Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


16. Pay Back time

Amillia POV~~

I pushed myself away from Vic "I'm so sorry Vic" I ran off looking for Sam


 I called Sam to tell her I went back to the hotel. I'm so lucky I go back home tonight at 3:00.

Sam-amillia where are you?


Sam-Okay I'm on my way

Me-no its okay you can stay with the guys

Sam-no amillia im going with you

Me-mamas it's okay! Enjoy yourself

Sam-how am I gonna enjoy meself if my best friend is not here.

Me-fine come over here

Sam-im here already

I heard knocking at the door. I got up and opened it. "Amillia I'm so sorry this happened" Sam gave me a hug. I laughed while in tears "Sam it’s okay I just wanna sleep before we need to leave." She plopped herself on her bed and gave me her best british impression "Wanna watch a movie with me mua?" I laughed "nah I'm good Ima go to bed my body hurts from the fight."

Sam then jumped over to my bed with her phone "dude you need to watch the video god you went all gangster chola on that hoe" I looked at the phone there I was beating up the girl. I pushed the phone away from me and pulled the cover over me. "Goodnight Sam" she got off my bed and went to hers.



 I looked at my alarm and there's was the time. 2:30 I got out of bed to wake Sam up even though we got like 2 hours of sleep. "Sam wake up we need to go home" she rolled over "no...10 minutes please" I walked away from Sam's bed allowing her to sleep a little extra. I grabbed all my stuff that I had brought from home and stuffed it into my backpack. After doing that I did the basic morning routine. "Amillia what time do we have to be there?" I looked at the time "15 minutes we need to leave! get up now!" She got up and put her hair in a bun. "Ready!" I raised an eyebrow "really?" She laughed "I packed my stuff mast night when you fell asleep...also you need some make up your eyes are really bad" I looked in the mirror there was my red, puffy, ugly eyes. "Okay well put some on me" Sam pulled out some make up and put eyeliner and some powder stuff on my face. She was messing with my face for about 5 minutes "There!" I looked in the mirror and I liked it. Pretty wings. I grabbed my bag and yanked on Sam’s arm "Okay let's go now I hate this place".

We got to the airport within minutes and got to our plane. "Okay so 10 minutes till the plane leaves. Ima go get us a coffee okay?" I nodded to Sam and sat down. I got on my phone. For the first time so far this day. Great.

Tony♥-baby I love you, you mean the world to me

Tony♥-baby call me I need to talk to you.

Tony♥-im sorry for what I did please talk to me.

Tony had send me messages and also tried to call me but I had my notifications on mute. "I'm back!!!" I took my coffee from Sam as the plane flew off. "I can't wait to get home." Sam grabbed my hand "SAME...it’ll just be me and you having our girl time like always." I finished my coffee and got on Instagram "Amillia are you gonna sleep or what?" I smiled "no I'm stay awake for a little before we get home. Don’t worry about me, you take a nap" she nodded and turned to her side "okay goodnight"

Okay now that I have time to me instagram here I come. I logged in notification so many!!!!! Also followers! So many people followed me over this little vacation. Lucky me! I went to my profile and someone tagged me in their picture bet it was Sam. I when to it and there was a picture of me making a ugly double chin, with a bun, and my ugly glasses on wtf? I pressed for on it.


 Anger took over me. But the caption killed me in a good way.

 "Love this cutie! Proud to call her my bus buddy... #homies4life #busbuddy #iloveyou #bestie @amiliatorre_og” I stared at the picture and blocked him. It was for the best of me. After doing that I put my ear buds in and took a nap.

*Dong ding*

I got up finally home it was barely 5:30 in the morning so I still have time to go home and go back to my normal routine. "Amillia over here our car us here" I followed Sam to the car. We got in Sam breathed in loudly "Ahh miss this car" I just gave her a stare "okay" I looked at the wheel realizing that this damn car got me into this....if it wasn't for this car would've told Tony the way I really feel which I regret so bad. The car pisses me off along with the whole situation. "Amillia you wanna talk?" I nodded no "nah it’s okay I just wanna get home." I started to drive and made my way home.

Once we got home I went straight to my room and wanted to teach Tony a lesson for cheating on me. Time? 6:00 . Please be awake

Me- aye AJ! It’s me Amillia you remember you found me passed out at the beach n shit? Well I need your help.

Aj- haha tigre! Was good...

Me- wanna fuck shit up?

Aj-hah Nina tu ya sabes...que vamos hacir?

Me-okay well my nigga cheated on me so ima teach him a lesson

 Aj-THIS NIGGA okay well your plan is??

 Me-fuck up his car. Bring a bat...meet me at the beach around 3:30

 Aj-okay girl we finna teach this nigga a lesson!!!

 I got off my phone took a nap.

Hours passed while I was taking a nap break. I woke up and looked at the time 2:30. I went to take shower quickly. Once I got out threw myself into the bed thinking about tomorrow and work eww.

"Amillia!!!!" I screamed back "WHAT?!?" "COME OVER HERE NOW HURRY!!" I ran to her room with a tank and shorts. She was on her laptop "what?" She smiled "sit I'm on skype!" I nodded "with who?" She turned the laptop "Amil-" I closed her laptop before that dumbass can say anything "I'm not talking to him" I walked out the room Sam yelled "AMILLIA HES SORRY!" I then threw my brush at her door "I DONT WANT TO FUCKING SEE HIM!" She said nothing I'm ready to do this shit now. I grabbed some black converse with some shorts and a flannel. I only button the top button. I teased my hair and put a bandana on my head. MAKEUP! I got out my room to see what Sam was doing. "Yeah I told her but like I said she’s pissed at you" I heard Tony's voice "well its not my fault that the girl was coming on like that to me." I got mad at him. Why would he blame his actions on someone else? He made the damn fucking choice when he said yes to the girl. I felt my vein pop more energy yay!

I then knocked on Sam's door "Sam I need your eyeliner and lipstick" I heard her move some stuff "yeah come in" I walked in Tony was on her screen talking "Amillia....." Yeah I wasn't Paying attention I just kept walking around looking for lipstick. Everything he said went through one ear and out the other. Once I found the right shade of lipstick I walked out the room. "Thank ya SAM!" Like Tony wasn't even there. She went back talking to Tony.

I did/attempt wings .

 Aj-aye in my way to the beach got everything we gonna need.

Me-k I'm on my way to.

 I got out the room and grabbed the keys and left to the beach.

Once I got the beach I saw AJ. "Aye ma!" She yelled and waved her arms. "Aye!" She walked over from her to me "So where's the car?" I pointed to the car "here...I was thinking maybe we can take it somewhere abandoned and fuck it up there…" She nodded "okay yeah I got you follow me I know a place" I got in the car and followed her. We went to a desert like place there was an old ware house building. I got out the car "So you ready?" She asked "yeah Ima play some music to get me in the mood." She then took my phone "Don't worry I'll plug it what song where you gonna play?" I bit my lip "Comfort inn freestyle" she nodded "damn girl that song is just yes!" The music started to play "you take the first swing them me okay?" I nodded as gave the bat to me. I brought the bat up to my face getting ready to swing the bat against the bat. I took a deep breath in and closed my eyes. I opened my eyes put the bat down and started to cry "I can't" I threw myself to the ground with rivers flowing down my eyes. "Tigre what's wrong you where gonna hit but you stop what’s up?" AJ rubbed my back "I'm mad but I love him" she frowned "mamas this guy almost cheated on you...if you were not there he would've slept with the hoe....you should be mad at him" I looked down "Okay!' I swung the bat against the window making it shatter all over the place. AJ passed me a spray can. "FUCK YOU!" I yelled and sprayed on the side of the car. AJ started hitting the windows. I stopped her "Aye...Dude stop hitting the car...I still need to get it home." She dropped the bat. “Okay well you wanna do the last hit?” I threw the bat against  one of the lights. I turned on the car "where to AJ?" She walked over to the car "My place? We'll make some food" I nodded my head "yeah okay I'll follow you" She raised an eyebrow "Are you sure? The car is really bad" I laughed “It’s okay I mean it as long works and I can drive it around its all good" she waked off “Okay well follow me"

 I got to her place and cars crowded her house. "Ayyyeee!!!" I saw AJs boyfriend he smiled and waved at me. "Aye mamasia!" I got out the car and have him a hug. "Tigre what happen? You look all chola" I laughed "Nada pinche novio cheated so I fucked up his car" he laughed "that’s good he deserved it" I laughed to "Yeah Ima go inside okay?" He nodded “OK Aye there's food inside in case you hungry" I walked in and got smacked in the face with a wave of Mexican food...every food I've dreamed about pozole, mole, tamales, menudo, enchiladas, and much more. I saw a girl in the kitchen talking to AJ. "Tigre come over here!" I went over to AJ. "What happened?" AJ smiled "I want you to meet my sister Alejandra." she looked just like AJ only difference is that Alejandra looks less ghetto. "Hi Alejandra I'm Amillia but these guys call me tigre...not sure why but yeah it's nice to meet you" I shook her hand. "Oh hi Amillia nice to meet you too." She had a caring smile like a mom I don't know it’s weird. "Here foo eat this chicharron with some Valentina Chile" I took the plate full of Mexican pork grinds and dumped chile all over and threw my face into the plate "I told you it was good" AJ yelled to me.

The whole day consisted of me talking to AJ and her sister, eating, and laughing. I looked at the time it was dark out "shit!" AJ got scared "What nigga what?" I showed her the time. "11:34...what the big deal?" I made a duck face "I have work tomorrow” AJ then got up "Well, you can spend the night here and go to work tomorrow" I nodded with agreement "okay cool well, where do I sleep?" She smiled "my room I'll sleep with my sister over in her room...you need Pajamas?" I nodded "okay come on let's go to my room. And guys that all for tonight yall need to get the fuck out because Ima goto sleep too" the guys started to get up and make their way to Tue door. I went to AJs room I walked in and she threw me clothes "here some shorts and a shirt" I put them on right away "okay goodnight I'll see you tomorrow!" She walked out I got in her bed. It wasn't as comfy as mine but hey I gotta deal with it for tonight. I kept moving all over the bed I looked at my phone to see what's up.

Sam- hey where are you?

Me-a friends house I'm slepnding the night soo yeahhhhh....

Sam-ohh okay well are you coming home tomorrow?

Me-yeah after work...so I'll he home around 4:30...you have no work tomorrow right?

Sam-yup whole day to myself

 Me-okay gtg to sleep night !


 I put my phone to the side and rolled all over the bed to fall asleep but nothing...I can't fall asleep fuck this! I got up and went to bathroom and washed my face. That feels way better. I now feel like I can fall asleep. I got back in to bed. I put some slow music on shuffle. Nothing can ruin this moment....nope I'm wrong the worst song possible came to give me the feels! fuck you NICKI MINAJ! Jesus some of her song just make me wanna jump off a bridge "you have been playing my heart like a grand piano." The feels nooo! I unplugged my eat buds and when to bed that instant.

Next day ~~ I woke with the worst possible headache ever. I got up and walked out of AJs room. "Good morning tigre!" I hears Alejandra's voice "good morning alejandra" she looked at her phone "what time do you go to work?" I stood by the table thinking "8:30 why?" Her eyes got wide "Dude your late like big time its 12:42" I ran to AJ’s room and changed into my clothes. "FUCK!" I yelled and ran out to Tony's car. I turned it on and drove off. I was gonna go to work but why I don't even have my fucking work clothes. I decided to just go home and stay for the day. On the way home everyone kept honking about the car and beat up but it’s okay I ignored and said I know I'm taking it to the shop. I finally got home.

There was a red camero. Did Sam get a camero yesterday?I know that the guys wasn't sure about coming to drop it off. Oh well. I got off the car and opened the front door. No one was in the leaving room "SAM?" I yelled she then came out her room and hugged me "Amillia I missed you!" I smiled "I missed you too whose car is that?" She smiled "my Friend's he dropped by for a little come on I'll introduce you to him he's in my room. I smiled "okay" I followed her to her to room the door was closed. "Okay well" she opened the door halfway and pushed me into the room. I fell down I tried to get up but Sam closed the door. I looked to my left and saw him sitting there guilt written all over his face. I got up and walked over to him and I yelled at him "YOU SON OF BIT-"






A/N- hey guys almost didnt make it today but dont worry ill try to update sooner... -topSzN  #moneyovereverything

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