Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


5. lets go to da beach

I got up and of course I have just a bra and PJ shorts. I went to the mirror and brushed my hair. Knot after knot my hair was tangled so badly. I walked to the bathroom and washed up my face and walked out to the kitchen looking for something to eat and heard Sammi scream “Amillia you’re half naked” “what” I looked over to the living room and saw Vic sitting in the couch blushing “shit umm” I ran back to my room and threw a shirt on. I started laughing “I'm back and clothed.” I got some cereal "hey Vic did you spend the night?" "Yeah I stated for like an hour after I threw you in bed me and Sammi just walked about stuff and then it got late so I stayed" "cool" I then walked over to them wrapping my hair in a bun. "Thank you for the ride like for real. Sam I'm going to go for my run." Sam then yelled "what about the car?" I laughed "we need a new car let's just buy a new one" she rolled her eyes as I put my Nike's on. "Bye!!"

I stretched on the grass and looked at my phone 7:20 good. I then started running and god I miss running. After 30 minutes of running a walked for ten minutes. I got on Instagram for a little all I see are funny relatable memes ha-ha. I then ran again for 30 minutes back to the house I got back and Vic was gone.

I got inside the house and Sammi was braiding her hair "Sam whatcha doing" she turned and smiled "looking for a new car dude we should get a Camaro!!" I smiled “yes! But used how much did you find one?" Let me look go take a shower you smell like grass." I got my beats pill and Mac in my bathroom and looked for my tub time playlist. Once I had my music playing I striped from my clothes and hopped into shower and began to sing "picture me rolling....out in the ocean with some other man....I will be waiting. I will be waiting " Once I finished taking a bath I threw on some ripped shorts and a plain pink V-neck. I went to the living room to see what's up "Sam did you find a Camaro?" She smiled "yes used 10 grand" I looked at her Mac to see the red cherry Camaro. "We need to save up for the-" my phone interrupted the conversation "aye it’s tony!" Sam then muttered "fine cars not so important go shoo"

I answered "hola mihijo Como estas?" I heard tony laugh "millia I only understood half of what you said” I then went outside "Okay let's start over hey tony what's up?" "Nothing just bored me and the guys were going to the beach. And I thought it would be a good idea to invite you and Sam" I started to smile cuz the beach is my favorite place to go "yeah! I'm down" "Sweet dude I can't wait to see you so we can have fun and play and eat and pop fireworks and eat" I laughed I feel like I'm in tenth grade again and it hit me "dude I forgot I can't go." Tony then got quiet "oh then it’s okay I mean this was out if the blue and everything" I then reminded him "turtle it’s not because I have better things to do is just we have no ride" "oh well how come you didn't say that I'll just pick you up" "you sure?" "Ha-ha yeah just text me your place sweet cheeks " "okay well Ima go bye love you" "love you too"

Once I hung up I text him the address after that I yelled at Sam "Sammi hey get ready were going to the beach." She gave me a lost look "we have no ride what are we gonna do? Walk?" I grabbed her shoes and threw them "yes now let's go at this rate well be at the beach at 10" her face was too much she looked like she wanted to cry "Sam I'm kidding Tony is coming to pick us up go get ready" she then grabbed my hand "wait I have a question" I sat with her "okay what’s up?" She gave me a serious look "do you like tony? Like honestly" I looked at her and smiled "no I'm just really happy that I can chill with him okay now come on let's get ready" I went my room and looked for my creamed bikini and I have too many. I then sat on my floor thinking the last time I saw it. "Fuuuucccckkk!" Sam yelled "hey what happened?" "Can’t find my cream bikini" "it’s here come and get it" I went over to Sam's room and grabbed it.

 After getting ready I and Sam watched some music videos from Beyoncé to get ready to be pumped. *Ding Dong* I grabbed my bag and opened the door "tony!" I gave a hug to him "so you ready?" Sam came over "hi tony" he just looked at Sam and asked "well?" "Yes let's goo!!!" I walked out to see Jamie also in the car. We got in the CAR I kicked Jamie out from the front and left. The whole drive was short I mean I live 15 minutes away from the beach. It was quiet until "so millia how have you been lately?” “Good I joined a dance crew” “cool" It was a little awkward during the ride.

We got to the beach it was empty "Guys the place is to ourselves” I walked over to mike and Vic "hey haters!" Vic rolled his eyes "who said he were haters?" I laughed "meh!" He then grabbed my bag "why did you bring a big bag?" I then yanked the bag from him "because I brought clothes, shoes, football, soccer ball, lotion, and stuff I need to have fun" I smiled at Vic and grabbed the football "go long!" He ran out and I threw a pass "shit!" Vic yelled loud. He ran back with the football "Amillia your throws are hard the football beat the shit out of my skin." I laughed "my dad taught me well" he laughed

Mike decided to have a brilliant idea "guys we should have like a Olympic but Mexican style" everyone laughed but me "okay let's do it what's the first thing?" everyone looked at me and Sam added "millia likes competition" I smiled at mike "come on mike it'll be fun!" He laughed “Okay first race is down to that umbrella and back is too much running?" I smiled "nope" I looked over at tony he was smiling and I yelled "yo tony you remember how many ribbons I got back in the day right?" He yelled back "yes ha-ha crossing the border did you good." Jamie decided to be the ref "okay guys I want a clean race no pulling or tripping got it?" We both nodded "3...2...1!!" I ran like there was no tomorrow mike was behind by three strides he was getting close we got to the umbrella and ran back now he was by me. (Something y'all should know when I'm racing and someone gets by me I get piss and run even faster) I got hit by adrenaline and got way ahead of him. I was getting closer to Jamie before you know it I slapped his hand. "Winner Amillia is our winner" I walked over to Sam "water...need...it" Vic then gave me a bottle "thanks" I took a small sip and just threw the water all over me.

I then took off my shirt and shorts "so guys are yall ready to get in?" they all took off their shirts and damn I'm thirsty. "Everyone let's line up!" We all did as Vic said he then pulled out his phone and asked an elderly couple if they can take a picture of us. We all grabbed hands I was between Jamie and Sam I looked at Jamie and goodness he's so cute I just wanna pinch his cheeks. Anyways after the took the picture we all took some and me and Sam took one doing the Houston sign (rock sign). I took one with mike and Vic making a duck face with my eyes crossed and the final one with Jamie and tony throwing the west side sign.

After the random pics we then ran into the water well except for me I don't like cold water. I got close to the edge and sat tony then sat by me "How come you don't get in the water with us?" I grabbed a handful of sand "cause the water is cold" he chucked "well maybe you need to jump in." I looked at him and smiled "Nah I do-" Jamie then interrupted me ”Amillia get in the water it’s nice!” tony then motioned Jamie to grab my feet "JAMIE WHAT THE HELL?" tony then grabbed my arms "WHAT THE SHIT? TONY PUT ME DOWN NOW" the both started to laugh "FOR SHITS SAKES PUT ME DOWN" they then got to water up to where their knees were "I swe-" they dropped me into the cold water . I laid under water for a little and got up. "Millianaire you got in?" I rolled my eyes and swam over to Sam "yes tony and Jamie threw me” Sam then got picked up by mike "AHHHHHHH Mike put me down" he laughed and just dropped her down into the water. We stayed in the water for about 2 hours just playing around. It was fun.

I then decided to walk around on my own to enjoy the scenery. Until Jamie came along. "Hey Amillia I'm sorry for earlier I didn't think you'd get that mad.” I smiled and punched him on the arm "Its okay I mean I was kind of asking for it when I got hardheaded" he smiled at me "Jamie is it weird that I want to pinch your cheeks?" He laughed "I don't know? yes?" I then pinched him. “a-ha dude I love your cheeks!!!"

 Tony's POV Do I like millia? Yes

 Do I know what to do? No

Were at the beach having fun and playing soccer and random games. I was with mike just talking "look tony its easy go up to her and just ask her out " I nodded it "dude you don't understand like if she turns me down then our friendship is gonna be awkward" Mike then added “Wait you just met the girl” I gave Mike a look “Really? Dude I went to school with Amillia, had a big crush, and now its back for round two” I looked over to find millia and I saw her walking alone with Jamie.No.

I walked over to Sam to get shit straight “Sam!” I saw her head disappear underwater. Fuck. She then popped up with Vic "Sam!" She looked over to me and waved to come over. Once I got to her I was finally able to take to her to get shit straight "Sam we need to talk" she looked over at Vic and smiled "no tony you need to look underwater you can see fishes dude they look so cool" I then grabbed both shoulders "Sam I really need to talk to you" she then agreed to talk to me "fine tell me" I then looked over at Vic "fine I get it I'll leave! Damn you don't have to be so mean" once Vic got to his brother I then told Sam "hey what do I do?" She answered right away "ask her out just do it I know she likes you again like the old days" she winked I then laughed with shock "how do you know I was talking about Amillia?" She rolled her eyes "The way you look at her. Thirsty boy really thirsty for her" she laughed and winked again. "Well does she like me?" She then gave me a hug "just do it like Nike" I laughed "okay well Ima go with the guys okay?" She nodded and went back to looking at the fishes under the water.

I sat by Vic in the sand. Mike then passed me a cup of coke "thanks man”, I took a sip and Vic then began with his nosey self "so what did you talked about with Sam?" I took another sip of coke "nothing just asked her about their car." Vic then made a confused face "damn well you didn't have to kick me out like that. You made it seem like it was important.” I then heard laughing. I looked over to see millia and Jamie. "Great" mike then kicked me "penitence young one" I rolled my eyes. Amillia waved at us and walked into the water. Jamie then started to talk "guys you’re not gonna believe it but millia can rap an- " I then cut him off "oh you just found out well I've known that forever" Jamie then looked at me weird and continued "mike maybe you should do a song with her I mean she raps fast and her word play is catchy" mike smiled "sounds good but I don't know I mean she looks so marshmellow-ish " we all laughed.

I looked over to see where Amillia was at and I couldn't see her I then saw her floating body I then yelled "GUYS AMILLIA IS DEAD!" the guys then jumped up Vic yelled "someone call the ambulance holy shit!" Mike and I ran to get her she was far in to the water. I yelled at mike "damn I should've asked her out earlier!” mike yelled back "dude shut the fuck up swim!" We got to her. And her eyes we closed I grabbed her arms and mike grabbed her legs. "WHAT THE FUCK?!?" She was alive and yelling at us. We then let go of her and mike then pushed me "dude I thought you said she was dead?!?" Amillia was confused "what!?!DEAD?!?" I laughed and then yelled "we need to run back to shore!" Amillia her little face so confused swimming as fast as possible to Vic and Jamie. I then yelled "VIC! HANG UP!!!HANG UP!! I WAS WRONG SHES ALIVE" Vic then hung up and ran over to millia. Wait she's in front of us? Huh Mexican powers I bet.

She hugged Vic confused and then hugged Jamie. Mike and I then got to Amillia and gave her a hug she then yelled "IM CONFUSED!" We all laughed except her Sam then came over "hey y'all!" We looked at her and laughed. "What?" I then wrapped my arms around millia and whispered into her ear "don't ever play like that" she laughed "I'm still confused please explain" she then got out my arms and sat in the sand "well..." Mike then pulled out some whiskey "before you start I think we’ll need this" we all grabbed little cup's. And took little sips I mean its 5:00 too early to get fucked up. I then told millia "okay do you want the detailed version or short and simple?" She smiled "short and simple" I took a sip of the whiskey and started "well I thought you were dead in the ocean we all freaked out called the ambulance but nope you were just doing whatever you were doing." Amillia started too laughed really hard she had tears "dude y'all are dumb like I don't know how I looked dead oh well."

I then notice the sun going down I walked over by the water and just watched the sunset. I enjoy shit like that. Amillia then came over. "Hey loser" I looked at up her "hey sweet cheeks" she sat down by me "so pretty here" I nodded "yeah I love being here" right now Tony do it now. She was just looking at the sunset with those big huge brown eyes. She then looked at me "tony you know you look so different hahaha but still you look cute " I laughed "thank you? " she punched my arm "shut up ha-ha" she then got close to me and put her head on my shoulder "do you remember I used to make you stay after school when I had track practice." I laughed “Yes and I would have nothing to do for 2 hours" she laughed "Hey, I asked if you wanted to do track with me but you refused" just say it do it tony! Ask her out! ” I love you Amillia" she smiled "I love you too tony I'm so happy I can chill with you" fuck friend zone you've come to fuck this up. Not today friend zone not today "hey Amillia I don't know if you know thi-" Damn. "GUYS COME OVER WE GOT TACOS" Amillia got up and grabbed my hand "let's go eat you can tell me over there"

We got over to the guys. Sam gave Amillia some tacos "dude millia put some chile its good with it" Jamie then poked Amillia "hey give me a bite" millia gave him a bite -_- "hey tony what were you saying over there?” Amilllia wanted to know. I can't do it here "I forgot oh well" shit. "Okay well when you remember just tell me” after everyone ate mike pulled out some tequila not a surprise "let's have a drink for tony finding a lost old friend" liar! He knows he’s just trying to find an excuse to get drunk Amillia then stopped him "wait! If we're gonna drink we need to be at my place or someone else's because if we get drunk here Ima stay cuz I have no car" Jamie then hugged her -_- "awe it’s okay if you can’t drink then guess you'll drive us all home with Tony's car" she punched him on the arm "shut up" she then walked over to me "hey Tony can you take me and Sam home please?" I don't want her to leave "yeah sure sweet cheeks" she smiled grabbed her bag Vic then said "wait why don’t we just go to your place Amillia for a little and have some fun." Amillia agreed "yeah that's cool y'all know where I live right?" We all agreed.

 Amillia POV

 Lord please tell me why Ima let's these people come to my house and get drunk.






A/N- I Updated haha ive been having issues with my laptop and finnaly fixed. anyways ill update sooner than this time LOVE YALL ESEs!!!! <3 - TopSzn #trill

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