Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


8. The first punch

Amillia’s pov

I love tony.

But I can’t hurt Vic.

Vic likes me.

But I don’t.

After confession time with Tony, we got home. I was going to kiss tony but no, we got interrupted by Jamie and Vic. Yelling from the front door “Hey!” They yelled at us so I got scared and slapped Tony. I started to laugh at Tony. He grabbed the side of his face. “Babe what the hell was that for?” I laughed even harder “The guys are right there. Vic CAN’T know this happened” Tony then grabbed my hand “So what me and you behind his back?” I looked down “Yes I guess so…I’m just going to try break up with him so we can be together.” Tony nodded “So am I supposed to be okay with you being all over him?” I rolled my eyes “Don’t worry he’ll leave me as soon as I start fangirling over Drake and have my blonde moments.” Tony then got out the car and walked over to Vic. While I had to get the groceries out the car. Jamie was the only nice and helpful person to get the stuff out with me. “Thank you Jamie” He smiled “No probs MIllia. Vic come over here and help your girlfriend!” Vic came running to me and gave me a kiss “Hey babe let me get that for you” He took the bag from my hand. Tony also came over to help “Loser that slap hurt bad” I pushed him “Duuumb, Shut up I didn’t even hit you that hard”.

After we got inside Tony went to Sam’s room to “talk”. I was putting the groceries up and felt Vic wrap his arms around me. “Babe pass the milk” Vic gave me the milk and asked “Do you wanna go somewhere few people have been?” I turned around and hugged him “Sure where?” He swung me around “On stage where me and the guys are going to perform.” I got excited because I can throw a freestyle on stage^.^ THUG LYFE SANNN! “YES let’s go! Matter a fact everyone should go right now! We can do some professional karaoke” Vic chuckled and gave me a kiss on my forehead “But I only wanted it to be you and me” I then got out of his arms “well I wanted to be with everyone” He sighed “Fine beautiful. GUYS WE’RE GOING TO THE VENUE LETS ALL GO PRACTICE AND MESS AROUND WITH KELLIN’S STUFF” All the guys came running. “Millia you got a sharpie?” Mike said. I pulled out a sharpie from the drawer “Here, so in whose car are we going in?” Mike shrugged “Dude I don’t know. Why would you ask me?” I rolled my eyes and Tony came out with Sam. I walked over to Sam and gave her hug and whispered “I kissed him” she made a confused face “I’m confused” I then whispered in her ear “tony” she smiled “ oh yeah he told me and I’m sorry for doing that” I then walked off “it’s all good chicka!!” I then got on the table “GUYS TWO CARS! SIX PEOPLE! WHO’S GOING WITH WHO?”

We went outside tony said he’ll go with mike, me, and Vic. And Sam and Jamie in the other car because she has a bad headache. I got in the back of the car with Vic. Tony was going sit by me but Mike was lonely "Tony dude sit up here with me" Tony laughed "Nah man I'll sit here make sure these love birds don't get nasty" Mike laughed and I punched Tony. Mike turned on the car and loud music burst through the speakers. "Sorry guys" I laughed "no mike it’s okay I like this song. I WANNA MAKE LOVE IN THIS CLUB" we sat in the car singing along with Usher. Vic grabbed my hand as he looked out the window. Tony noticed Vic wasn't looking so he grabbed my other hand. I put my head on Vic's shoulder. And sang along with the music "I wanna make love in the club and I don't care who is watching... watching" tony then let go of my hand the song finished and I said "hey put some rap" Mike tuned it to some hip hop station "all I want for my birthday is a big booty ho!" We all laughed at the lyrics because it was so random.

After just listening to rap we got to the venue. It was big and nice. "Come on" Vic grabbed my hand I was getting chills being there I mean I love the stage. But it was empty it's weird with no people. I saw the guys all hop on the stage and their stuff was all set up. Sam pulled out a two chairs from the side of the stage and sat in front as if were a fan of them. Well actually Sam is a real fan. I’m not. Vic was tuning his guitar and testing the mic "testing 1-2-1-2 I love you Amillia" I yelled back "okay baby!" I winked at tony and he smiled with his cute ass self. "Okay this first song goes out to my beautiful girlfriend.." They started to play and Sam was freaking out "Oh my God! Oh my God! The new national anthem" I was just smiling at Vic "Baby get on stage I know you can sing" I got on and brought Sam on with me. I pushed Sam with Vic to sing and went over to tony and danced all dumb. Then Vic walked over to me "sing the next line" "umm I forgot how it goes." he smiled "I'll sing with you then" I smiled at Vic and looked at tony with a lost and help me face and he gave me a I-don't-know-what-to-do face. I sang a little harmony "DA daa da haha yeah!" Vic laughed and finished the song.

I then took the mic from Vic and started to sing "some say the darker the berry the sweeter juice I said the flesh the deeper the roots I give a holla to my sistas on welfare tupac cares don't nobody else cares and uh I know they like to beat you down allot but when you gone around the block brothas clown allot but please don't cry dry your eyes never let up forgive and don't forget girl keep ya head up…keep ya head up things are gonna get easier ooh child things will get brighter keep us head uupp" Vic then came from the back and hugged me "you did good baby how come you never sing like that? Huh tell me" he started kissing me on the neck I laughed "babe stop" Vic laughed "no I can’t I love you" I looked over at Tony he nodded in disappointment and put his guitar up and left. I felt like shit and got out of Vic's arms "I need to go to the restroom where is it?" He pointed to the dark area "go there and make a left" I smiled and waved.

I walked over there and looked around to find tony and saw him walk down the hallway. I ran close to him and whispered "Tony" he turned around and noticed it was me and kept going. I ran all the way to him and grabbed his hand but he pulled away. "Tony look at me" he ignored me "Tony stop ignoring me I love you" I followed him to a dark room. He closed the door behind me and locked it. "Tony are going to say anything?" He then started yell "What the fuck is wrong with you?!?" I was lost "Tony what are you talking about?" He then sat down on the floor "How are going to let Vic kiss you like that all over you knowing I'm right here?" I then sat by him "look babe I'm going to break up with him tomorrow and guess what I love you not him." He rolled his eyes "how do I know you’re telling the truth?" I laughed "easy" I got close to his lips "one I love you!" I gave him a kiss "two you’re sweet and warm" another kiss "and three I can fuck you not Vic" he laughed and kissed me. Butterflies all over my stomach. I kissed him back. His damn lips are so soft! Our lips fit perfectly together and moved in sync. The kiss got deeper. I pulled apart from tony. He then grabbed my hand "I love you so much" I smiled "I love you too" I got up and he hugged me "break up with him as soon as possible" I gave him a kiss again "I love you Amillia" I couldn't help but smile "I love you too" we got out and went different ways.

Tony pov~~

Jesus I can't wait to have Amillia with me everywhere I go. She’s just so perfect .Anyways after our "bedroom" scene we went back to the stage and mike was taking pictures of his view point of the venue. Amillia then came on the stage Vic walked over to her and swung her around and gave her a kiss. I can tell she didn't want to kiss him. Vic then yelled the next song "Hold On Till May!" we started to play and Vic was singing the song but when he got towards the end he told Amillia to sing. Amillia laughed and nodded no and looked scared. I know she doesn't listen to us. She just straight hip hop and rap. Vic gave the mic to Amillia and she nodded no but he nodded yes. She nodded no. No one was singing. Vic got pissed then yelled "SING FOR FUCKS SAKES".


Amillia's face turned red she looked like she was going to snap someone's neck. She then smiled and dropped the mic. And walked off the stage. Vic ran after her. We all took a break. Mike then called me over "Tony! Dude come over here" I grabbed a bottle of water "so..." Mike stated to mess with his drums. “You’re smiling because you think you have a chance to get her. Right?” I laughed "You know the answer already" Jamie then jumped into the conversation "Why are you with Sam then?" Sam came over to us "I don't even like tony I broke up with him because I know and I can tell that he likes me Amillia more than he does like me I'm okay with it plus I rather be friends" Sam got close to me and gave me a hug and whispered "Your lucky I covered your ass" Jamie had to ruin the moment "oh well how you going to get Amillia if she's with Vic?" I rolled my eyes "Don't worry I have a plan. And no I won't sabotage their relationship I mean whatever happens between them as their own thing I'm not going to ruin it for them" Amillia then came back from I guess fighting with Vic and her face was really red and she was just smiling at everybody "hi guys you know I'm really tired I think we should go home already yeah... Mike can you take me home" Mike got up and went over to her and patted her head”Yeah sure anything for you little chola” she smiled at him “thanks dude you're pretty awesome I'll pay you back back soon also don’t call me a chola I’m not a thug” Mike laughed. We all went out to the cars Amillia went home with Sam and Mike.

While me, Vic, and Jaime rode together back home. It was quiet in the car until Jamie asked the million dollar question. “Hey dude what happened outside with you and Amelia?” We all looked at Vic and his eyes just opened up and began his rant “Jesus she's crazy I thought she was really chill and like nice but I think I'm really wrong. She's just such a short temper. I mean all I said was sing” Jamie then interrupted Vic “Actually to be exact you told her sing for fucks sakes” Vic then said “That's not the point the point is she has really bad temper I mean I try to say I'm sorry and everything but she just cussed me out in Spanish I didn't even know what she was saying most the time. I was like baby I'm sorry for what I said back there and she was said something crazy like don’t talk to me asshole you’re so rude, fuck you and she's like telling me that she doesn't need to go to shit like this right now. But I don't even know what I did like someone please explain it to me and then I told her that I love her as soon as to try make the situation go down but no she got even more mad. She started yelling even more loudly she then started throwing punches on my arm they didn't hurt but I mean she was going crazy.” Everyone quiet. And Vic continued “You know it makes sense, it makes a lot of sense why she said she hasn’t been a relationship for a long time. It’s because she has anger issues. Her anger issues are so bad I mean she acted like she was from the streets. She is just too much to handle so I don't know. I think I need to reconsider the relationship with her. If she's going to be going crazy over little things like that then, I'm probably going to be dead by the end of the month." Once Vic said she crazy it was really bothering me he doesn't even know why she has anger issues. I mean now I think about it I'm actually the only one who knows why she has anger issues I don't know if Sam knows but she just a troubled past that's all.


“Tony you don’t have to walk to all the way to my house”

I smiled at the beautiful tanned Mexican girl.

“No it’s cool I mean I have to walk past your street to get home. So I might as well get you there all the way.”

She punched me on the arm. “Dude no estoy tonta we just passed your street” I laughed “Oh well I’m closer to your place so I’m just gonna chill there is that cool?” She looked at her Jordan’s “I don’t know Tony I mean I have homework and other stuff to do” I pouted “Please, millia come on just for like 10 minutes” She made a duck face. “Fine, but only ten!” We got to her house. “Well…Here’s my house.” She walked by the bush to pick up a beer can. “Ugh I hate it when my dad leaves his beer out here” She opened the door “You coming?” I got in the house it was nice and clean. Then out of no where little kids came running to Millia. “Hey babies donde esta ama?” the kids pointed in the living room. “Hey mom I’m home!” her mom called her over I went with her. “Millia I need you to cook para los ninos y” her mom stopped and pointed at me “Quien es el?” millia bit her lip “No ama el no mas es un amigo de escula” her mom smiled at me “Amigo? No, el es tu novio no soy tonta. You better not be embarazar o uasando drogas como tus primas. Pinche perra” I looked at Amillia her eyes where watery. Her mom added on “Tambien liempe el cocina y termine tu tarea desupes de todo que neceitas hacer.” She went to the front door and gave me a hug “Sorry Tony you need to go home I need to cook and do other stuff” I actually understood what her mom said “Millia I heard what you mom said” She looked down “Goodnight tony I love you.” She gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek like she always does.


Next day

Where is Amillia? I’ve been waiting for her and the bus is going to be here soon. The bus came everyone got on. I sat in the front I saw the track runner running down the street with shoes in one hand and her duffle bag in the other. The bus about to go but I stop it “Theres a girl coming!” The bus lady stayed for Amillia. She got on her hair was all over the place. “Hey millia.” She looked at me smiled and waved. “Millia you okay?” She smiled “yeah.” I looked at her cheek it looked bigger than the other. “Tony stop staring at me it’s weird.” I laughed “But you’re adorable!” I pinched her cheeks “OW! bruh what the hell?” She pulled out some make-up and put it on one cheek. That’s it. She got hit on the face because of me. “Millia…what happened last night?” she rolled her eyes “nothing…cleaned, washed the kids, cooked, helped the kids with homework, did my homework” I took the make up “Forreal. What happened?” she got mad “Dude if I said nothing happened then nothing happened okay don’t think you can get in my business like you have known me forever. You know nothing about me got it?” She did get hit explains all her attitude she gives the teachers….

End of day

“Tony I love you… and I trust you so…” I gave her a hug “Millia you can trust me with anything” Tears ran down her face “I’m sorry for going off on you this morning… it’s just...” I hugged her even tighter “my dad hit me last night” she started to cry hard “Millia how long has this been happening?” she was barely able to talk “since the summer please don’t tell anyone…I love my brother and sisters I don’t want to ruin anything for them…”I whispered “don’t worry I’m here I won’t tell anyone promise” she smiled with tears in her face “good…I love you”

~~End of flash back ESE!~

“Tony where home come on” I got out the car. Jamie opened the door. I saw Vic trying to call Millia. “Vic if she’s pissed then she pissed just give her the night” Vic went to his room “okay… night Tony, and Jamie.” I went to my room and thought about how happy I’m going to be with Amillia tomorrow.




Authas note- hey yall! Just wanna say hi lol jk im try to update every Saturday for yall ^.^ anyways i found out that my friend is gonna see PTV and SWS aint she lucky! Guess what?!?! the best part is that i get to stay home and listen them on the youtubes! haha ANYWEYS Like comment love ya EsEs! -ToPSzn


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