Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


15. These hoes ain't loyal

Amillias pov~~~

It’s been weeks since my whole moment happened slowly I've been letting go of it. Sam has made me sleep with her every night to make sure I don't do anything to myself. I Skype Tony almost every day and I really enjoy it. The only problem is I want him here with me.

 I was in Sam’s bed on my laptop looking at cars. AFTER ALL THAT WORKING WE HAVE ENOUGH for a new car. While looking at car prices my phone was buzzing.

Vic-hey amillia where going to Houston next week maybe you should fly over here to surprise tony. I know you used to live here

Me-hahah yeah that's actually a good idea...I mean I have family over there soo I can visit then for a little

 Vic-yeahh soo Friday night at the house of blues at downtown that's where were gonna be at. This is gonna be a good surprise for tony

Me-yas for sure!

Vic- he really misses you a lot its so annoying!

Me-oh hahaha how?

Vic-all he does is says is I wish amillia was here all the time!!

Me-ohh well my bad that he cares and loves me XD gtg bye Vic see you next week

 Vic-bye loser!

I walked to the living room. Sam was watching and screaming at her Spanish soaps. "No Cata no te vas! Te va a matar". I laughed at Sam "hahah dude chill she can't hear you...” Sam looked back "oh well I'm sorry, it’s just the show! It’s too much to handle!" I smiled and sat by her and told her everything."Sam let's go back home! For a week!" She looked at me crazy "Houston?" I nodded "hell yeah!" She gave me a weird look "okay well when are we going" I shrugged "next plane that goes to Houston" We got up and started to get everything together just throwing clothes into our backpacks. We went to the laptop to see when the next flight is 5:00. I showed Sam "okay well let's get going its 2:30 well have enough time" she said. We ran to the car with everything and made calls to our jobs saying that someone in our family past away in Houston. *wink* We got to the airport to get the tickets lucky us we were able to sit by each other.


 Shittttt up we go. The whole ride to Houston I slept which was 2 hours. It was a good nap. Sam woke me up "Amillia wake up! Were here" I stood up everyone was getting off the plane. I stretched before getting out. We got our stuff and walked out the airport. "Amillia who’s going to take us home?" I shrugged "I don't know I'll call my sister." I called my sister Jasmine and she answered "Amillia! I've missed you it’s been forever! How have you been?" I smiled "I'm good in Houston…Wondering if you can come and pick me up at the airport" she got excited "OH.MY GOD ARE YOU SIEROUS?!" I laughed at her "yes now come and get us" I heard her grab her keys "okay well I'm on my way are you at the main entrance?" I looked a Sam "yeah I'll see you soon hermana bye" she hung up. I know that this is gonna be good. Me and Sam sat on the side of the curb waiting on my sister. "AMILLIA SAM!" I looked up to find my little sister beautiful and grown up. "Jasmin! Mamas I missed you" my little sister was like me except better. She was a senior in high school she had broken 3 records for track she has straight A’s and to top it off she has a scholar ship for LSU waiting. I'm so proud of her. I put my stuff in the trunk along with Sam's stuff. We sat in back. "Sam I've missed you last time I saw you it was 10 months ago!" We laughed at the fact that it wasn't so long ago. "So Jasmine do you have a boyfriend?" Jasmine laughed "Ha! Nope...I don't wanna get kicked out of the house" I looked at Sam and she read my mind. "So jasmine is dad still mad?" She was quiet. "You want the truth or sugar coated goodness." I smiled "truth" she sighed "he doesn't want to see you" I laughed "okay thank you for telling me that" Sam gave me a weird look. "Jasmine just take us to rent a car" she turned and took us to a car rental place. We got a car really quick and went to a hotel close to the venue. While jasmine went back home. We got to the hotel and got a room. The moment we walked into the room we went to sleep. Eww hate being jetlag.

The whole week me and Sam went everywhere Galveston, Galleria, Katymills, zoo, and ended Thursday with going to the aquarium. It was fun being in Houston I even saw my younger siblings at the mall. I didn't want see my parents.

 Well today is the day I get to see Tony! I was chilling in the hotel room with Sam looking out the window until I got a text from Tony.

Tony♥- hey baby can you guess where I'm at today?

 I smiled at the message

Me-i don't know where?;)

 Tony♥- your hometown! The place where we first met!

Me-high school?

Tony♥-no...but I'm in Houston! Wish you were here

Me-yeah I want see you! I miss you. What time do you get on?

Tony♥-i miss you too and also about two hours.

 Me-okay gtg I have company ily!

Tony♥-i love you too.

 I went sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed my shoes Vic texted me this morning to meet him at the park next to the venue. "Sam come on we need to get our tickets and passes" she shot up "for what?" I smiled "PTV and this time I'll will participate in the singing and moshing this time!" She smiled and yelled "yassss!" I laughed "come on!" I grabbed the keys and we made our way to the park. "Sam stay here I'll be back real quick"

 I got out the car and went to look for Vic. I walked around the park looking for Vic. I couldn't find him. He tapped me on the back "um I'm right here" I turned around and god! He didn’t not look like himself. His long curly hair chopped off "dude where's your hair?!?" He laughed "right here" he lifted his snapback there was his hair. "So why do you have your hair hiding?” He laughed "because the fans duh!" I pushed him. "Vic. You need help so...you got the stuff?" He made a weird face "oh the stuff yeah... You got the money?" I laughed "dude we sound like were dealing drugs" he laughed and pulled the tickets out. "Here ya go I got three just in case anything happens. So yeah are you here by yourself?" I nodded no "nah I'm here with Sam she's in the car Ima go thank you so much Vic." I gave him a hug he wrapped his arms around me "Your welcome" he then moved his hand down to my butt. "NIGGA" I pushed away "sorry Millia you were asking for it" he started to laugh "Jesus it was just a damn hug but no you going for the booty s-m-h!" He then started to walk off "okay well my bad Amillia please forgive me! Also I'll see you later your welcome for the tickets!" I walked off to the car and yelled at Vic "I'll see you soon!" I looked at the passes and they look bad ass.

I got to the car and showed Sam the tickets we both squealed...wow both of us into one band. Sam grabbed the passes "dude I can't wait to meet them!" I have her a dead straight face "really Sam?" She laughed "what am I talking about?!? We know them" I shook my head in disappointment. "So we got like 2 hours before the concert starts. Wanna go to the mall here?" She turned the car on all the way "to the mall!" We got to the mall and walked around.

 "Dude this place is still ghetto as fuck" I said Sam laughed "let's go to hot topic" I smiled "fine!" We got in and I see my Bae everywhere!!! I grabbed a Pierce The Veil and kissed Tony's little face on the t shirt "oH yeah baby kiss me harder "Sam looked over to me with the most disgusted look possible. "MILLIA WHAT THE FUCK?!" I laughed "chill I wanted to see if you were paying attention to me" I laughed and she asked "okay well should I get the bvb tank or All time low shirt?" I had no idea what she said "uh the one with the girls" Sam dropped everything in her hand "are you serious?!?" I looked around "uhhhhh let's go check out yeah?" We went to the girl with PTV everything! She looked about 18 "Hi did you find everything okay?" I smiled "yes! Are you going to their concert?" The teenager looked at me strange "wait what?" I pointed at her button she smiled big but frowned "oh yeah I wish but it’s sold out" I then dug through my little backpack the extra ticket/pass. "Awe that sucks but I hope you feel better now because I have an extra you can have it!" I gave her the pass her eyes grew big she looked like she couldn't breathe "ARE YOU SEROUS?!?" I smiled and nodded "yup we didn't need it my friend she got really sick so you can have it…here’s my card it’s gonna be debt" she swiped the card and gave us the merch. "Bye see you in a hour!" I said as I walked out the store. The girl took off to the back yelling "I NEED TO LEAVE NOW I PTV TICKETS FOR THIER CONCERT THATS GONNA START!!!"

After the whole scene me and Sam went to the hotel to get fine for the concert. "Amillia where did you get the snapback from?" I smiled and threw my back on to the bed "Tony left it back at home before he left" I smiled just thinking about Tony. I get by butterflies just thinking about him. "Uh Amillia are you going like that?" I looked at myself I was down to a bra and undies. Many people would be ashamed of their body but I'm not. I honestly don't give a fuck anymore...those scars are there I can't do anything about them. They’re there and there’s nothing I can do about it. I grabbed my PTV t-shirt that had the guys with a spiral behind them. I threw on my skinny jeans and put my black pair of Nike high tops. I looked at myself and put Tony's snapback along with the necklace he gave me last week. It was a heart locket to our year book picture from 10th grade. Ew I looked fat. "Woah amillia you look different" I looked at myself in the mirror only difference is that I have a band shirt. "Okay let's go!"

We walked across the street...we stayed at a hotel close to the venue. "Making my way downtown..house of blues here we come dadadadadada da da da dadadadadada" Sam started to laughed "stahp only white chicks can sing that song" we got inside and where supposed to go to the meet n greet but no! It’s a surprise! We got to one of the first few rows floor seats . "I'm actually gonna song their songs!" Sam laughed "It’s about time you join this side" I laughed. The lights went out. We heard drums and guitars there was some music playing it’s was slow but wired I can't explain it. Sam was passing out by me "Amillia they're too much. Tell me everything I miss at the hospital" I rolled my eyes. "HELLO Houston TEXAS!!!!" We all yelled at Vic's voice. I then realized hell above was playing "yassss!" Me and Sam where yelling "WE FELL IN LOVE BUT NOW WERE BUT ALONE!' This concert is just life!

 After a couple of songs Vic made the crowd get quiet "okay guys we need to talk..." He got quiet I then yelled "TONY YOU’RE MY BABYDADDY!" Vic looked over to Tony and started to laugh. "Well what I was saying you guys are the rowdiest crowd EVER!!" We all screamed "come in everyone sing this song with me!!! Choke, tried to wash you down with something strong" I hugged Sam "thank you for getting me into this!" She laughed "uhh okay?" "LAST NIGHT YOU SAID YOU ENDED UP IN PALM SPRINGS DANCING ON TABLESS!" The concert was amazing it came to an end which means I get to see my TONY!!!!

‘Come on Sam it’s time to surprise Tony!" I showed the security my pass and he let us through. Everything was perf-errrrr?

 Sam grabbed my arm "Amillia let's go to Vic instead" trying to get my attention away from Tony. I yanked my arm away "No" there Tony was talking to a girl. She was smiling and touching all over him. WHAT THE HELL? I felt my blood boil in me... Rule number one about dating a latina never cheat on her.... I saw the girl mouth "why don’t you come to my place for a little" This fucker just smiled and nodded mouthing "hell yeah let's go" she smiled and grabbed his hand and that's when the exorcist came out of me. Walked to tony from behind him "TONY WHAT THE FUCK?" He turned around and his face lost all expression and color. "Amillia no" he tried to pull me into a hug but I yank myself away "LEAVE ME FUCK ALONE I THOUGUT I COULD TRUST YOU?!?" He tried to calm me down again with grabbing my damn hands "no, no it’s not what it seems." He tried to cover up what he did but, I’m not dumb. The girl then came over "Can you not see you can't give him what he wants. I can do that sorry youngster" the moment she said that I pushed her down "MAN GET THE FUCK OUT HERE AINT NO ONE WANT YOU HERE!" the girl got back up and slapped me across the face I want with the slap. I stood thinking to myself that this bitch got 5 seconds 1-2-3-4 "FIVE!" I yelled as I punch the girl in the nose. She started to bleed but when she look at her blood I jumped on her causing her to fall. She pulled my hair and that pissed me off even more. I then started pounding my fists into her face she tried to do the same but she couldn't. Someone then pulled me away from the girl. I looked up and saw a crowd people where recording while the guys saw me beat some girl up. A body guard carried me outside.

Tony was out there. The body guard stood there in case I do something crazy. I looked up and he started with his shit "Amillia look.I-" I cut him off the moment he tried to say sorry. "No tony you made the decision over there if I wasn't here then you would've slept with that slut and don't fucking lie...I thought you loved me I thought you cared but no this surprise was a good for me because this shows me that this isn't gonna work out. You know what…here" I took off the snapback and threw it at his face. And ripped off the necklace and threw it on the floor "I hope your happy" with that being done. I tired walked back but he grabbed my arm "Amillia I love you" I looked into his eyes with anger I got lost in his eyes but realized I need to leave his ass I started to yell "GET THE FU-“ Tony smashed his lips on to mine I relaxed a little his damn lips! But I can't enjoy this! I was mad. I pushed him off "Leave me the fuck alone don’t think you can make everything better with kissing me." I went back inside wanting to die and beat up tony. "SAM LETS GO" I saw the girl I beat up. The moment she saw me she jumped to me causing me to fall down "BITCH THINK YOU CAN EMBARRASS ME LIKE THAT" She yelled and threw a punch at me on the cheek it didn't hurt because of the anger I had in me. Everyone started to gather around. She kept trying to punch me but she couldn't her aim was bad. I then pulled her hair she went down causing me to be on top throwing punches at her. "DUMB ASS HOE" I yelled at her. I felt a pair of arms grab me "Calm down!! Calm down!!!come on" it was Vic. Wait Vic? The girl was getting up and tried to get to me I then got enough guts to spit at her face. "Bitch you deserve it" I muttered. Vic wrapped his arms around my body "Vic let go of me" he made eye contact with me "no you’re gonna murder that girl" I laughed "okay…okay your right but please just let go of me. I won't do anything I swear!" He then let go of my arms and scratched his head "You okay? You put on a good fight back there didn't you?" Everything hit me hard just thinking about as a whole. My eyes started to become watery "Vic just give me some time" he nodded "Okay if you need anything let me know" I felt horrible. Vic started to walk off "Wit! Vic I need to you!" He turned around and I ran to him crying hard. "It’s okay Amillia it’s okay I promise" I looked at him with his curly hair "Thank you Vic." I stood there crying for a while in Vic shoulder the he constantly told me that it’s okay that Tony loves me and he didn't known what he was thinking.

Finally after crying I was able to talk he smiled at me with his cute smile "You okay?' He whispered. I smiled and nodded "yeah only problem is that Ima have a big ass bruise on my cheek" he laughed. I hugged him again "thank you so much for comforting me" he hugged me tightly "Your welcome I did this because I love you..." Once he said that I just closed my eyes and everything happened.

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