Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


12. POP the molly im sweating

Amilias POV~~~~

I was sleeping. Nothing special just sleeping like a bum on my bed. I got up and looked at my phone

Tony♥-okay goodnight

 Alex- Aye ma just wanna hit u up don't forget cook out at my place ! Also u n charge of bringing some cokes and 2 friends and a bathing suit! See ya soon!

 I smiled yesss cook out! I got up from bed and texted

 Me- hey baby quiero decirte que hoy vamos a ir a la casa de mi amigo. vamos hacer una carne afuera y también hay una alberca si puedes venir por mí?

Tony♥- sure I think? Haha I'll be there soon!

 I knocked on Sam's door and walked in "mamas? Sam? What are you doing?" Sam had her feet on the wall laying back with a camera. "Nothing just taking pictures. Why?" I shrugged "I don't know but what do you want?" I smiled at her "let's go see Alex!" she raised an eyebrow "your dancer friend?" I nodded "yup Tony is coming so bring extra clothes and a bathing suit!" She got up and took a picture of me with the flash "Sam delete it!" She laughed "double chin! And no this is priceless!" I walked out and put some shorts on with a “Bruh” tank on. I tied my hair back. I went to the kitchen and started to sing "I'm hungry but Ima wait till I get to Alex's casa para comer comida como fajita!" Sam came over lookin all ....yeah "Sam what are you wearing?" She smiled "black skinny jeans from hot topic and a Bennie and also my favorite Of Mice and Men t shirt" I laughed "well you do know that where gonna be outside the whole time right?" She frowned "fuck I'll just put a tank." The door bell rang "Tony is here!" I ran to the door "heeey ba- Jamie why are you here?" Jamie gave me a hug "haha thought I was Tony right? Well your wrong." I nodded. "Don't worry Tony is in the car" Sam came out "oh.meh goi hi Jamie" I grabbed Sam's hand "come on Tony is waiting!"

 We got to the car Tony smiled at me. I sat in the front with him. "Hiya!" He gave me a kiss Jamie yelled. "Ewww cooties thats disgusting!!!" I laughed tony then asked "you ready?" I nodded "so we need to stop at the store" Tony nodded "okay I'll stop here at Walmart." He pulled up to the front "you guys wait here while I go inside to get the coke real quick" everyone stayed and I ran with my flip flops. I grabbed two boxes of sprite and coke. I ran to the closest cash register. Paid the machine and got back to the car. I found Sam and the guys laughing. I banged on the trunk so Tony can open it. I threw the cokes and hopped into the car and made our way to the crews party.

 Tony POV~~~~

We got to the party that Amillia’s friend was throwing it was like what 20 people including us. We got out the car and Amillia gave me a hug and yelled "I can finally hug you forreal!" I chuckled "give me a kiss" I asked she smiled and got on her tippy toes and gave me a peck on the lips. I whined "aww really?" She laughed "I'm too short to reach you." I nodded "true" I picked her up and gave her a long kiss " I love you" I told her she gave me a kiss back "I love you too" Sam then yanked her arm "well? Come on I don't want to go in without you, you know these people." I held Amilllia’s hand while I had a box of Coke in the other hand. We got to the door and Amillia rang the doorbell. "Amillia! Aye you brought the cokes!" Her friend a hug " Alex!” he waved and smiled at us “who are your friends?" she pointed at each person "okay well you remember Sam, this is tony my boyfriend-" Alex cut her off "okay well boyfriend you better not hurt my girls heart she my sister so just letting you know" Amillia laughed "shut up Alex anyways yeah and my friend Jamie" We each greeted each other "aye sis let me get those cokes. Y'all go to the back" Alex took the cokes as we made our way to his backyard.

Amillia’s POV~~~

I was saying hi to everyone at the party. I saw Laysia "aye mama!" I yelled to Laysia she waved and came over with her boyfriend and also Darius (another dancer friend) I gave them a hug "so y'all coming in the water or nah?" I looked at the pool crowded with dance crew and friends. I smiled "nah it’s all good I'll just wait" I sat down at the little table by the pool with Tony, Jamie, and Sam. "So what do we do?" Jamie asked I shrugged "eat?" Sam got up "I'll be back" I took off my tank and only had my bikini top on. I smiled at tony "no" he said and threw my tank over my chest. "Tony chill.." I said "I was going to get in the pool." Jamie took off his shirt "I'll join ya Amillia!" I gave Tony a smirk "I win! Jamie knows how to have fun" I got up and took my shorts off. Jamie was standing by me. "Let's go loser" I said while trying to jump and mess up his hair.

 I was slowly getting in the water until someone grabbed me and threw me in the water. I got the water and saw Tony looking down at me smiling and laughing "really why did you throw me? You saw me getting in really slow and you throw me?" Tony was looking at me while laughing "calm down babe I'll join you" tony took off his shirt and Laysia started scream "oh my god yo boo is full of tattoos Jesus!" I laughed "calm down mija!" We stayed in the pool playing around. I saw Alex come with a plate full of burgers. "Aye the burgers are ready y'all come and eat" I walked over to the plate and grabbed 2 burgers and no. The other one is not for Tony. Both for my belly. I walked over to Jamie and started to eat with my mouth open "oh shia dis so good" each time I took a bite Jamie would make a disgusted face. Haha funny.

 I went to Tony after I ate. I hugged him and he hugged me back but damn it was a tight hug "Tony I can't breathe" he let go "I'm sorry" I gave him a kiss. "It’s okay" Laysia then slapped my butt "tha fuck Laysia?" She laughed "girl yo big latina booty was asking for it also it was tony" I rolled eyes "whatever Laysia" Tony then asked me about Sam "hey where's Sam?" I shrugged "I don't know...what about Jamie" Tony pointed to the pool. There was Jamie being himself crazy and sweet. I then walked I'm the house to see if Sam was there, and what do I see HOLY SHIT! I yelled "WHAT THE FUCK?!?"

Tony POV~~~

 The party was going better than I thought. I'm with my girlfriend at her friend’s house and just enjoying it with Jaime and also of course Sam. I want inside with Amillia to see where Sam was. We got inside and saw Sam and Darius lighting up cigarette.

Wait is that a blunt?

 Amelia then yelled at "Sam what the fuck are you doing?!?! Is that weed?!?" Sam look like she was high already and she told Amillia "hey I found it so me n Darius I'm making the best of it. You wanna puff?" I then snapped "Hey Sam don’t be doing that. It’s really bad you're going to ruin yourself you don't do it" Darius started laughing "hey Amillia don't freak out it’s just one time what’s gonna to do?" then millia said “what if you get addicted? it's gonna your fault?”. Sam then said "look Amillia I care about you I love you you're my sister and I think you just need a puff just to chill" Amillia took the blunt and said “I never thought would do this" right before she was about to put it the blunt in her mouth I slapped the blunt out her hand. And gave her kiss. I can tell she like it because she smiled afterwards I then told her "her baby don't do it it's going to mess you up and you get addicted" she then looked straight into my eyes, and possibly my soul with those big, brown, eyes and said "I won't get addicted matter what, trust me do you it with me please" she gave me a kiss and I agreed

Amillia POV~~~~

He agreed!!! Why would he agree!?!?!! He's not supposed to agree he supposed to say “no don't do it” oh my god!!!!!!! I can't believe this.

 I puffed fast. Everything was suddenly funny. Tony did the same thing we're both giggly at first but, before you know it everyone else in the house was high. Suddenly the music louder, everything's more colorful and everything was slower.

Alex brought some water balloons out from some random place and we start throwing them all over the place even inside of his house.


Man I swear, I was doing things I could never thought was possible we were all jumping in the pool doing little tricks doing flips and cartwheels cool stuff like that. It was my turn so I went back to the gate and ran with all the force I had and did a cartwheel and back-flipped into the pool without even hurting myself. "WOOOO YEAHHH YEAHH!" Everyone was screaming with excitement after the trick.

I then ran over to Alex "hey do you have glow sticks?" he smiled "hell yeah" he went to go to his closest in the living room and pulled out a big box of glow sticks. He then asked "why do you need them?" I grabbed a glow stick "because it's dark and we turn off all the lights and just play with them" he nodded "oohhh okay heheh here yall go" I threw the glow sticks in the pool everyone grabbed one. We all danced to the music. I was talk talking to Laysia about the dance competition were gonna have soon. "Wait, Laysia where is the competition?" She was about to tell me but I felt a pinch on my butt. I turned around "Tony what the fuck?" He tried to lean in for a kiss "no Tony no!" He started to laugh "yes Amillia yes" I pushed him away playfully "you know I'm in love with you Amillia” I laughed “I love you too Tony" he then continued "you’re the best sister I can ever ask for!" I tilted my head "err? Stop your high still" I looked into his eyes. Yup they're still red.

 I got out of pool and went to the kitchen to get water. "Alex what are you doing?" He gave me a cup. Tony walked in behind me "ooh is that kool aid?" We ignored Tony "anyways so what is this?" He then continued "well you know Ima bartender so I made a drink for everyone" I took a sip "Alex?!?" He jumped a little when I yelled "what? what?" I shrugged "nothing its actually really good! And the color it’s so pretty and purple! What is this drink called?" He looked down "yeah um blackout" I raised an eyebrow "blackout why is it called that?" Alex bit his lip "um you'll see bye!" I looked over at Tony and he was just chugging that purple drink in the red solo cup.

Again the rush of the music being loud and fast. Everyone is slow except its worse. I can't even think. I looked over to tony and he was just laying in the middle of the floor


I felt myself pass out and fall to the ground.

I'm gone…


Next day~~

I was sleeping. I felt weird...actually…Hung-over…I couldn't open my eyes. I rubbed them. I was in my room.

How did I get here?

 I looked around my room. I saw my phone and checked the time 3:20 pm. I then noticed a note on my drawer

 I read it. Drops of tears fell down my face

Is this true?

Is this a prank?

I didn’t even notice

Am I even reading this right?





A/N- HEEEEEY OMG so i had alot of time today and i did this cuz i got no life haha anyweys I hope this happens soon again but que milagro! haha i love ya also  commnt like....YEahh -TopSZn #druggythuggy 

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