Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


30. One day

A/n Yall should listen to Remembering sundat from all time low or 2 chord from sleeping with sierns or both durin this :)


Vic's POV~~~

As I got out the car. I made my way into the hospital. As I walked through the door I was able to smell death and rubbing alcohol. I looked down at my phone to see the room number Sam had sent me. Each step that I took felt as if my stomach tied in knots. Making my way to the elevator I waited the agonizing three minutes. I walked out the elevator and made my way to room 379. As I walked closer to the room. I could see Sam come into my peripheral vision. The moment she saw me she ran to me just crying so hard her face was all red.

"Vic, don't go in! She sleeping" I was confused and just went toward the room with Sam by myside Sam started to cry again. "Sam it’s okay." She pulled my arm before getting in. "no it’s not she just sleeping." 
At this point I just didn't care I just want to see Amillia. The moment I opened the door I regretted opening that door. 

There she was lying on a bed with a white sheet over her body. Holding her hand was her best guy friend crying in silence. Mike and Jaime where just sitting in the back quiet. ”What happened to her” I asked Tony looked up and just nodded no. "She was on her way to…" His eyes filling up with tears as he was talking. "She was going to kill herself but she got in a car crash"

My heart dropped down to the bottom of the hospital. I was in disbelief. "Tony no she wasn't going to kill herself" he looked down at her hand. "Yes she was" he tabbed a tissue from the side and wiped his face. I didn't know what to think. "Guys cops just found blades like citing blades in Amillia’s car." Jaime said. "She was gonna end it" Mike said in a low voice. "Guys she wasn't going to do it she was going to the beach…she told me. She asked me to go but I just pushed her away to work on a song." 
Tony rolled his eyes. "Sure…anyways the doctor said she has two days here until she has her funeral." I felt like I couldn't breathe I just started to cry. It all hit me like a train.  "No,No, NO THATS IMPOSSIBLE! THERE’S NO WAY SHE CAN BE DEAD EVERY THING WAS GOING PERFECT. IT CAN'T JUST END. I LOVE HER. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WORK OUT HER?!" I started freaking out. The doctor came in and pulled me out of the room.

 "Sir, Can you please lower voice? The other patients are getting worried." I shook my head. "I'm so sorry for your losses" I looked at the doctor confused. "What do you mean?" The doctor seemed confused also. "You are Miss. Garcia's husband?" I shook my head "yeah but she’s my girlfriend." The doctor then caught on the program "well you two did plan for a baby before marriage right?" My stomach flipped over when the doctor said that. "She was pregnant?" I asked. The doctor shook his head. "Yes…two months." I couldn't believe that I was going to be a dad. The doctor then walked off "again I'm sorry for your losses"

I went back in the room with guys and sat in disbelief. I could've been a dad. I was supposed to surprise her with the ring soon. My emotions all over the place. One minute I'm crying really hard have the guys help me then, I'm just string here like nothing is wrong.

"I loved her" I said. "We all loved her" Sam said. Everyone was just sad with depression from this tragedy. Sami's face just red, with dried up tears on her cheek. Mike with sunglasses on hiding his tears. Jaime with no emotion on his face as if he can't believe what had just happened. Tony just staring at Amillia like she’s going to wake up. Finally me with a stuffy nose, puffy red eyes, and depression. I can't be here anymore this is just horrible. "Does anyone in her family know that she's not with us anymore" I couldn't say dead….saying that would just break me down. "I called her sisters and brother. They said they would be on their way here but her parents are just sooo-" Tony cut her off.

"Coldblooded, cruel" I didn't know how to take that “So they're not coming?" Tony nodded no "they didn't care about her…" I never heard that "how bad where they?" Tony grabbed his phone from the desk "Her parents used to beat her and get mad for the stupidest things ever…because of me she got beat in high school" This was getting to dark for me I felt like I couldn't do this. "Damn they’re going to hell" Mike said as he got up from his seat. Jaime then added "she was a tough girl"

I got up and decided to leave now before it gets too late. "Well guys, I'm going to get going I need to process this at home a little." Sam came over and have me a hug. "Vic she loved so much you don't even understand….I know she wasn't going to end it…she was most likely going to relax at the beach and enjoy the night. God damn why did that bustard hit her car." She began to cry again. "I love her too. I can't believe this happened but don't worry we'll make it through." She let go of my hug.

Before leaving I walked to her bed I took her hand out from the cover and gave her cold hand a kiss. I put her hand down and gave her another kiss on her forehead. "I love you so much don't ever forget that" I said to her. I felt like I couldn't leave her. Looking at her just pale and cold was hell for me to see her like this. I felt like I was living a nightmare. I slowly began crying again.

Tony walked me to the car. "Dude I'm so sorry for you…I just wanna let you know if you need anything let me know...this is all hitting us hard" I gave him a hug before leaving. "Thanks dude" he waved and walked back to the hospital. 

I drove home and the whole time I couldn't stop think about Amillia. Did she see the car coming before it hit her? I just wish I can hear her voice again one more time. I want to hold her hand one more time. All I'm asking for is just on a more day with her. I got home and went through her laptop. Looking at her pictures. She always took advantage of every good moment in her life. Tomorrow was supposed to be the day where we drive to LA for her competition. She would've won. I would've gotten on stage and right there in front of the whole crowd purpose to her and surprise her. "One day" I said to myself. One day more is all I needed to do everything I wanted to do with Amillia. 

I went to our closest and looked at the close she had….sweatpants tanks tights shorts, Jordan’s, Nike ,Vans. I’m never going to move this stuff until she tells me I can.

I should've been with her when she was driving.

I should’ve died with her.

I need her with me.

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