Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


19. oh shit pt 2


Tony POV-

Did she just say Vic? Whatever…I laid there with her. It was quiet and just horrible to see Amillia like this. She just a ball of joy but I came to ruin her. Damn it's my fault. I wrapped my arms around her tighter. Knowing that after today nothing will be the same. I soon got lost in my thoughts which made me drift away.


"Please leave please I need to be alone" I woke up and Amillia was crying in my arms telling me to leave "I can’t" I was going to try to stay. I know she’ll do the same shit. She tried to get out my arms "Tony just...please get out." She sounded to dead her voice sounded so dull. I held her tighter "but I love you" I looked at her beautiful face. She made a face as if I cussed her out when I told her that. "Amillia..." She couldn't make eye contact with me. "Tony if you are going to be here...please just be quiet and don't talk...I'm sorry I don't feel the same about you" I felt like I got shot in the stomach. I love this girl so much. Yet she doesn't even want me. I don’t blame her I slapped the shit out of her. The guilt took over me once again. "I'm so sorry for what I did....just know that it hurts me a lot to see you like this" She squirmed in my arms trying to get out "Tony please stop"

I let go of her at this point I want to give up there is no way she's ever going want be with me but I can’t. "Amillia I love you."  Hoping that she give me a sign. She looked at me with no emotion "if you love me you would've never hit me..." She got up "Tony please I beg you please get out." I got up "Amillia I can't leave you until Sam gets here...you need someone to be here with you and that someone is me" she grabbed her phone and called someone "hey...I’m feeling better...I was wondering if you can come over?... Yeah I know but please I need you here...just promise it won't be like last night...okay good! Bye Vic" I raised an eyebrow because I thought she didn't like Vic. "Okay well you can go home Vic is coming over " I walked over to her to grab her hand but she yanked away "Amillia come on" she rolled her eyes "Tony why don't you go with your hoe since she’s more important" I gave her a straight face "really? You think I have other girls." She nodded "I mean when I was at the concert you were all over her." I laughed "what are you talking about?" She walked out "it’s just okay...I don't care what you do anymore just stay away...”

Amillia’s  POV

I woke up with Tony on my side I honestly thought it was Vic but, I was so wrong. Tony was sleeping with his arms wrapped around me. I wanted to get away from him but I was afraid of what could happen. I then thought of all the worst possible things that can happen. Slowly I began crying of course overthinking everything that's happening. It’s horrible that I trusted him so much and he just threw it away. I looked over at him. He looked peaceful sleeping but I can't be around him. Something in me tells me that he needs to leave.

 I then woke him up taking chances... I told him to leave and stay sway but he refused. Talking about he’s worried about me and he loves me. If he was worried and he loves me he wouldn't have done any of this. He refused to leave me alone soo... I called Vic to come over and he agreed to come over. Thank you Jesus. "It's just okay... You know what I don't care what you do anymore... just stay away from me." I said this I'm the calmest way possible. He then sat on the couch.

I went to grab a granola bar. "Why is your hair perfect?" I turned around and shrugged "I don't know just leave me alone" plain and straight. I then went to the fridge to get milk. "How do you not know?" I turned around once again but this time he was right in front of me. "Hi there" he said 2 inches away from my face with the biggest smile. "You know I can call the cops for what you did. Right?" He bit his lip and leaned in. Oh fuck…

Our lips collided and in that moment everything around me disappeared as if everything was normal and okay. But nothing is okay. He thinks that he can kiss me and I'm going to forgive him...he is so wrong for thinking that. I pushed him away "I love you Amillia." I looked down "I'm sorry..." I tried to walk away but he stopped me "Amillia please listen...I love you so much, I'm sorry for the pain I put you through just, please forgive me" I felt something attack me in the inside "look you didn’t seem sorry when you hit me, you didn’t seem sorry when you were about to leave with the girl also in sorry for ruining your moment with her." I walked off with my granola leaving the milk out.

I sat in my room just wanting this nigga to leave. I really can't trust him anymore... Even if I wanted to I can't. I got on my phone. Shit I need to block his number.

Tony-baaabyyy! I love youuuu talk to me!

Tony-i love you so much please talk to me

Tony-amillia how many times do I need to tell you this I'm sorry...I regret everything I did to hurt you, I love you, and I will never do anything to hurt you again just please forgive me

Me-I forgive you if you leave.

Tony- are you serious?


Wow....texting each other in the same house.smh

Tony-guess I'm going to be in unforgiven for a while.

Me- get out now

Tony-but Vic isn't here

Me-he will be any second...now leave.

Tony- no way until he gets I'll leave.

Me-fine the moment he knocks you better get the fuck out.

Tony-sounds like a plan :)

At this point I was wanting to punch him in the throat. I looked through window still no sign if Vic. I need to call him "Hey millia" I smiled at the sound of his voice

 "Hey dude where are you?" He laughed

 "I went to get some special stuff for us."

 "What do you mean special?" I asked because I’m nosey

 "Stuff to eat duh" I laughed

"Okay well how far are you?"

"Mmmm 5 minutes" I smiled

 "Yes! Okay well hurry! Bye" I never been so happy.

 "Bye loser" I hung up and went out my room. I don't want to but I have to.

"I'm sorry!" Tony yelled from the couch.  "Get ready Vic is almost here" I went over the door ready to get his ass out. "He's not in here so I'm going stay" I rolled my eyes "just get be ready" I looked out the window and saw Vic pulling up "Vic is here so get out now. I'm not even playing." I opened the door and ran out to Vic. Tony followed my behind. "VIC!" I gave him a hug the moment he got out. Once I let go of Vic the other dumbass hugged me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the neck "GO LEAVE!" I yelled at Tony. He let go in that instant. "Bye Vic!" he yelled as he left.

"So what did you get?" I asked as he carried 3 bags into the house. "Mexican stuff...what's up with you two?" I rolled my eyes "ugh he thinks that saying sorry, and kissing me will make me forget everything and forgive him" he grabbed two cups. "Oh for second I thought that you two were okay...where's your milk?" I walked over to the fridge "Here you didn't even move the juice, why do you need it?" I gave him the milk. He started to dance all weird and funny "Mexican hot chocolate!" I laughed and took the box of abuelita hot chocolate from him "dude I used to drink this all the time when I was younger!" He smiled at me and laughed "damn your Mexican as fuck" I rolled my eyes "you too! anyways mind if I look in the other bag?" He nodded no as he put the cups in the microwave. "What!?!? Oh my god bread paradise!" I pulled out a pineapple empanada and took a bite "you like those don't cha!" I smiled really big "yes" I sat on the countertop munching on my bread. "So I was wondering how long do have until Sam comes back?" he asked. I looked at my phone "three hours and 20 minutes. Why?" He shrugged "I wanted to watch a movie and I don't want to get interrupted in the middle of the movie" I nodded "nah don't worry about her" the microwave then beeped "hot chocolate!!" I yelled as we both went to get our cups. I took a slow sip making sure not to burn my lip.

"SHIT!" He yelled I laughed "aww you burned yourself where did you burn yourself?" Me squinted his eyes at me "my lip" I grabbed his cheeks "aw no more hot chocolate for you!" He rolled his eyes "whatever at least I can still eat bread!" I walked to the couch "movie?" I asked. He smiled lord his smile gets me. "Yeah but can it be in your room or something because your couch is uncomfortable and lumpy." I looked around "uuuhhhhh the floor?" He laughed "yeah I guess so" I put my hot chocolate and bred on the coffee table "well let me go get some blankets can you move the table out the way move it to the side" I walked off and went to get some blankets. While looking for the blankets I couldn’t stop smiling. Why am I smiling? Cholas don’t smile! Whatever. I took 5 big fluffy blankets and three pillows to the living room.

“HELP HELP! IT GONNA FALL!” I had a big stack of blankets falling on the floor. Vic just stared at me while the blankets fell down. “thank you!” he then finally got off his lazy ass and help me set up the blankets. “So do you think you’ll go back with Tony?” I sighed as I threw the pillow on the floor bed thing we made “Honestly no, and it doesn’t bother me at all, him hitting me is big nono so im done with him.” Vic then plopped himself on the floor “you think you can be his friend?” I rolled my eye “I honestly don’t know about that” I grabbed an X-box remote from the basket under the TV. “Anyways so what move would you like to watch Mr. Fuentes?” he laughed and made a royal fancy voice “Oh darling anything on the menu is alright” I laughed “Okay ese anyting for ju” I smiled and went to Netflix “Dude for real though what do you wanna watch I’ve watched almost everything here.”  He shrugged “I don’t know think like man?” I smiled “yass that movie is life” I put the movie on.

 I went to the kitchen to cut some bread. I was actually able to watch from the kitchen. Vic came over “ew vic vat are shu doin her?” he gave me a weird face “Ew millia vat are shu doin catin de pan?” I rolled my eyes and finished cutting the last piece. I looked at him while he put his hot chocolate in the microwave. He’s such a cutie! “why are you staring at me wierdo?” I laughed “because my eyes want to” he then walked over and took the pig bread away from me “Aye that’s mine!” he winked “they’re my favorite” I took it back from him “oh well its mine!” he tried to take the pig bread back but I moved awat “Let me have another bite!” I shook my head “hell no!” he then wrapped his arms around me squeezing the shit out of me “Give me the pig” I started to yell “NO!!! IF I DON’T GET IT YOU DON’T GET IT!” I then crumbled the bread on the floor “NOOOO THE BREADDD!” Vic was freaking out. “Oh well!” I grabbed the broom and started to clean up the crumbs. Vic then took a cookie from the plate. “To THE MOVIE!” he pointed to the floor bed. We both got comfy keeping a friend distance from each other. Don’t wanna be to close. ;) We got to the part in the movie in which the girl gets purposed vic then leaned over and whispered “That’s my favorite part” I laughed a little but holy fuck his voice when he whispers is like what the fine?!?! It was like mmmm. I can’t even. I need to chill. Vic is a friend and I need to stop bring thot around him. The movie the ended. Thank you lord I don’t like movies.

“That was a really good movie it would’ve been better with my pig bread but you know this really ugly fat Mexican girl ruined it for me.” I playfully punched him on the arms “That really hurt…excuse me while I go die and shrivle up in a hole that I will make in my room. I got up and began to walk to the bathroom. ”Amillia!” I turned around “What?” he gae me a straight face “You’re beautiful, and perfect I was playing.” I smiled “I know Vic, I was just going to the bathroom.”

I didn’t use the bathroom I just washed my face, think straight. I want to Vic about the mistake I made this morning but it’s just gonna make everything awkward. I smiled at the mirror and pulled my phone out and took a picture of the bruise on my cheek. I compared it to the other pictures to see how bad it is. It wasn’t so bad compared to yesterday. I then got out the bathroom.

Vic was on his phone on the floor bed. “hey” I said in a whisper voice. He looked up at me and smiled “You were gone for a while” I nodded “yeah I know” he then hit the side of the floor bed inviting me to sit with him. I walked over and sat down. “Look, mike just sent me a picture from our first tour” I smiled at the picture “awe you were so cute!” he made a confused face “what are you talking about?” I laughed “my bad you still are cute” he pushed me “That’s what I thought” I then opened my mouth “So earlier after you left…tony came and found me doing that stuff and…I passed out” He the cut me off “Wait are you talking about” he pointed to my legs. I nodded “Well I passed out and my thoughts where everywhere and…” Vic made the continue face “Ummm I thought he was you and so I told tony I love you” he then got up “WOW you made it seem like it was important but you said I love you Amillia you need to stop im pretty sure he knows that you hate his guts” I then got up along with him and went to get water “well I said I love you vic to him” I then took a sip of my water “Wait what?!” I then went to the floor bed “Yep I won’t repeat it” He then stared at me “I don’t know how to respond” I then took another sip of my water “I mean its not like you like me right?” he then got up “Im going to get some bread.” I fucked it up…BAD “I mean I do like you but damn…” errr? I turned around “Errrrr?” he smiled “yup I said it it’s not like where gonna do anything” I shook my head slowly “yeah” I then got on my phone. “millia want some more hot chocolate?” I got up and gave him my cup “please” he took it and filled it up with milk and dropped a pice of Mexican chocolate.

I sat on the counter wait on the milk to heat up. “So ive been dropping a lot of hints that I like you but Tony was always in the way.” I nodded “Kinda knew it made it a bit obvious” I made a shocked face “really?” I laughed “yeah like earlier when you wanted to fight me for the damn pig bread you where flirty as fuck…but don’t worry I liked it” I winked and went to the couch “IM SO CONFUSED!” I smiled “GOOD! YOU SHOULD BE GIRLS LIKE ME ARE HARD TO UNDERSTAND!” he then brought me my cup. “Here, and don’t be pointing fingers at me, you’ve been flirting too” I made a da Faq face “what are you talking about?” he smiled “you hug me all the time” I rolled my eyes and ran to get a bolillo (white bread) I made my way back. “so what movie do you wanna watch now?” he asked me “how about we play a game?” I took bite from my bread but I bit my tounge. “OW SHIZA PINCHE PAN!” Vic started to laugh at me “haaa that’s what you get! Big baby!” he grabbed my cheeks the same way I did earlier. I stuck my tongue out. “Dude your bleeding.” I grabbed a napkin as vic grabbed me a piece of ice.

“No Vic it’s okay ima teach you how to play COD” he looked at me crazy. “Umm repeat that” I gave him a X box controller “here ima teach you a game… A game with shooting” We sat close to each other so I can teach him the trick on the game “So this button is for shooting, this for duck, this to run when you run you can use it for a short amount of time because we’re human we run out of breath” I looked up at him and he was just staring at me “Vic pay attention because when we play in not telling you anything” he smiled “sorry it’s just your so pretty” I smiled “anyways yeah this is to hit, that’s my favorite because when you hit them you have a better chance of killing your enemy, oh this is to throw grenades and you switch guns with that one and that’s basically it. You got it?” He smiled “ummm” I looked at the remote to repeat once again. “okay so this button is fo-“ he cut me off “amillia…” I looked up at him “yes?” he smiled “yeah I really like you” I smiled “even with this thing on me” pointing at my bruise “yes even with the bruise” I blushed “Vic you’re just saying that to be nice” he nodded “No im not I really do like you” I then just stood there not knowing what to do “well I think you’re really cute” shit why did I say that. He smiled “well I think you’re really beautiful” he then lean in real quick to give me a kiss. DAMN DAMN DAMNNN! We both separated “did you really mean that you love me?” he asked I looked around “I was feeling it at the moment…I still wanted you to stay but you left me” he looked at me with concern and hugged me “Don’t ever worry about me leaving you I’ll never hurt you” he then gave me a kiss on the forehead.















A/N- yeah part two is long as fuck also im in love with mexican bread and i want somw so bad also im really sorry tht this bish is thotting around lolol jk love you all -TOPsZN #iwannaberich 

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