Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


29. Take Care

Amilia's POV

"So she had just self-expressed till her death now nothing's left pretty bird pretty bird you're so pre-" I grabbed my phone from my night stand and turned off the alarm. It’s Saturday and I want to sleep in. I got close to Vic and gave him a kiss on his forehead. He threw one of his arms over me and pulled me close to him. I like it like this. "Babe you wanna do something?" He asked. "You're awake?" He lightly chuckled "you're phone was loud" I gave him a kiss. "If you want to do something then it’s up to you on what we do because I'm okay with anything." I smiled really big.

He got up and walked over to the bathroom. "Maybe we should go see the guys" I said. Vic spit the water out from his mouth. "I wanted to do something just me and you." I then got up to wash my teeth. "Oh okay" he then went to our closet to get some clothes. "Babe you need to find a new place for your shoes the closest is full of your shoes" I dried my face. "Okay I'll do it later." I went in the closet with Vic to pick out my clothes. "Ima wear sweatpants and a crop top." Vic then threw me some pants. "Why don't you wear skinny jeans or something? You always wear sweatpants." I rolled my eyes. "Sweatpants are comfy and stylish for dancers and I am a dancer also I'm no telling you to change the way you dress" he then shrugged "well what if we dress each other?" I started to laugh "I don't know" he smirked "it'll be fun" I gave in "okay but I don't know about this." He then grabbed one of his skinny jeans and gave it to me I looked at the size "babe I'm bigger than you" he raised an eyebrow "I don't believe that” I then took my shorts off and began to put his jeans on "Vic what the fuck?" he was just staring at me pull up the jean. Everything was going good until we got to the mid-thigh "Vic they don't fit" 
He then tried to help me pull them up "babe your pants are too small they don't fit"  he shook his head "they do you just need to suck it in" I had a confused face "suck what in?!?" He chuckled "these nuts" my mouth dropped open "REALLY?? YOU TOO?!?" he began laughing. "I'm sorry, I love you" I then pulled a little bit on the pants. Until we heard a rip. "Oh shit" I whispered. "Vic I tore your pants" he stopped laughing "are you serious" I shook my head. And he went behind me. "Yeah um you can wear your sweatpants."  I took the pants off they were so tight that it was like skin peeling off. I grabbed my sweatpants and put them on I threw on my crop top. 
"Babe do you know what we’re doing?" I asked. "Movies?" I got out the closest and began putting on my shoes. "Movies!" I tied my shoes "so you have any movies in mind?" He asked "um no" my phone then buzzed

 Fuck boy (tony)- millia tell vic to answer his damn text messages.

I laughed reading this. "Babe do you have your phone" he sat down on the bed "no" I showed him the message. He laughed "My phone is in the living room" I then shrugged "what I tell him" He got up from the bed "don't worry…let’s eat something" I went to the kitchen while Vic went to the living room and texted tony. I took out the eggs and ham. "Hey Inga make since tacos for us real quick" Vic sat at the table "okay. So I guess we are going to see the guys.” I cracked five eggs in the pan. "Are they gonna cook outside?" I began to cut the ham. "Yeah but later around like 4:30"
I made some tacos for the both of us really quick. We ate but didn't talk much only because I was too focused on eating. "Hey before we go see the guys let's bring something, like drinks or something?" Vic asked "sure" I grabbed the keys to the car. "To the store!" I yelled. We got to the car and drove to he store. "Okay so… I wanna make some rice over there you think that will be okay with them?" Vic shook his head. "Yeah there's nothing wrong with that."

We got to the store and ran through the isles throwing a bunch of drinks, and random stuff. “OH MY GOD!” A girl screamed from down the aisle. Me and Vic turned around to see a fan in tears. I waved to her. “HI THERE!” I screamed. This poor girl couldn’t move. “go walk to her” I pushed Vic. He smiled at the girl. I stayed at the shopping cart and watched from the distance. The girl started to cry, Vic wrapped his arms around the girl she smiled and started to laugh. She then looked over at me and smiled. I did the same back giving her the peace sign. Vic then walked over with the girl.

 “Amillia meet Anna” I smiled “Hi Anna” she wiped a tear. “I really you guys, you two are cute” I started to laugh. “Thank you sweetcheeks” I told her making her laugh. “Well Anna wanted to take a picture with the both of us.” I shook my head. “Awesome” She took her phone out and took a selfie. Vic gave her a hug and I did the same. “Hey Anna dm me those pictures” she smiled “Really?” I nodded my head “Awesome well bye it was really awesome you meet you both” Anna then walked off.
ME and Vic then walked over to the self-check out. We scanned everything having only a few technical difficulties but hey it’s hard to work those things. We made our way to the car. “Anna was a sweet girl” I said. Vic opened the trunk. “Yeah poor girl used to hurt herself” I felt my stomach turn over. “She told you?” I asked putting the last few bags in the car. “Yeah but she left it as soon as she started listening to us and other bands, she said that she starting writing her own songs” I smiled at the fact that she’s doing something amazing that I wish I could do. We then made our way to the guy’s house.

When we got their there was an unfamiliar car there. “Hey do you know whose car that is?” I asked. “Vic shrugged as we pulled in. We got out the car with bags in our hand. We rang the doorbell and waited…nothing. We rang the doorbell again…nothing. I then started get frustrated. “hey ima go through the  back you wait here.” Vic looked at me confused. “Um okay?” I left Vic with the bags and made my way to the backyard. I tried to open the gate but it was locked. “Great” I whispered to myself. I then reached over the fence and jumped the fence. I walked towards the smoke and saw the guys. “Hey guys” I waved at them and made my way inside to open the door for vic. “AMILLIA?!?” Tony yelled I turned around and smiled and opened the front door for Vic. I grabbed the bags and took them to the kitchen. Tony and the guys huddled in the kitchen to say hi. They all did their little things while I just gave them hugs. Still I’m carious on the car. “Hey Mike whose car is outside?” He took a sip from his beer. “Oh it’s just Erin” I nodded. “Oh, okay”

I then put some stuff in the fridge. "Guys leave the Tomatoes and onion out" they did as what I said I then saw Erin walk out the bathroom. "Hi Amillia." She came over and have new a hug "hey girly" the guys made those way out side "hey ima cook since rice." I made the rice really quick. Erin was nice enough to help me cook. I actually found or that she bakes. "Later on we should make some something sweet." I smiled "yes! I'm down with that" we went outside to join the guys. I walked over by Vic and sat by him. "What y'all make?" I grabbed his hand. "just some rice for the food" Jaime then pulled put a bag of meat from the ice chest. "Y'all want fajita or chicken?" I honestly didn't care but it was a big deal for everyone else. "Fajita" everyone on point. I got up and went to the bathroom.

I did my business and got out. I went to the living room to put my phone to charge. I plugged it. "Loser!" I turned around to see tony making a stank face at me. "Winnie!"  I stuck my tongue out.  "Heard that you were going to LA congrats on second place." I smiled big. "Thanks I really hope we win state" he chuckled. I noticed it and didn't know how to take it. "What’s that supposed to mean?" He looked at me confused. "What are you talking about." I crossed my arms. "Nothing I'm happy for you" I squinted my eyes. "Okay" I then was about to walkout side but tony stopped me. "Wait" I turned around "que quieres?" he opened his arms. I raised an eyebrow "DA FAQ" he laughed "I wanna give you a hug like the good times…when we were friends." I gave him a hug but I was like puto Nada es el mismo. "I'm so proud of you" I let go of him. "Thanks dad" I walked out finally.

“Amillia go back inside and get a pan or pot the food is ready." Jaime sent me back inside. I grabbed the pan and went back outside. "Here you go" I gave Jaime the pan and sat back down with Vic. He placed his hand on my thigh but I grabbed it interlocking our fingers. I wanted to get to know her but I don't know I'm pretty sure I'll get to know as time passes by. The whole time Erin kept going in and out, back and fourth I wanted her sit down. "Guerrita sintate" I shouted . She smiled "is that an insult?" I laughed "no its a nick name that is common" she nodded "oh I thought it was bad" Jaime then threw his ass in. "it can be a bad thing like amillia could've said aye pinche Guerra sintate" I started to laugh because his voice girl attempt was such a fail. "Shut UUP" He shrugged "what that’s how you sound" I rolled my eyes. Mike then put in some music.

"Guys this dog is hood." It was a rap song it had that nice intro base and beat. "We Poppin like ayo" I got up and started rapping this song I knew this whole song by heart. "I told her she my wife for the weekend 
But don't action like I need you...YASSSSS;" I was just getting to hype in the chair. I then got up and started to pace back and forth. Vic looked at me crazy. "Now I can spot yo bitch about a mile away…we in the hood tatted like a mexican ….we poppin like aaayyyoo" I sat back down once the song was about to end. "Well I can tell that you liked the song." Vic said smiling and laughing a little. I tied my hair up. "Hey that's my song I'm actually going to have that song tomorrow for the dance" Mikes eyes opened up big. "You? In a dance competition?"  I shook my head. "Yeah…I'm in a dance crew...Didn't one he guys tell you?" He shook his head. "No…I thought you rapped" I laughed "nah that's on the weekend "

Jaime then finished cooking the last of the meat. "Okay guys we can eat now" Jaime said serving himself first. "Wait Jaime let me bring out the rice and Chile" I went inside with Erin "I'll help you take the stuff out. I'll take the rice." He grabbed the pan while I grabbed the lemons and Chile. "Okay we can eat now" Erin said. We all ate and talked and laughed the whole time. Before you know y it was 7:00 we had to get home soon me and Vic gad to dive LA in the morning for the world of dance competition. "Babe let's get going don't forget we need to leave early tomorrow" he shook his head and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Okay let's go say bye and take some food."  

I got up and threw away my plastic cup. "Alright guys we gotta go me and amillia need to wake up early" everyone looked a little sad. "Oh well I should get going too" Erin joined us our little leaving bus. "Okay make sure y'all take some food." Tony said.  I got a plate and threw some meat on the plate and wrapped some plastic wrapping on the plate. I gave everyone a hug. "Erin, hey girl let me have your number" she smiled and gave me her number. "We need to hang out some time" she said opening the door to leave. "Yeah that sounds great maybe lik-" 

 "Yas girl work, that's so Gucci" Tony cut me off with a white girl voice I turned my head and gave him a lost look. "What the fuck?" I said, Erin laughed. "Okay ima leave now bye guys" She got in her car. I turned around to see Vic still talking to mike. "Babe come on I need to get home and get my stuff ready for tomorrow" he shook his head. "Alright bro I'll finish it I'm almost done" he grabbed the keys off the table. We finally made our way out. We got in car and drove home" 
We made small talk before we got home. "So, when we get home I’m going to get my stuff ready and I'm going to get my shoes out the closet like you said" I said. "Cool. What tune do we need to be out" I didn't think about this. "Um I don't know maybe like 8 we'll be in LA at 10 by that time" he shook his head. "That's the plan?" I agreed “yes we just need to wake up early" we finally got hone. 
We got in and I went straight in to my closet throwing all my bag started packing. I threw in my dance out along with the shoes we need to wear for tomorrow. I threw in some tights and t shirts because were planning on staying in LA for two days.  After getting my stuff ready I then began taking down all my boxes of shoes from the shelves. But there was one box that I couldn't reach. I went to my desk and took the chair from there. I grabbed the box. It had the receipt stapled to the top. I took it down and put it with the other boxes of shoes.
I went to the kitchen to see what Vic was up to and also to get a drink if water. "Hey babe" I said giving him a kiss. He looked up at me "nothing, just trying to finish this song up...  you finished getting your stuff ready?” I took a sip of my water. “Yeah im taking out my shoes I’ll be out in a little.” I went back to my closet and went through each of the boxes. So many different shoes and I only use like 5 of the thirty pairs that I have.

I was half way through putting shoes in Sam’s old room. I got to the shoe box with the receipt it had a black sharpie dots all over it. I opened the box and stomach flipped over completely going all over the place from what I was looking at. All those letters from like high school till Tony happened which as like 6 months ago. All the things that I would use to hurt myself. I wanted to get this stuff out of sight. One of the letters from high school was actually nice at the beginning but the end was not so pretty.


Today was going so great…me and tony walking home same thing like every other day he had a little ring pop. I wanted it so I took out from his hands. We fought for it but I gave it back to him. Before I got one I gave him one final hug. He said love ya. I felt so gushie and said the same back. I walked through that door to enter this hell hole and there she was ready to yell at me. She kept telling me that im easy and a slut for letting a guy hug me. She started telling me that tony isn’t a fiend that he just wants to sleep with me and that hell throw me to the side. She said that I would never have a chance especially with the way I am. Am I really that bad? I feel like everytime everything is good something has to ruin it. I hate being here I feel like there’s no point. When dad got home it was hell it was my fault that everyone tells him that. He went crazy when mom told him she saw me hugging tony. Yelling, pushing, and throwing things. I’m tired of this. They seem like I am just bad I never do anything good like I should really get the fuck away from everyone or I’ll ruin everything. Maybe I should stop…Maybe I should leave…If l leave no one is ever going to see me and im not going to cause drama or problems at home or even at school. I just want everything to just fucking stop for once. I need to just get out of here for the rest of my life. FUCK THIS FUCK LIFE THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY TO MAKE THIS SHIT BETTER!!!


After I read that I was just in shock. I never thought I was depressed or any of this shit. I honestly thought I was a good kids, not much trouble in high school. I crumbled the paper and put it in the shoe box. I got up with the shoe box. I made way to the living room and there Vic was still writing. He looked pretty burned out. “Babe lets go to the beach, I need to do something there” Vic got up from the couch and stretched. “it’s a little late, how about we go when we come back” I went to kitchen to grab a lighter. I was going to set all these bad memories on fire. “Nah I wanna go now, it’s okay I’ll go by myself.” He took the box out my hand. “You sure you don’t want to wait till later?” He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. I bit my lip. “I wanna get this over with now so I won’t have to worry about it later. He placed a kiss on my neck. “Okay whatever you say” I turned around in his arms and gave him a kiss. “I love you and I’ll be back in like 20 minutes…promise” He gave me a kiss back. “I love you too and be careful it’s a little late.” I grabbed the keys from the coffee table and got I the car. I put some upbeat music like hey mama from Nicki Minaj. I looked at the box and smiled. Thank ya lord for giving me all the strength to do this. I got to a red light. I’m really close to the beach. The light turned green I went and started to sing “Make sure that his baby take ca-



Vic’s POV~~~

I was almost finished a new song for our new album. Everything was going great. I was pretty tired. I looked at the time it’s been like 15 minutes since Amillia left. I turned on the TV and got on my phone to see what’s up on twitter and Instagram. I slowly started to dose off the last thing I heard was. “Deadly car accident….young female”


I was walking around a park. It was very cloudy, and foggy. There was no one around. I was confused on what was going on. “HELLO?” I yelled out. I saw Amillia from a distance she was on a swing. She had a white dress on I tried to get close to her but I couldn’t. She looked a little bigger.

 Is she pregnant?

 I tried to look at her but there was too much fog. She looked like she had been crying. She had scratches all over her arms. She had her arms on her belly. “AMILLIA!” I screamed for here but she just stayed on the swing crying. “AMILLIA” I kept screaming I couldn’t move. Next thing I knew my voice was gone and she looked up at me and whispered “Help us”

I was finally able to move I ran but a truck beat me and hit her but when it went through it was like she wasn’t even there


I woke up in a cold sweat. I looked at the time on my laptop. 10:13

Amillia should be here. I called her name. “Amillia” nothing. 

I then started running through the whole house and she wasn’t here. I then looked at my phone messages from everyone but I didn’t care. I called Amillia nothing. Straight to voice mail. I then looked at the messages. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I called tony

“Dude what happened” I didn’t know what to expect.

“Get over here”Tony sounded pissed and hung up on me.

I feel like I can’t focus. 

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