Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


11. vans?Jordans?

Amillia POV ~~

Tony stayed for here for two days and let's just say we did nothing. I didn't want to leave my room I had everything I needed in my room for example I have a bathroom, a bed, clothes, a bag of chips in my closet.shhh. I looked at Tony as he was napping on my bed. He wad dead on my pillow with his head on his arm. His hair was messy even though its just a quiff. I got a pen and poked his face. Not one move. I grabbed a marker from my drawer and wrote on his cheek. Sweetcheek (^.^) . He moved and saw me "Come over here" he said in a low morning tone. I got in-between his warm arms it was perfect. I was looking at the tattoos on his arm and Jesus they're something else. I gave him a kiss as he was drifting away.

Peace and love equals a happy life.

Tony POV~

I was hugging Amillia as I was sleeping in her bed. The whole time she would give me a kiss every 10 minutes. I like this way. But when I was expecting it she didn't I guess she fell asleep. But we where happy sleeping. Until my phone went off. Amillia shot up. "Where's my phone?where's my phone?" She thought it was her phone ringing but I know for sure it was my phone "millia its my phone" I walked over and it was Jamie. "Hello?" I yawned "hey dude where are you? You're supposed to be at the venue an hour ago" I looked at the time. It was 2 so it not that late.

"Okay sorry it just some stuff happened and I'm in my way" Amillia came and gave me a hug "its your time" I gave her a kiss "I don't wanna go" she put her head against my chest. "no you're going to go" she broke the hug and went to her bathroom to wash her face. "So what time does your concert start?" I was putting on my shoes "8" she stuck her head out the bathroom with soap on her face. "8? What are you gonna do for six hours?" I smiled at her "well we have to get a few things ready, it all takes time" she yelled from the bathroom "OHHH OKAY.SO ARE YOU NERVOUS?" I yelled back "NOT REALLY" she got out the bathroom she looked at me and started to laugh "pwahahaha" I was confused "what happened?" She shrugged "I don't know you tell me" I rolled my eyes and went to the mirror and saw on my left cheek is saw red maker "sweetcheek?" Millia came and started to laugh "I'm sorry babe heh here some mouthwash" I took the mouthwash and put it in my mouth and got a wash cloth and walked out rubbing my cheek and sat on the edge of her bed. Amillia walked over to me. "You need help?" I gave the cloth "please" I smiled at her as she did the same back "look you just rub lightly also run in one direction" she stopped and smiled at me. Her big brown eyes where staring into my eyes she leaned into kiss me. Our lips in sync. She got on top off me causing me to throw my back down. The kiss got deeper. We separated lips she smiled and questioned "why are you so kissable?" I shrugged and pulled her down to give her a small kiss. "I love you" amillia started to blush "Tony I love you too. Shoot I need to do my hair"

she got off the bed and began to flat iron her hair. "Should I do a braid ?" I smiled "hell yeah it'll look pretty on you" she then parted her hair to the middle of her eyebrow. Once the did that she split her hair into two parts a top and bottom. The bottom was tied. She then began to braid her hair it looked cool. After 10 minutes of doing her hair she looked amazing. Half of her hair was in a tight braid like if she shaved it but no it was braided. She was looking like a Chola. She sprayed some hairspray. "Done! How do I look" sue turned around and gave me a smirk. I smiled and got a marker off her desk and wrote 10/10 o my hand. She smiled. She then called me over "come over here! I wanna show you something" I followed to her closet she opened the door "woahh" she had boxes and boxes of Nike's, Jordan's, and a couple of vans. "Yeah I know right. The thing is I don't know what pair of shoes to wear I then grabbed one of the vans boxes " these " she opened it "black slip on? Okay" she put them on and grabbed a take care crop top. And took off her under shirt and put it crop top on. She then pointed to pants "give me the black pants." I gave them to her. She just straight up changed in front of me like nothing. I had to say something "That booty tho" she laughed "haha funny"

she then pulled my arm as she walked to the front door. "okay well its your time to go sooo" I leaned in to kiss her. I was centimeters away from her face. "Swerve" she turned around and went inside "bye Tony have fun" I grabbed Amillia's arm "no this is not good bye you're coming with me." She then smiled "okay" she ran to get her phone . and drove to the venue. We got to the venue and a bunch if kids where there I looked at the time 3.

Shit I'm in trouble.

We got in out came Vic "Tony you're finally here we where getting worried." Amillia jumped in "well he was helping me look for a car." Vic then gave Amillia a hug "oh well come on we need to set up a few stuff." I then went to the dressing room with Amillia and Vic. "Hey Amillia!" The jamie and mike went over to am I'll a.to.give her a hug. Then out came kellin "thank you guys for a introducing me to yall's friend" I laughed "Amillia meet Kellin, Kellin meet Amillia. Amillia did you know that Kellin is in the band were touring with? Kellin did you know that my beautiful girlfriend is a dancer" Kellin looked at me weird "huh since when have y'all been dating?" I scratched my head "3 months" Amillia gave me a weird face "ummm. More like a week" Kellin started to laugh "well hopefully you two last a good while together. I'm off to my room it was nice to meet you Amillia." He walked off. I Grabbed Amillia's hand. She smiled at me then pushed me "go get ready you got five hours to do whatever you have to do"

Amillia POV`~~~

 After just listening to music on my phone the while time the guys where getting ready. "5 MINUTES!" Mike yelled. Jamie and Tony where jumping. Put my phone down I walked over to Tony "you ready?" Nodded "oh hell yeah" I gave him a hug "have fun I love you " he looked down and me and gave me a nice soft kiss "I love you too" I let go of the hug.

Vic then passed me the phone "awee so cute! Not" I laughed "shut up" I looked at my phone "thank you for the picture Vic!" Vic had took a picture of me and tony hugging." I was gonna send it to Sammi but the guys distracted me "1-2-3 hey vic?" The guys started to sing "what?" "They devil is everywhere" the guys kept repeating the same little beat thing until they all went. It was funny the guys left the room and I followed them. The crowd was loud. I blew a kiss at tony before he got on stage. The crowd was crazy. I was actually enjoying the guys play it was pretty dope.

After like 6 songs it got quiet and the crowd began to sing "I promise you one day well tell our selves oh my god this is paradise" it was mind blowing knowing that everyone here knows how the songs go while I'm just a bump on a pickle just smiling at everything. The show soon came to an end. All the guys where sweating and also out of breath. "Hola" I said to the guys. They threw them selves on the floor. I then gave each one of them a bottle of water. "Yall looked pooped" Jamie laughed "No, I'm Pooped"  I gave tony a hug even though he was all sweaty "You did good out there!" he smiled "Thanks". We all stayed in the same spot for 15 minutes.

"Bye guys I'll see yall soon!" Me and tony said bye to the guys. He drove me home. "So tomorrow were going to your friends place right?" I smiled "Yeeah Im happy that everyone is going to meet you"  We got home. "so are you gonna stay or go back to your place?" He leaned in and kissed me "I have too but i'll come back early in the morning" I took off my seat belt."okay bye" I got out the car.

I got inside my house sam was on the phone. "Hey Sam" I went in my room. And took off all my clothes to be left in my bra and spanks. I got on my phone to change the lock screen. I was looking at my photos and turns out that Vic took to picture of me and tony. One of them was us hugging and the other was us kissing. I made the one of me and Tony hugging my lock screen. I then got a message from Tony

Tony♥- Hey beautiful i just wanted to let you now that i love you okay?


Tony♥- Do you love me back?


Tony♥-Well say it 


Tony♥-Really -___-

Me- haha im kidding I love you too ima go to bed night....mwahhhh!

Tony♥-Night beautiful I love you.




  A/N- HEy yall im sleepy yep also i hope yall doin gooddd ^.^ dont forget to lick n stuff anyweys ill hit yall up laterr -ToPSZn #Cholasweg


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