Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


9. Vic or Tony?

Amillia Pov

 Mike was nice enough to drive me and Sam home. The ride was nice and quiet. I sat looking at my phone well actually I was watching tony play on YouTube ...no its not weird. I just want to at least know a couple of their songs. Anyways I was looking at the recommend side and saw "PTV funny moments". I pressed on it and Jesus...mi amor esta loco.. There was a part where the guys where dressed as cholos sirving food it was too funny I actually held my laugh in until it got to Tony. He was a true cholo alright "I got the beans ESE" I BUST OUT LAUGHING "PWAHAHAHA WHAT THE FUCK?!?" Sam then looked at my phone "Amillia why,are you creeping like that?!?" I looked up and Mike was staring back at me "hello Mike" he looked down at my phone. "oh this I'm watching pranks and stuff" he then continued to drive and said "Why do you watch those things you have us here" I got quiet to think about what I was going up say but Sam filled in for me except she said the wrong thing "Mike chill this is a start I mean look first she'll watch funny moments and from there she'll then listen to your band" Mike then nodded "oh that explains." I rolled my eyes and added "yeah I'm a hip hop girl I don't usually wait I don't listen to your band..." Mike then had an aha moment "oh it makes sense! Thats why you didn't want to sing our songs...you don't know them you're a fake fan" I laughed "haha okay yeah I'm actually not really a fan" we finnaly got home. "Thank you mike"Sam and I both said it in sync. We got inside I went to the kitchen. Sam started to whine "Dudeee I'm sleepy what time is it?" I looked at my phone while I grabbed a bottle of water "8:57 I need to go to bed I have dance tomorrow." We then have each other a hug "night millianaire " I walked into my room and got on my phone

Me-hey loser

Tony -since when I have been a loser? :m

Me-um since I said so. 8P

 Tony-wow I feel so loved -_-

 Me-ha yes! you are loved!♥ by a crazy Mexican girl named amillia ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Tony-..no comment ilyt ....

Me-lol wut?

Tony was taking a while to respond back. I then thought he went to bed so I just left it at that and sent one more text.

Me-Goodnight tony. I love you (^³^)=♥

I sat looking at the messages in bed. I then got out the bed and put some basketball shorts on and a tank. And wrapped my hair in a bun. I got snuggled up in my bed and drifted away into my thoughts.

Next day

 ~dam DA de dum you wake up flawless.post up flawless.~

My alarm went off I looked at the time and whispered to myself "7:00 millia today is just dance and finding a good job" I got out my bed and took a quick shower. I did a braid down my back, grabbed my duffle bag full of extra clothes made my way to the door . SHITTTT!!!I NEED A RIDE. I looked at my phone and called. Vic for the hell of it "hello?" Vic sounded tired "hey Vic" Vic's voice shot up "oh hey baby what's up?" I looked out the window "nothing I just need a ride to dance" "oh okay beautiful I'll be there in a little" I hung up on him and threw a water bottle in my bag. Vic got here in 15 minutes. I saw him pull it up in the driveway. Before I left I wrote a note on the fridge letting Sam know I have dance.

I got.out and saw Vic smiling at me. I smiled back and got in the car. "Hey beautiful" he leaned in for a kiss soooo..kiss him -_-. And pushed him away fast. He was confused on why I pushed him off so I made an excuse "babe we need to hurry I'm late to practice" lies. He pulled out and we made our way to the dance studio. As we drove he was holding my hand..I was just smiling at him he then started to say sorry about last night "look beautiful I'm really sorry for what I did last night I'm a dumb ass for getting mad." I looked at him and nodded "okay." My phone vibrated. It was tony calling. "Who is it?" I smiled "Tony!" I answered "hey loser." Tony with his cute self "hey baby! What's up?" I looked at Vic and he looked mad "nothing well actually Vic is taking me to dance practice I'm running late. How bout you?" I know for sure Tony wants me to break up with Vic I just can't do it. I need the perfect moment. "Well I wanted to be with you but yeah your busy so it's okay loser" I laughed "I'm a loser?" Vic was close to the studio "Vic make a right and.the second street go behind the building" tony then asked "aye are you close to the dance place?" "Yeah Ima go by Tony" "bye amillia I love you." "I love you too loser" I hung up and grabbed by duffle bag but vic stopped me "hey we need to talk." I looked at him with a straight face "oh thank you babe" I gave him a kiss. I know what I'm doing..heheheh. "Look amillia I think.you.should...",yes say it SAY IT! "amillia I really like you and your my girlfriend and",I looked at my phone "Vic tell me i need to get with the group" he finally finished his sentence "you.need to stop talking to.Tony I laughed "you're funny bye" I was about.to open the door but no.he contained "im being serious" I then did the oh really card "oh really? Okay well tony is like my best friend soooo you.can cut.me.off from my.friends" he rolled his eyes "yes I can." I I got serious. "Vic are you.making me chose you or.friends?" He grabbed my hand "no look its just I feel like Tony is going to take you.I love you" I stop and open the door "look vic I love.you too but I.rather have friends than one boyfriend bye" I walked to the door like a boss(Ima boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch) Vic honked to get me attention but no I kept going. I texted him the moment.I walked through the door

 Me-Vic.honestly I feel.like we rushed the whole relationship thing I love you I think we should just be friends for now.FRIEND

I went to.put my stuff up and out came one of my awesome dance friends Laysia. "Was good millia?" I grabbed my Jordan's "nothin girl just little late" Laysia laughed "girl don't worry Alex ain't here yet to start with his whinin bout you bein late" I tied my shoes "oh well where is he?" Laysia looked at her nails "he stuck in traffic there was some car crash" I nodded and grabbed my water "well let's go stretch" Laysia then asked about my weekend "so girl tell me how yo weekend go? " I smiled "good ! I ran, made some friends, got a boyfriend" she got all excited "GIRL YOU AIN'T NEVA TELL NOTHIN!! WHATS HIS NAME?!?" I smiled at the thought of tony "Bruh chill his name is Tony" she nodded "okaay well what is he light skin, Mexican cholo, blaxican?" I laughed "Bruh he mexican ....the best part is that.." Laysia was dying "well tell me girl I need to know stuff like girl" we made got in the dance room and got greeted by other dance.friends and began my stretching "anyways yeah girl so his name tony and he Mexican. I forgot I actually used to have a big crush on him in high school and he left and I found him again an we like each other so now we together" Laysia squealed "girllll oh mah God you see Jesus with you!!" I laughed and in came

Alex the dance leader in the group "hey guys! Hope y'all had a good weekend n shit. Um I made a dance for a Nicki minaj song so yeah I think we could.do.this also we gotta practice 0-100"

 "we first watch him.do the dance after that we started learning parts and within 3 hours of hard practice and sweat we learned the dance like the OGs (gangsters) we are.



After getting the dance down we ended our practice and alex decided to have everyone get to get her to have a talk. "Aye y'all come over we need to have a group talk" we all walked over to Alex "okay well first of we gettin good so we gonna have harder practices." We all stared at Alex like nigga we always passin out here when we practice. But he started to laugh "Nah y'all I'm kidding but y'all are amazing Also we need hang out as a family you know the crew and who eva you with because you can't have a dance crew and not.know.your dancers. So with this Saturday Ima have a cook out my place yall just gotta bring chips or friends I don't know but I'll.text y'all guys." Me and the dancers got excited this actually the first time were we actually going.to.hang out as a friends. Alex continued "well that's it guys I'll see y'all Thursday!" We all went to the locker room. I changed in to a my old highschool track tank and some shorts with my.black high top nikes. I looked at my phone and found a text from Vic

Vic (/^▽^)/- yeah I felt the same I think its better that way. Friend '_'.

I felt bad but hey I had to. Anyways laysia wanted to chill "aye girl you wanna go to the salon?" I turned her down "na Bonita I got my boyfiend comin" she nodded "okay girl wait! Can I stay till he comes I wanna see yo boo" I laughed "okay girl lettme call him " I called tony to see if he can come. He answered right away. "Hey beautiful!" I smiled "hey babe! Hey can you come and pick me up from the dance studio" he chuckled "uhh I don't feel like it" I rolled my eyes "come on please!!!" He laughed "okay I'll be there soon just text me the place " I got excited "YAS! okay bye baby I love.you" "I love you too bye" he hung up I texted him the place right away. I turned around and laysia was laughing "girl you in a cupcake with yo nigga" I laughed "shut up girl why you all in my business like that girl?" She shrugged "because it's so cute" I pushed her "ya let's go" we grabbed our stuff and went outside. We sat out in the sun and talked about music "ooh girl did you hear drakes little mix tape?" I nodded "yes girl how bout now is my favorite on it!" She clapped her hands "Yes girl im with you!" My phone buzzed it was

Tony♥-I'm close :)

I got up and helped laysia up "yo man close ?" I smiled "yeah" she got excited. Tony pulled up and smiled at me. I looked at laysia her face killed me when  she saw his tattoos she looked al types of scared. And whispered "Bruh is he a cholo?," I laughed "no he a...yeah bye girl!" I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. (Mexican custom) I got in the car. "Damn millia! ",I looked at him lost. "What?" He laughed "nothing your all ghetto and cute" I playfully punched him "haha chill i live the thug life." He smiled and leaned in for a kiss "I love you amillia",I smiled and kissed him back " I love you too" we heard a honk I looked around and I saw laysia she waved and I waved back. I looked at tony and said "well? " he smiled "well what?" I shrugged "I don't know." He grabbed my hand but i pulled away "wow so you don't want to grab my hand okay",l rolled my eyes and pulled my phone out and connected my phone with the car "ohhh okay I see what your doing." I then  nodded and grabbed his hand and asked "what do you hear?" He shrugged "Im okay with anything" I gave him a smirk "okay anaconda it is!" The Bae gave me a serious face "no. Just no." I laughed "I'm kidding I'll let Pandora chose the songs" it was quiet and drakes music came on "next time we fuck I don't wanna fuck I wanna make love" we looked at each other awkwardly. "Okay I'll skip it",I skipped the song and out came j. Cole "got me up all night all I'm singing is love songs" tony turned it up and said "I like this song ", I smiled at the fact that he falling into the beat.

We got close to my house "millia did you break up with Vic yet?" I nodded and smiled "yes" he put the volume down on the music "how?" I bit.my lip "well when you called he didn't like it he felt like you where going to take me away from him" he started to laugh "pwahaja I already did your in good hands!"(wink) I laughed "okay...well he was like choose me or Tony so then I was Like Bruh you can't make me pick and so I got out the car Like a boss and told him its better to be friends that we rushed it so yep that's how it ended" I laughed "he's kind of dumb to make you choose him over me",I nodded "exactly but when I see him I'm going to act like we never even dated" tony finally got to my house "so..." I gave him a quick kiss "if you want you can stay for a little" he took the keys out from the car. We got in the house and heard the water running. So for sure Sam just woke up. SMH I grabbed a fruit roll up yum. I went to the couch where Tony was sitting. I put my legs on top of him. "So what do you want to do?" I shrugged while eating my fruit roll up "I don't know. I got it look for a job!" Tony looked around “Ummm I kinda have a job so its just you” I gave tony a really face “well ima be back I need to put some stuff the dryer” I went to my empty garage and took the stuff out the laundry. I went back to the living room with my basket full of clothes and Sam was just staring at Tony. “Sam what are you doing” she looked at me and yelled “Why?!? Why!?!?! Out of all the people he picks you why not me?!!?!” Tony looked at her as if she was a crazy person and looked at me. “Ummm…” I said nothing and dumped all the socks and whites out on the living room table. “Come on sam we need to sort this clothes out” Sam sat on the floor and started to sort it out we just threw everything back and forth. Tony wanted to help but NO! “Tony we don’t need help. Put the socks down.” Tony droped the socks “But I want to” I sighed “Fine but if you see something bad it aint my fault” He then grabbed a thong….”Um whos is this?” I looked at him with a awkward face “oh never mind it’s okay” He handed me the thong and I threw it to sam. After ten minutes of throwing stuff all over the place. I wanted to look for a job “Sam we need a job” She grunted “Millia where are we going to find a job?” I looked at tony to see if he had a suggestion “The Mall?” Sam jumped up ”TO THE MALL!!”  We grabbed our stuff and went to the mall. On the way to the mall sam knew what job she was getting “Hot topic guys that’s where ima work” I laughed “Okay sam whatever you say”





AN- WOah an update cool umm like n all that good stuufff i hit yall up next sunday- TopSZn #gangsta

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