" I put my head on his shoulder. "Feria Lane" My mouth dropped. Alex pulled me on stage along with the other dancers. We got our little baby trophy and got back off. I was happy that we made it through but I honestly thought i won. I was on fleek! 

The rest of the night was spent at bar for celebration of being untouchable (hehe name reference lol im such a loser) and filled with drinks and drunk dancing.Soon we said our farewells and all headed home in cabs. As soon as we got home Vic shut the door and immediately started kissing me passionatly. I knew exactly where this was going and I was much to tired to do the secks tonight."Vic not tonight I'm way to tired maybe another time." he let go and nodded. We headed to our room and and changed into jammies and falling asleep only to see what tomorrow will bring. 







An- im so sorry im so late its just my mom took my phone and thats where i do most of my writing sooo.... i literally have to write my chapters out. Damn all ghetto and shit lol ily Eses!

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