Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


25. I'm hoping that god looks away this time

I woke up late today around 10, I made some breakfast tacos for me and Vic. "Vic!  I made some tacos." I sat down at the table and began to eat. Vic came over and we ate. After eating I went to take a shower while Vic went back home to get ready for our *date*. I took my time in the shower
. Once I got out I thought it would be nice to actually have it flat for once. I took an about a good 2 hours to make my hair look straight. "Perfect" I went to my closet to grab an outfit. I had many but I wanted something cute and that looks gangster. I was stuck between my flannel with black tights and my short onesie with a black tucked in shirt. I sat in my closet deciding what to wear. I then just grabbed my romper. I put it on. I look eh. My outfit can go two ways, Nike's with a snapback, or black vans, with one of those choker necklaces looking like Sam dark weird self. Of course I got my Nikes and a snapback. I looked off I need some color. O went to Sam's room and of course she's not there. I feel like o haven't seen her I forever matter fact, she's spent the night at her boyfriend’s house so many times. Anyways so I went in her room and went to find some red lipstick. I grabbed it and went back to my room
I put it on I looked at myself and damn I looked good. I then texted Vic.
Me-hey um how long till you get here?
Vic♥-almost done getting ready I'll probably be there in a hour
Me-okay wanna eat something before we get there?
Vic♥- yeah I was gonna ask you that lol
I took my shoes off because I actually thought that Vic was gonna be on his way by now. I took 
about three hours to get ready, he could’ve been on his way already… Oh well.
I turned on the Xbox and started to play black ops. I mean I had nothing better to do. Jk this is boring now I'm too good at this game. Instagram it is. 
Lame, cute, like, lame. I got bored fast on Instagram to great. I threw my phone against the wall. Before you get scared and get at me for throwing the phone chill because I have a cover on it. I then just put some music on and decided to practice my dance for the crew. I practiced my dance about 6 times. I always get hung up on the hand tutting. I then practiced my other dance. Until the doorbell rang. 
I opened the door and damn bae looks so cute. 
"You ready?" He asked I smiled ""yeah" we walked to the car holding hands.” I like your beanie" Vic winked "thank ya baby I like your snapback…what does barrio mean" I smiled 
"Oh that’s like the Mexican hood" he nodded "ah okay you want a burger or a taco?" 
Vic stop in the middle of street and just stared at me. I started to laugh "babe I'm kidding, I just wanted to say that I saw it on video." He then started to drive "okay damn I was a little concerned when you said that." I then took my snapback off to part my hair to the side. "Aye your hair!" I looked around "what about my hair" he grabbed a strand "it’s not big and curly. It’s all straight “I smiled "I wanted to do something different with it" he continued to drive to a place to eat. “So you want tacos?" Vic asked still unsure of where to go eat. "Yeah tacos" he then pulled up to a Mexican restaurant. It had two ahead to eat either outside or inside. We got out the car and entered the restaurant.

"Buenas trades. Mesa para dos?" I looked at vic. "Si" I stated to laugh, he sounded like he was trying to sound native. The waitress sat us down, and did the same waiter routine. "Ustedes si saben que quiere para tomar?" I then asked about the drinks "si tienen aguas frescas?" The guy then started to give me a list of all the fruit drinks they had. "Si, Tenemos mango, fresa, tamarindo, naranja, mazana, pina, Sandia, y Limonada." I got excitded becuase I love fruit drinks. "okay pues yo quiero tamarindo" he wrote it down in his little note pad. "Y usted señor" Vic looked up "si um yo quiero modelo" the waiter walked off to get our drinks. "Wow Vic, how come you never speak Spanish with me?"  He started to laugh "now now I only know the basics to Spanish also I can only order in the romantic language." I nodded "oh damn we could’ve had a full little Spanish date" he rolled his eyes. "Ha that would be fun and easy for you" I shook my head "no.it would.be normal plus I bet you can speak Spanish you just don't know it" I raised an eyebrow at him to make question himself about speaking. "I can't if we were only speaking Spanish then you would be the only one talking." The waiter then bright the drinks. "Ustedes estan listos para ordener?" I shook my head "so yo quiero un gorita de fajita con aroz" Vic then added on "yo quiero in borrito de carne asada" the waiter took our menus and left. "So you excited to go to the carnival?" I took a sip of my drink "yeah, I mean I just don't want the ride lines to be long" he took a sip from drink. "So the next album, the fans are waiting" his eyes opened up when I said that. "Whoa," I laughed "what?" He shrugged "I don't know, I though you didn't listen to us." I pulled my phone out. "I bought all the albums, you're the only band I can actually listen to…" he nodded "so how long have you been listening to us?" Oh god this question "you’re not gonna believe t but since o went out with tiny solo like about 5 months." He then looked at me weird. "Yeah I'm new to the fandom" he started to laugh "that’s cute," I started to blush "chill, I'm used to the street rap" the waiter then brought the food. "Burrito, y gordita, algo mas que necisitas?" I nodded no "no pero gracias por todo" he guy smiled at me and walked off. Vic then looked at me while I began to eat. I took a bite of my food before I noticed him just staring at me. "What?" He took a bite of his burrito. "Nothing," I raised an eyebrow "you sure? You can tell me”, he shook his head "nah it’s okay" 

We ate pretty fast. I mean we wanted to get to the carnival. The waiter came to get our plates and give us the receipt. We got up to pay and our waiter came to do all that transaction stuff. The waiter then asked me "todo estaba bien?" I smiled and nodded "si" he then asked "pues so pasas otra vez nesecitar a tomar el agua de sank es ma's beuna que tamarindo" I laughed "so para el or to vez" the waiter then said "pies cuando pasas aqui voy a ser tu mesero." I laughed "okay" Vic then grabbed my hand. "What's wrong?" I asked him. He smiled "nothing" the waiter gave him his card. The moment Vic grabbed his card he pulled me close and kissed me. He literally threw his lips on mine, he had one hand on my back but it didn't stay there for long. He then let go of the kiss. People were yelling to kiss again. We then started to walk out Vic looked back as we opened the door. 
We got in the car.  Couldn’t stop smiling. Vic then asked "do you like the waiter?" My smile then diminished "THATS WHY YOU KISSED ME?!” he laughed "kinda, mainly because you look really beautiful" my mouth opened "suuure," he then started driving to the carnival. I then sat in my seat 
Smiling. "I actually really like this guy, I met him a while back" he then raised an eyebrow "then why you are here, if you like him" I shrugged. "Because He is here", he shook his head and smiled "hey I see what you did there, I got a little scared" I laughed "I love you and only you".
I looked out the window and the sun was beginning to hide its face for the rest of the day while the moon came out to keep an eye on everyone at the carnival. "Hey where are we going?" Vic was driving towards an abandoned mall. "Um...the carnival it’s behind the mall" I shook my head we parked far from the carnival I was excited. "You ready?" He asked. I pulled out a stash of cash from my pocket. "Yup!" We got out the car and walked toward the carnival. Once we got to the rides I knew which ones I wanted to go on. "Hey let's get on the ring of fire, and drop zone, and the Ferris wheel" Vic looked at me like I'm crazy. "Um why don't we just walk around for a little and get on the Farris wheel?" Ohh shit he's scared of the big rides. "Yeah yeah we'll do that." We walked around just looking at the rides. We were holding hands the whole time.

"YOU TWO! THE BEAUTIFUL COUPLE GET THE GIRL A BUNNY!"  Vic looked at me as if it was up to me if he should play. "Go ahead" he gave the teenager 3 dollars. "Okay if you. Pop three balloons you win your fine girlfriend a hello kitty or Jamaican banana." Vic gave the kids a death stare "hey hey watch your mouth" grabbed the four darts.I stood behind Vic and said "Make me proud" he laughed "I'll try" I then put my head on his shoulder "hey if you lose we're done…I'm kidding" he looked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Okay first throw." He threw the dart and missed completely he looked over at me and smiled "I'm sorry" I laughed "just play and have fun" he made the next two. "Vic you just need one more!"  I was getting excited. "Hey kid get my girlfriend a…" He looked at me to tell the kid what I want. "Jamaican banana!" He then threw the dart. And missed he was so close he was like I centimeters off. "Awe sucks for you and your girlfriend" the teenager then threw the banana back to where it was.

 I then pulled out three dollars "gimme the darts" the kid smirked "you’re mad?" I looked at Vic. "Millia?" The kid walked over with the darts. He was gonna put the darts in my hand but he stopped "what if we do a little wager?" I looked at this kid like he was crazy "what you mean?" He smiled "you make all four you get two prizes, make three you get the basic prize make non I get a kiss from you" I started to laugh. "Amillia let's go ", Vic though this was a bad idea but he's gonna find out a talent of mine. “Deal little nigga" he gave me the darts” Vic one thing you know about me already is that I have a short temper" I threw the dart at one of the balloons and popped it. "Luck" said the kid. I rolled my eyes "but something you don’t know is that I'm very competitive" I grew another darts and popped it. "And also ima fighter and I never give o I've someone says I can't do it I do anything to can to prove the person I can do it." I then threw the third dart at the balloon. Vic looked at me shocked making all these hits. "And the most important fact for this moment is that, I spent all my life throwing darts.” I threw the last one popped the balloon. The teenager looked at me in shocked. "Yeah get me one of each little mofo" the kid gave me and Vic Hello kitty and the Jamaican banana. "Damn babe you're good" I gave him a kiss. "I know, I took a while to get this good." We walked around to see what else we can do. "Hey wanna share a funnel cake?" I shrugged "I don't know if it has strawberries then yes" 

"Funnel cake it is" we walked over to the stand. The line was a little long. "Millia, look" Vic was looking to his left. I looked on the same direction. "Who is that?" I asked. "Erin…I'm surprised she's with him" I nodded slowly. "Ooh" I stood there just staring at them together. Vic pushed me "come on babe" I gave Vic a hug while he was ordering "Make sure the funnel cake has strawberries" the man gave Vic his funnel cake. "You can eat half of it" Vic looked at me weird "you sure?" I nodded and he began to eat the funnel cake. As we started to walk off I saw them in corner on my eye following us. "Vic let's get on the Farris wheel. Took a bite of the funnel cake "but I just got. Oh what's up tony" I turned around and gave them a soft smile. Tony opened his arms to give me a hug. I looked at Vic with a face of I'm confused. I gave him a hug. "So what are you guys doing here?" Vic asked the short little brunette and she answered the question "oh I had get Tony out. It was pretty hard." I nodded my head. "Oh he was stuck? Pendejo yo se por que" the girl looked at me lost "oh I'm sorry I never introduced myself to you. I'm Erin" I smiled at Erin she looks like shell be a better girlfriend than me. I stuck my hand out "nice to meet you. I'm Amillia, but these two losers drop the when they When they say my name." Tony jumped in "look I'm clear the issue up. When we say uh-millia it sounds like we forgot your name so if we say millia it sounds like we know what we’re going to tell you" I was so confused at this point. "Okay whatever you say" Erin then asked "are you two on a date?" I smiled "yeah it was millia’s idea" I took the funnel cake from Vic "Oh that's so cute!" Tony then took the funnel cake from me “Give me this," I then pushed him "no nigga its mine" he gave it back "fine how much was it?" I shrugged "thank you so much for helping I know I can always count on you for anything…it was nice seeing you two love birds. Come on Erin let's go get some funnel cakes." I waved bye to them as they walked off.

I took a bite of the funnel cake "gosh this is so good" Vic smiled at me "why are you so adorable?" I started to blush "shut up" We then got on the line for the far is wheel. “Do you think we’ll finish it by the time we get to the Front?" He asked I shrugged "I don't know" I took a bite from the funnel cake "look one step close to finishing the cake" he took a bite "babe I don't want the cake anymore" I then looked down at the cake "I'll go throw it away" I grabbed the cake and threw it away behind me. "Done" He leaned against the rail "your something else" I rolled my eyes "oh but I'm keeper right?” he chuckled "yeah I guess so”, I raised an eyebrow "guess so?” I turned away from him "aw I was kidding" I pushed off me "na na that was personal" he then hugged me tight "I'm sorry" I started to smile. I couldn't help it, try brig mad at the one you love….you can't because you love them. "You're smiling! you forgive me!", he gave me a kiss on the side of my face. "I love you" I fixed my hair "I love you too…let's take a picture" Vic didn't look so sure about taking then picture. "I don't know" I then put my phone in my pocket "its okay I understand why" I winked at him. "How bout we take a picture on my phone!" I took the phone from him. We took a couple of pictures. "Which one you do like?" I looked at one where I was crossed eyed and the other I looked thug life. "I'll take the second one" he then sent me the picture. "Next." We were the next couple to get on the far is wheel "this is gonna be awesome”, I said jumping up and down. "Really? " he asked "well thinking about it this will probably be really lame…I mean were going in a circle for about 1 minute" we got in the ride and can I saw that was the worst ride ever.

We just went on for one round around the wheel. Smh. We then started to walk toward the bigger rides. "Okay so ring of fire?" Vic looked at little scared "uh I'll wait here and you get on.” I pulled his arm "please get on with me! What if a wierdo tries to hit on me?" He gave in the moment I said that. "Okay fine" line was s short but I think I was only because it like the ride was about to break. The man tied us down to the seats. "Millia?" I ignored Vic I know he’s going chicken out. "Alright everybody ready to go!?” the announcer dude was trying to get us hype it work for me but not for vic. "Let's go!?!?" The ride was going back and forth back and forth trying to get enough energy to go upside-down. "VIC ARE YOU OKAY?!?" He looked so scared and unable to breathe. "I wish I could grab his hand but I couldn't I had my hat in one hand plus I couldn't reach. Once we went upside down Vic’s face turned purple "millia!!!" he was finally able to scream .I started to laugh because he was screaming so loud. "Alright everyone push up on the safety rail and you can exit to the left" we did as the man said and left the ride. I grabbed Vic’s hand "did you have fun?" He sat down at a bench "yeah If thinking that im gonna die is fun then yes I did have fun" I sat by him "you want me to go get a drink?”, he shook his head "please?" I got up "okay you want two bottles of water or coke?" He gave me 10 dollars "water. I’ll be here waiting"

 I then walked off to get the drinks. I went to the closest stand and damn the line is too long. I walked a little more and saw another stand shorter but still long. I got in the line. "Aye mama" oh god no. 
Two Mexicans of course trying to get my attention. “Aye I know you hear me" fuck me. 
"Come on don't play like that I know you can hear me" I then called Vic but acted like he called me. 
"Hey babe" 
"Hey is everything okay?" 
"Um yeah I was wondering if you can come over here to the stand with me. It’s boring" 
"Oh okay well where are you?"
I looked around "by the water ride for the little kids" 
"Okay I'll be here in a little" 
I prayed that Vic was running over with my stuffed toys. "Mama why are you here alone”, these guys just won't shut up. "Hey listen!" One of them grabbed my butt. "GET YO DAMN FUCKIG HANDS OFF OF ME" the two guys smiled. I saw Vic coming from a distance. He waved and got in line with me "you look stress," I took my hello kitty from him "yeah it’s the line." The guys then decided to open there dumb ass mouth "oh okay you lesbian you like pussy!" Vic turned around to look at the guys. Because he ain't dumb he knows exactly what they talking about. "Man shut the fuck up he my boyfriend", Vic looked like he was going to murder someone. "Hey go somewhere else before I beat your ass" oh shit Vic. The guys started to laugh at Vic. He was about to pop. "Fight me little boy" Vic then tackled the guys the ground and started throwing punches at the guy the other one was just standing there watching and recording of his phone. Shit I’m hoping that god looks away. The guy then got on top Vic and punched him in the eye I got pissed and I did it right on the side of his face I kicked him I ended up somehow on top of him right about to punch him in the throat but someone grabbed me.

I looked to the side and saw Erin with Vic trying to calm him down. "Tony let go of me!" Tony pulled me over to where win was with vic. "Vic it’s not going to solve anything if you fight him.” I gave Erin and tony a hug "thank you for getting us away from that.”  Vic grabbed my hands "IMA beat the fuck out of the other one.” I hugged Vic "Babe calm down its okay" tony sat by me "hey y'all should head home it’s kinda late and if you and Vic get in a fight with someone else no one is going to get you out of it”, Vic then got up "yeah…plus it late "

Me and Vic said our good byes and walked to the parking lot. "Millia I'm sorry that I got into that fight.” I got on the driver’s seat "it’s okay you put a good fight…is your eye okay?" I touched it lightly "ouch no" I drove back home and I couldn't say anything I was just tried from the day. We got to my house. "Spending the night right?” he shook his head.
I walked in with arm on top of me. I walked him to my room. “You want a bag of ice?” he got in my bed “please” I walked over to the kitchen to get a bag of ice for Vic. I walked back in my room and he was on his phone, here you go” he put the bag of ice on his eye. “Thanks babe” I grabbed a pair of pajama shorts and a tank and walked to the bathroom to change. “Hey babe you need some basketball shorts?’ I screamed from the bathroom. “Yeah” I got out and tied my hair up “here” I threw him a pair. And got under my covers. “Do you have a shirt?” I got up and looked in my drawers “nope just tanks” I threw myself back into the bed. “Guess I’ll sleep without the shirt.” He took his shirt off and damn the thirst is real. He turned off the light and got into bed with me. “Come over here” he whispered. I laughed because he said it awkwardly. He wrapped his arms around my waist “goodnight I love you” he gave me a kiss on the side of my head. “I love you too Vic”




A/n- The end is near guys in about 5-8 chapters this is all going to be done ahhhh im so hype and kvsdkfngdsf for the next few chapters. Anyways like and all that wonderful magic stuff love yall –PtvFueNteS  #westsidefoo

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