Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


23. TAADAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Amillia's pov

Amillia Vic is too much. Telling me that I'm going to be pregnant. I started too smiled because this is just funny "Amillia why are you smiling? I'm being serious" I then patted him on the head. "You're funny...I'll see you tomorrow"

 "Amillia I'm not kidding" he was getting more worried "Amillia I'm not playing I swear" I rolled my eyes. I then gave him a hug. "Go leave you’re going to get in trouble." he then whispered in my ear "I love you and I'm sorry" I smiled and pecked his lips "I love you too and don't worry about that night shoo." He then started to walk out "I love you! Sleep tight" I smiled "love you too goodnight."

The moment he left a nurse came in she looked like she was around her 30’s still working it thought "hi Miss. Amillia, I just need to ask you a simple question" I nodded "Do you feel pain?" I nodded no "okay that's it...oh wait I forgot what would you like for breakfast there's pancakes, and french toast."

"French toast please" she smiled and walked off. Ugh I miss Vic already.

Me- this place is boring

Vic-lol sucks for you jk ily

Me-mmm I was gonna say

Vic- you need to sleep its late

Me-im sorry "dad" but its too early

Vic- haha

Vic-im be honest I'm surprised that tony didn't flip shit when Sam said that stuff about us.

Me-haha riiighhhttt!!!

Vic-your gonna be pregnant

Okay I'm done. He needs to drop it I'm not pregnant. I love him and that's cool if he wants kids but its too early right now.

Me- babe stop no I'm not...it was funny joke but not anymore.

Vic- I swear to god I feel like douche but I didn't have a condom that night so your going to be pregnant I'm so sorry about all of this if you want to have an abortion I understand, if you want raise the baby I'm with you 💯! I love you any decision you make I'm okay with it

I was actually shocked he said all this stuff. But he just going too far. He really thinks I'm going to be pregnant

Me-vic ugh I don't know how to tell you this buuut....


Me-i.can't be pregnant for one main reason.

Vic-?? Me-its that time of the month.

Vic-are you playing?!?!?

Me-no! It started yesterday night.

Vic-oh my.god I feel way better I didn't know if I'd be able to handle it with kids

Me-oh lord lol Ima goto sleep ily!

Vic-gn darling I love you too

I got off my phone smiling. Darling? He called me darling. That's the cutest thing ever. I laid in the lumpy hospital bed. My phone then buzzed what the hell??

Fuckboy(tony)-wierd your younger sister liliana has my number

Me-dude that's weird anyways wtf? I'm about to fall asleep and you wake me up ...gn

Fuckboy(tony)- your sister is getting married.

Me-funny I can't talk gtg goodnight

Ugh too much phone time....I honestly don't like being on my phone for too long. I then rolled over and pulled the covers over my head, slowly losing a grasp on reality and landing on my thoughts.

Next morning ~

I woke up to Knocks at my door. "Morning!" The nurse from last night brought me my breakfast. "Thank you um…when can I leave? the tube finished" she smiled "sweetie just finish your breakfast we'll take care of you later" I looked at the food and lost my urge eat. "Ummm" I looked around to see if the nurse was still here but nah she left.

I then went to grab my clothes from the side of the bed and changed my clothes. The nurse then knocked once again on the door "Miss.Amillia?" I opened the door "hi" she smiled "are you ready?" I nodded my head "yes mam" she then gave me some papers to fill out information about my body stuff like that. "Okay well sign this and you're free to go" I grabbed the paper and signed to leave thank ya jesus! Once I handed to the paper to the nurse she left. I grabbed my phone to call Vic...Well I'll just call Sam.

"Sami I'm out please come and get me" I heard a deep voice in the back. "Yeah sure I'll be there in little...oh its Amillia...I'll see you soon girly" bet she was with her little boyfriend. I went back to the room to see if I forgot anything.

I then to lobby to wait for Sam.

Lili-Amillia I'm getting married! Me and Rene are going to have the wedding in 2 weeks I know your in Cali so I'm telling you ahead of time...also I talked to tony, and Sam they're going...so you kinda need to come love you! Also you're one of the bridesmaid’s

Holy shit my little sister is getting married before me...Liliana the one right after me...damn 20 years old took high school and college at the same time. Something I could've never done in high school. Anyways we weren’t that close...it was more jasmine than Liliana. Liliana was always in her room doing homework, studying, and getting ahead in school work...another sibling better than me. I then texted her.

 Me-omg congrats! I'll try to get to Houston a few days before the wedding.

Lili-yeah get here a few days early because we need to go through the ceremony practice with the bridesmaid...also tony is your partner for the dance where having.

Me-um can it be my boyfriend instead?

Lili-um isn't tony your boyfriend?

Me-nahh lol we went back to being friends it was better that way...but my boyfriend is his friend.

Lili-well I invited tony, and he said hell come soon..

Me-haha that's good lol like I said where still friends :)

Sam then pulled up with her little boyfriend. "Amillia! Baby where here!" I looked up and walked over to the car and sat in the back. "Amillia I want you to meet Austin" the black haired white boy turned around and stuck his hand out "hi its nice too meet you" he seems nice and normal compared to the guys she likes on Instagram. I mean they literally have black makeup on like what the fuck?!? "Nice to meet you too Austin" I smiled at him as he threw back his pearly whites.

"Did you get your sisters message?" "Ya, Vic is going with me" she then started to drive me to Vic’s house "You know Tony is going and he's your dance partner?" I nodded "yeah I know your point is?" She shrugged "I thought you didn't know" I looked out the window as we approached Vic's house "well I guess you two are going to spend the whole day together right?" She looked in the mirror and smiled "yep" I then grabbed some of her hair and tied it into a palm tree pony tail. "AMILLIA!" I let go of her hair as Austin laughed "We’re here get off" I shot her a glare "I'm kidding goodness if you want me to pick you up you need to wait till 8:30 because me and Austin are going to the movie theater" I shook my head "it’s okay I'll just get Vic to drive me home" I then got off and made my way to his front door. Sam drove off fast.


I walked in and got attacked by hugs. "Amillia!" Vic, Tony, Jamie, and Mike yelled. I smiled and laughed I missed these niggas even though it’s been like 14 hours *.* I sat on the couch with the guys "wanna drink?" Tony asked. Looked up from my phone "noo I'm good" he nodded "okay..." I looked down at my belly...I need to cover up "guys I need some clothes." Vic got up "come on I'll think I got a shirt"

I went to his room...it was nice, and neat "how bout this?" It was an old t shirt that had thrasher written on it. "Umm it looks a little worn out." He then put it down. "Well damn..." He put his hand on his hip and I started to laugh "what?"  he asked I shrugged "you look a little...doing that" he then walked over to me moving his hips "ooh girl your hair is on fleek" my mouth dropped down "Vic stop" he started to laugh "mmm mmm girl" I then pushed him turned away from him because this is actually really disturbing "Vic stop you're being weird..." He got quiet. I then felt his arms wrap around my waist chills up and down my spine "I love you" I smiled as he said that...I turned around and smiled "I love you too" I then leaned in to kiss him. The moment our lips collide I felt like I got shot adrenaline. I felt so off doing this but I like it’s like a drug I can’t get off of, his kisses are just life. It got deep quick. I wanted to keeping going but the guys are gonna wonder what’s talking so long.

 "Vic wait..." He looked up at me "what's wrong beautiful?" I then went to his closet "I need a shirt" I then noticed a tie die sweater "mind if I wear this?" He nodded no. I slipped into the sweater "it’s a little big but hey it’s better than nothing" I then took my shoes off "you got some basketball shorts?" He went to his drawer "I have only a few" he threw me a pair.

He sat on his bed and looked at me smiling "can you turn around? I need privacy" he laughed "um I saw everything already so" I then gave him a really look "fine I'll turn around…can you sing?" Why does he ask this question all the time?!? "No…I don’t know maybe, maybe not" I then got behind him and kissed him on the cheek "let's go with the guys" he smiled and nodded "okay"

We went to the back yard with the rest of the guys "Amillia we have a surprise for you " I looked at tony not knowing what to expect "okaayyy" Jamie then grabbed a box and put it on the table “taadaa! Look in it” Tony said with a smirk. I looked in and what do I find? “Really nigga” I gave Tony a don’t fuck with me face “thank you for getting me this nice present” I put air quotes around nice present. Vic then asked “What is it?” I then showed him what was in the box “really guys water bottles?” they all started to laugh “shut up yall are savages!” I then asked Tony about high school “aye turtaalll im real and still the same girl from high school right?” his eyes got big. “oh god, well you have more of an attitude now” I then started to laugh “what are you talking about I was a good kid!” he nodded “dude you would always end up fighting with the teachers in class, and don’t forget the fist fights you used to get into” Vic then looked at me weird “how did you not get expelled?” I smiled “easy lie to the teachers about why I was fighting…like most of the time I said I was standing up to bullying watching out for Tony ” Vic shook his head “I can’t see that” Tony looked at Vic weird “Dude you should’ve seen Millia in high school was like a chola in high school like she had the outfit and the dangerous face killer face” I rolled my eyes “chill Tony anyways ima be honest I think I did all the talking in the friendship” he laughed “sure…” I shook my head “Yeah” for about 3 hours we just talked about high school and how it was for each one of us.

“Hey Vic in two weeks…” he looked at me weird “what’s gonna happen in two weeks?” I then went to my phone to show him the message about the wedding. He smiled “congrats to her!” I smiled “yeah ima be a bridesmaid also I need you to be my partner” Vic looked like everything in him died I-I can’t” did I just hear right? “What are you talking about?” he looked down “let’s go inside” I went inside but followed him to his room. “Well?” he wrapped his arms around me. “in two weeks I have to fly over to New York to do some vocals for Kellin” I looked at him weird “who?” he laughed “remember that one band we toured with?” I shook my head “oh yeah keelliinn”

“anyways yeah I have to be there for about 4 days” I looked down “Oh well let me guess Thursday through Sunday?” he gave me a kiss on the forehead “Friday through Monday” I then hugged him “okay well let’s do something this week me and you!” he smiled “yes all the way…whose going with you to the wedding?” I threw my back down against the bed “Sam and Tony” he grabbed my hand “When you go make sure you enjoy yourself” I laughed “how am I going to enjoy it if you’re not gonna be there?” he shrugged “you have family they should make you feel better”

I got up from the bed “well I think I should go home I need to wash some clothes and also mop the floors” he then walked over to the door “I’ll take you” I rolled my eyes as I went out to his car. I got in and waited for Vic to come out the door. I motioned him to hurry but he walked slowly towards the car. I then honked him and he started to laugh knowing that I want to get home.

We drove home and the whole time he was holding my hand. I got all squirmy when he grabbed my and and smiled.  I looked out the window and saw a car coming from the side about to hit us. Everything was going slow I lost my breath. The car then came and bumped us.

“Millia?” I looked at him “what?!” shit I was daydreaming. “Are you okay?” I pushed my hair back. “yeah what where you saying?” he shrugged “maybe you should…I don’t know…but maybe after the wedding you can…” what Vic? I need to know! I wanted t know what he was going to say but I just acted clam on the inside when really I’m going crazy on the inside He shook his head “no its okay” I then frowned “please tell me? I won’t make fun of you or anything” he then asked “maybe we should g-“






A/n- yo  know im late but ive been busy with jesus, familia, school...ugh anywas ily all....-MizzPtVfuenTEs #cholotillidie















the end is close yall 

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