Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


21. Ima knock it out like fight night

Amillia’s POV

I woke up in Vic's arms. I smiled knowing that he didn't leave. "Good morning" he whispered in my ear. I turned around and gave him a kiss "good morning" I looked at the time on my phone. "9:52...I need to get ready for dance" he smiled and let me go "okay go get ready I'll take you" I went to the bathroom and took a shower I got out and raced out the bathroom to get a sports bra and etc. "Amillia are you naked?" I went back to the bathroom "not anymore!" Vic laughed "okay hurry it’ going to be 10" I got out with my curly hair down, all I had on was my sports bra and my sweatpants. "Let me go get my shoes." he grabbed arm right before I went out "wait," I turned around "yes?" He gave me a kiss "you look beautiful" I smiled "thank you" I then finally walked out and grabbed my Nike's.

"To the car! BYE SAM!" Vic came out too behind me into the car. "Amillia are you going like that?" I looked down at myself. "Yeah don't worry I have extra clothes back at the studio." He nodded "okay I just don't want any guys hitting on you" I started to laugh "nah don't worry about them they're family I've known them for about 8 years they're family number two!" He smiled "So where do I go?” I told him where to go. He got me to the studio fast. "We’re here!' I said he leaned over and gave me a kiss "be careful" I nodded "I'll try" I opened the door and waved bye to him.

 Vic's POV

I feel bad for Tony and Amillia they actually looked really happy but after finding out what he did to her there is no way that I going to let him do that to her again it broke my heart to see her all beat up emotionally . Last night though was something else. She actually said she liked me and I've always liked her...since the next night we fucked not trying to sound messed up. Anyways after I dropped her off I went back home to freshen up a bit.

 I got home and all the guys where home. "Vic!" Jamie yelled the moment I walked through the door. "Jamie!' I yelled back. I sat down with the living room by my brother. "So is she okay?" I nodded "yeah she went to dance practice" Mike smiled "good what about her bruise?" I got on my phone "um it’s still there but it looks like she got in a fight, which is common for her" Tony then walked in "hey guys" I didn't even bother looking at him "hey Tony where you going?" Mike asked "um me and Jaime are going to get something to eat, hey Vic where's Amillia?" I got up "I don't know" Tony then walked over to me "what are you talking about you know what's wrong with her, where is she?" I shrugged "She went somewhere with a friend" he nodded "okay" he then left. "Bye guys going to eat with Tony!" Jaime said as he left with Tony.

I looked at my brother "Mike I need to tell you something very important." He looked up from his phone "what happened?" I thought about what I was going to tell him. "Well let's just say you’re going to be hearing uncle Mike soon" Mike was confused "dude what are you talking about." I scratched my head "um so a couple nights ago I went to Amillia place we got drunk and I didn't have a condom" Mike laughed "what? You fucked Tony's girl?" I rolled my eyes "yeah she said she's never getting back with him so you can say that she's my girl, but I don't know you never know. I hope I was just dreaming that night" Mike laughed "it’s okay I'm pretty sure she’ll be okay with a baby" I gave him a straight stare "Mike I told her I used a condom" Mike shook his head  “well they always have that 5% chance of still getting pregnant". I frowned "yeah also I think me and her are together." Mike gave me a confused look "how do you think? It’s either a yes or a no, also it think you should tell Tony" my eyes opened up "no he’ll probably beat the shit out of me" mike took a sip from his beer "well you don’t want to be hiding also that's her best friend and your his best friend so you should really tell him. I don't know it’s just a thought" I got up from the couch "yeah you know what Ima bring Amillia over and were all going to have a big family talk"

 I went outside to relax for a little "Vic!'" I looked behind "what?" Mike smiled "Wanna cook out?" I shrugged "sure" mike grabbed his keys "okay well I'll be back with the meat" he left. Great I have this place to myself. I went to take a quick shower I got out and put on my black skinny jeans with a flannel. I looked at the time. I had ten minutes before I need to pick her up. I got out my room and grabbed my keys. I turned on my car and made my way to her dance studio.

 I got there faster than I did.  Guess I‘ll just wait. "NIGGA CHILL!" Amillia yelled laughing as she came out the studio with some friends. She saw me and waved. "Okay I'll see y'all on Thursday and make sure that damn a/c workin by then!" She gave them all a hug and got in the car.

She gave me a kiss "I'm missed you! How was it without me" she asked. I smiled "boring...not fun" she laughed "so what you did nothing or what?" I shrugged "I was by myself at home...I thought you said you where gonna put a shirt on?" She rubbed her face "A/c in the studio broke so I just stayed like this...where are you going?" I grabbed her hand "just relax you look exhausted" she then fixed the chair and closed her eyes "goodnight" I told her she smiled "goodnight to you too" I drove back to my place. Amillia was sleeping. She knocked out fast. "Amillia...baby wake up" she opened her eyes. I laughed a little because she was so confused "where am I?" I smiled at her "my place..." She nodded and took her seat belt off slowly. I walked her to the door. "So the guys are here and they're cooking so I thought it'll be a good idea if you can be here with us" she nodded "yeah sure but where's your room?" I laughed "you can't go to sleep stay awake" she looked all lost and out of it. "Yeah I'll try" she looked around and waved and sat on the couch. I then went out side with the guys.

Amillia POV

 Practice today was too much. I mean I'm usually able to handle it but today the a/c is broken which means I was sweating really bad...like a pig. Vic picked me up and now I'm barley awake in his living room. He wants me to be awake but my eyes can't handle it... Have you ever been so sleepy that you can't even keep your eyes open they naturally close? Well that's me. I got up from the couch looking for a bed to sleep in. Lucky me the first door I opened had a bed...yesss I threw myself in the bed and passed out. I was just finally able to relax.

 That is until I felt kissing all up on my neck I turned around and found the one the only Tony Perry. "Tony get the fuck off me" he smiled "my bad...I was just reaching for my charger behind you" I got up. "Sure what ever" I was about to leave his room "wait Amillia" I turned around "what now?" he walked over to me and flinched a little "I really mean this I'm so sorry for what I did...I just want everything to go back to normal... That night when I did that I went back home freaking out and in shock from what I did" I nodded "okay but nothing is the same" he then tried to kiss me "Tony stop" he looked at me confused "why I’ve missed you" I then pushed his arms off my waist. "I'm sorry but friends for now" I then walked out his room like that.

 I went outside in the back with Vic and the rest. "Hey guys" I smiled and waved at them. "Hey Amillia" said Jamie and Mike in the sync. "Um you guys want me to make some salsa or something?" Vic grabbed my hand "if you want"

 I went back inside with Vic and mike following me behind. I looked in their fridge for some tomatoes, jalapeños, and stuff like that and felt Mike motion about my butt "Mike get away from my butt" he laughed "what are you talking about?" I rolled my eyes "Mike I'm not dumb." Vic laughed "you heard her stay away from the booty." I then grabbed a pan from the side of the sink and put the tomatoes in it and let them heat up in the pan. Tony then came out like nothing happened "hey Amillia." I just ignored him and continued to cook the tomatoes. Jamie then yelled at me "Put a shirt on!" I gave him a I don't give a fuck look "dude chill this is my dance outfit I didn't get to change." Jamie nodded "okay well if you want to change you can always take one of Vic's shirts" I smiled "okay cool" I then went to their Pantry to grab some peppers. I then put it to cook (burn) a little on the stove. The guys were sitting watching soccer on TV. Then the cough attack came.

All the guys started to cough really hard. It was funny to watch them all cough and not able to breathe. "What the hell I'm crying?" Mike said I looked over at the guys "guys it’s the peppers, it's gonna be really good" after making the salsa we had to wait on mike to finish cooking the last piece of meat We all grabbed drinks from the fridge and waited for mike to bring the food. "HERE YA GO!" We all started getting food form the pan full of food. "Guys you should try my hot sauce." All the guys looked at my hot sauce and started laugh "um I don't know I mean we were dying when you made it so I think I'll be in hell if I eat it with my food." Jamie was hopefully playing around when he said that. I then took a spoon of my hot sauce and added it to my food. I took bite of my food and smiled at the guys "not spicy just really good...here you guys" I gave the bowl to Jamie. He put a spoon in his taco and passed it around the table. "Looks good Amillia" of course tony tries to get on my good side. Hell no "thanks Tony" I fake smiled to him.

All the guys took a bite "WHAT THE FUCK" Vic started to cough and drink his coke “MILLIA!” I smiled at Vic. His face was priceless. I got up get him water because he was sweating, while all the guys were watching Vic die. GREAT HELP RIGHT? “Here” I passed him the cup. I then went to the fridge to get some milk for Vic to help the heat go down “GIVE ME SOMETHING NOW!” He ran to the sink. “ITS NOT GETTING BETTER ITS NOT GETTING BETTER” I looked back at the guys. “SAVAGES!” I yelled at them. They were all laughing. “Here baby this should make you feel better” I gave him the milk. “Take sips” he looked at me like I’m crazy and chugged the cup. “it’s going down” he stuck his tongue out. “okay well I guess ima eat it all”

It was quiet while we were eating but Mike broke the silence. “hey Vic um didn’t you want to say something to everyone earlier?” Vic was confused “Uhhh” mike raised an eyebrow. “ooooh yeahhh um well, where all friends here right?” everyone nodded yes including me. “okay so we wouldn’t hate each other for the descions we make like they all happen for a reason” we all nodded again. “okay well um…” he looked over at tony. I took a sip of water while Vic was talking “I love Amillia” I spit the water out my mouth that moment. “WHAT?!?” I yelled I was caught off guard when he said that. “Yeah I love you and also we’re to-get-her again” Tony looked pissed. “Since when?”

Oh shit.

Everything was awkward. “a few days ago.”  Mike smiled “that’s good for you two…were all friends and you two being together shouldn’t ruin everyone’s friendship with each other” Tony then asked “Why do you like him so suddenly?” I didn’t say anything. “Amillia say something” he just wants to know so bad. I could see that everyone was uncomfortable. “Amillia?” he just won’t shut up. “YOU KNOW THE REASON WHY IM FALLING FOR VIC IS BECAUSE HE WAS FUCKING THERE WHEN YOU DECICED IT WAS A FUCKING GOOD IDEA TO HIT ME! HE CAME AROUND WHEN I NEEDED HIM.HE IS ALWAYS HELPING ME OUT.THAT FUCKING NIGHT WHEN I WAS AT HOUSTON FOR YOUR DAMN CONCERT YEAH VIC GAVE THE DAMN FUCKING SHIT I NEEDED TO SEE YOU BUT GUESS WHAT IT WAS ALL A WASTE WHEN YOU WHER WITH THE SLUT” in that moment I walked out the house just done with Tony I thought that I would be okay with being his friend but no I know for sure he’s just gonna bother me about Vic non stop. “AMILLIA!” he came running to me. But I just kept going. I just need time to myself

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