Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


26. I now pronounce you Husband and Wife

Amillia's POV- 
These two weeks went by too fast. I had my ups and down though like Sam moved out because she wanted to be with her boyfriend "more". I didn't hold her back I just let her go. I have had Vic the whole time she's been gone which was about a month. 
Anyways me and Vic did a lot before I had to leave. We went on a picnic at the park. I had a small dance competition and won 1st place. We went running. We went to one of his friend’s house for a cook out it was a good two weeks. Last night we went to some pool party at his friend’s house I think his name was Alex. I don't know but he was hella nice and he sings good! But not as good as Vic ;) anyways I haven't felt so upbeat in forever.
Today is the day I have leave San Diego and Vic. I honestly want to skip the wedding and just go to New York with Vic. It’s going to be so weird at my sister’s wedding and Ima look like a loser without my boyfriend. 
Anyways I'm still in bed with this cutie of mine. Both of us smelled like chlorine and sweat.  I woke up with his arm right on my waist of course we barley have clothes on but hey we got home from the pool party and went straight to bed in it bathing suits.  There was space between us and I did not like that. I got closer to him and saw a smile appear on his face. I pulled the cover over my head and attempted to go to sleep. But I couldn’t. "You awake?"

Faaaackkk his mornninggg voiiiccee…too fine too handle

"yeah" I popped my head out from the covers. "You leave today right?" I shook my head. "Yes…but I don't want to go…I rather be here and at New York with you" he gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Go get ready this is a big deal to your sister." I rolled over and got up. I went to my bathroom sink and began to wash my teeth. "Hey I never got my morning hug" Vic sounded so sleepy. I spit the tooth paste out my mouth and rinsed mouth. "I'm sorry I was washing my teeth" I walked over to him. He was sitting at the edge of the bed and opened his arms. I hugged him. This is the shit I need in my life. 

"Your titties are in my face" I let go of the hug "nuh uh" he chuckled "yes they where",rolled my eyes and went to my drawer. "Ima take a shower" he started to smile "no," I yelled from my closet I walked out looking at him while he was frowning "you don't even know why I was smiling " I crossed my arms "you ain't slick…you want a quickie mix" he started to laugh "well you can't keep me waiting" I grabbed my towel from the chair and rolled my eyes "You're such a loser" he raised an eyebrow "What?" I giggled "you my loser" he walked over to me and threw his arms around me. "You're so small" I looked at him. "So are you!, I bet I can break you if I sit on you" he started to laugh "impossible" I then grabbed my thigh "you see this muscle!" I then pointed to his legs. "That! Is just bone….I love you" Vic smiled and laughed "I love you too" I then walked into my bathroom and locked the door and began to shower. I stood under the water and let the hot water hit me before washing my hair. "Millia!" Right in the middle of my lathering. "what?!?"

 "There's a kid selling cookies!" I rinsed he shampoo off my hair "okay buy 2 boxes of thin mints" I actually know the little girl at the door. She's my thin mint dealer. 
I continued to take a shower. Once I finish I threw on one of the band shirts that I got over time. Yeah I've been going to hot topic more and more as time passes. Anyways I threw on my leather tights and walked out the bathroom brushing my hair. "Awe you’re wearing me." Vic walked over and hugged me. "Babe Get off you smell like a pool. Go take a shower." I pointed to the bathroom with the brush and he walked over to the bathroom with his clothes. "Hey how do turn your water on?" I then used my towel to dry my hair. I walked over to the bathroom door and told him. "Vic can you hear me?"  He responded quickly "yes" I then explained how to get the water to fall from the top. "Okay so you pull the bottom of the bathtub and then turn it to the left." I heard noises pretty sure he was trying to turn on the water. "Babe I'm still confused. Just come on here and do it." He unlocked the door and I opened it. "Okay get out the way" I walked in and turned on the water for Vic. "Thank you" I gave him a soft peck on his lips. "Your welcome hurry because I need to go" I closed the door and went to my closet to grab some clothes for the whole week.

I grabbed anything from my closest and threw it in my luggage. I then had to grab my shoes. Black Nike's, Jordan's, toms, and converse. I had my vans on already so no need to worry about that. I ran to the kitchen to grab a plastic bag for my toothbrush and toothpaste. I threw it in my bag. I then went to my bed and took off my shoes. Nap time. I was basically rolling all over the bed trying to sleep. "You're done getting ready?" 
I sat up "yeah" he grabbed my luggage from the side of my bed. "Let's get you going" we made our way to the car and drove to the airport. 
The whole ride we were just talking about random stuff and holding hands. We got the airport was faster than I wanted to. "We're here" he Vic said as he took the keys out the car. "I don't want to leave" he put his hand on cheek "baby it’s just a few days then you go to New York with me." I nodded "okay" we got out the car and made our way into the airport. "The plane is right there" I looked back at him "I can't" I whispered he smiled "few days and we’ll be together" I shook my head and hugged him tight "Vic, get in my bag" he chuckled "babe I don't fit." I looked up at him "Vic I love you too much" he then cupped my face and leaned it. Fireworks, crackers, flames. You name it and that’s what I felt when kissing Vic. I wanted to kiss him more but pulled away. "I love you too" he then went to his pocket and pulled put a necklace. I began to smile. I looked like a kid in a candy shop. "Before you leave I just wanted to give you this." I lifted my hair so he can put the necklace on me. It had a little heart locket. I opened it. "I love you to the moon and back", he started to laugh "I know it’s cheesy but I thought you would like it read the other side." I did as he said "I know it may seem hard but baby keep ya head up…I love tupac",he smiled "yeah I knew that so I thought that I should put the lyric in because you sang that song a while back", I gave I'm a hug and kiss "okay well I'm a leave now before the feels hit me" he then whispered "I can't wait to have you back to myself next week" I gave him a kiss again because I need the love I can get before leave. I waved bye Vic and got on the plane. 

4 days later.

This just sucks. This whole week I've been up and down all over Houston because of my sister. I've barely had time to talk to Vic and if I do I'm passing out on the phone with him. I've only talked to Sam and tony. More tony than Sam. Sam is always on the phone with Austin but, me and tony are still a little distant. Well I just have 7 hours bring in thus hell hole before finally seeing Vic! I'm dying here without him. I love just having the thought of Vic. Having him in my head just makes me smile and just get all gushy with happiness. 

Anyways I was looking for my shoes I had to wear for the wedding. All the girls had to have the same shoes, hair, dress, you name it. Damn it I can't find these damn shoes. I looked all over my room about three times and still nothing. I was about to give up until Sam texted me
Sam-um your shoes are at the wedding hall idk why but yeah
Me-oh okay I've been looking for then over here in my room lol


Me- Ill be there in a little.

Sam- tony can come and get you he's still at the hotel.

Me-uhhh okay I'll text him 

Sam-okay well hurry because they want to do a rehearsal before we really start 

Me-oh okay

I grabbed my vans called tony
"Hey Amillia" 
"Hey dude are you still here?" 
"Yeah I'm about to leave" 
I grabbed my luggage and opened the Door
"Oh my god tony don't leave I need a ride" 
He started to laugh 
"Okay, okay chill I'm in the parking lot" 
"I'll be down there in minute" I hung up on tony and ran to the elevator. The door opened and I went in. I hope no one stops the elevator. I was going down one more floor before I get to Tony.


 I looked at the floor. 2nd. 
I'm gonna murder this person. The door opened and it was no one WTF?!?
I closed the door and made it to the parking lot. I saw tony in the car I started to yell. "TONY OPEN THE TRUNK!" he got out and opened the trunk. I threw my luggage in the back and closed it. Tony was just smiling at me. I sat and put the seat belt on. "What?" I question him. "You’re going to New York for vic" I smiled "yes, how do you know" he rolled his eyes. "I'm not dumb plus he's my friend…he tells me and the guys stuff like that…you look so different in a dress" I chuckled "yeah I know, but look at you, you over here in a suit" we pulled up to the hall. "Amillia, I still feel bad for that" I got out the car and just ignored what he said. "Come on they want do a quick rehearsal before we start" I pulled his arm. "Fine"

We both walked in the hall. It was all the bridesmaids and groomsmen or whatever the fuck they call those guys. I saw my parent on the side. I made eye contact with them and I just saw hate written all over there face. "Hey I'm go with the guys" I shook my head. "Sam!" She walked over with my heels "dude the janitor was about to throw away your shoes" I started to laugh. "Oh haha so are we doing the rehearsal?" She raised an eyebrow "you missed it" my eyes grew big "damn it" people were coming in and sitting down. I looked around and the place was getting packed fast. I then walked over to Rene "hey Rene " I gave him a hug "hey Amillia " he smiled down at me this nigga too tall "look rene you marrying my sister is a big deal if you break her heart I got a gang that will kill you" he hugged my again "don't worry about her I'll never do that uh you need to go to the back were about to start" I then walked to back with everyone.

Everyone was with their partner I walked over to Tony "Ew it’s you" I said making a ugly face "Ew it you too" he playfully pushed me. The wedding music began first me and Tony walk out. "You look so pretty today", I chuckled "shut up bai”" I sat on the side. Everyone came over and "welcome" nope I'm blacking out this is too boring. I sat for about 20 minutes praying for time to go faster. I need Vic!

 "I now pronounce you husband and wife" everyone was clapping. We then had to all walk out and go to the photo shoot at the park I don't know why they want to do this?!  We walk or side and everyone was getting into the limo. "Sam!" I sat by her. "Hey you excited" I smiled "yeah I guess I'm mean look where here at the park so close" We got out and took a few pictures with the bride and groom all that good stuff we then took a bunch of silly picture.

 My favorite one we did was me and the girls looking at my sister ring all excited and her husband’s with his pockets out acting as if he has no money because of the ring he spent on my sister.

 "Tony, come over here" he came over. "What?" I then put my arms on his "carry me to the limo I can't walk" he looked at me weird "please?” he then picked me up and walked to the limo "this is weird" he said I rolled my eyes "no I'm forcing you to carry me so yeah" we got to the limo and I took my shoes off everyone else came in to Tony and Sam sat by me. “So, what time are you leaving?” Tony asked. “Um, I need to be out of here by 8:00 the plane leaves at 9:30” he shook his head “and I’m going to drive you right?” I looked at my phone and noticed a message from vic. “If you want I was going to get Sam to drive me” he then patted my head “I got you Amillia I’ll drive you” we then got to the hall it was pact in the parking lot. I walked in and saw a bunch of people I used to know.

 “Lili!” I called my sister over. “I’m so happy for you where am I sitting?” she then smiled. “Millie you sit with family, by mom and dad…don’t worry Tony is sitting with you” I walked over and saw them eating. The looked up at me and I turned away and went to go get Tony. He was talking to Sam at another table. “Tony I need you to sit with me I can’t be alone with my parents.” he looked over at Sam and got up’ “fine” we walked back to the table and sat down. “hi ma...hi dad” he looked up and looked back down. “um this is Tony…you remember him from high school right?” my mom just stared me down. “Amillia, no me importa a me y tu papa…mira todo con tatuajes y es el mismo que vendo los drogas a ti” I then began to eat. I looked at Tony and he looked pissed Tony I’m sorry they act like this. My dad then opened his mouth “si eres el novio?” oh shit no. Tony looked at me “no…somos amigos” my dad laughed “que milagro, todavia bailes?” I looked at tony. “si con mi grupo… vamos a tener un compition” he then got up “mira nesicitas un trabajo que es un trabajo bailndo es nada, nadien va a gustar como tu bailas, no mas es un payaso” the moment he said that i got up and walked out the hall.

 “AMILLIA!” I ignored tony. “AMILLIA!” he ran over to me “Amillia just ignore your parents” I looked at him with a straight face “Tony get me to the airport” he grabbed my hands ‘Amillia you are going to stay here until its 8 right now its 5” I shook my head “I want to get the fuck out of here…they always making me feel like shit no matter what” he then said “they’re not worth it sure they’re parents but dancing is your dream would you get a job that you would dread doing or dance at competitions and make money doing that” I smiled “yeah okay  I just have three more hours.” We walked back in “you’re a good friend Tony”

The DJ was playing upbeat music so I know that will help me cheer up. I then went around catching up with family all round for about hour. “OKAY EVERYONE WE NEED ALL THE WOMEN ON THE FLOOR!” oh god. Rene brought out a chair for Lili she then got on the chair with her bouquet of flowers. “WHO’S GOING TO BE THE NEXT ONE GETTING MARRIED YOU CATCH IT YOUR NEXT!” Sam sat on the side and I went up to see if I’m the lucky girl. “ONE! TWO! THREE!” Lili was about to throw it but we all got tricked “OKAY FOREAL THIS TIME” she yelled. “ONE TWO” she threw the bouquet of flowers it was in the air and I pushed everyone out the way to get it fell down but I couldn’t see where. I looked in my hands and there it was. “AMILLIA!” everyone shouted and clapped. One of the photographers took a picture of me with the bouquet.

I then went over with Sam “You could’ve one this bad boy” she laughed “no, you hit your aunt right on her head just to get the flowers” I looked at the time “Damn thirty minutes left.” I poked tony “dude come on we need to say bye to people I’m about to leave” He got up and walked with me saying bye to everyone.

I then got to my parents. “Bye ma bye dad…I can’t wait to see you again in hell” I walked off with Tony. I felt tears coming in. we got in the car and tony began to drive. “You okay?” I smiled “yeah I’m just happy that I can go see Vic” he smiled “you’re way happier with him…” I looked out the window. “Tony you look happy with Erin” he smiled “yeah…” I playfully pushed him “to be honest you two are really cute” he then pulled up to the airport. “You want me to walk you?” I shook my head. “It’s okay I’ll see you soon like in a week thanks for the ride” I took my stuff from the trunk and made my way to the gate.

I got on the plane and called Vic.

 “Hey, I’m on my way”

“Really?!?” I heard the excitement in Vic’s voice

“yeah so like two hours I’ll be at the airport”

“You sound off you okay babe?” I chuckled

“yeah I’m good I won the bouquet of flowers you know the one that means you’re the next person getting married” Vic started to laugh

“That’s nice…so when are we getting married?”

I laughed “um I don’t know but make it a surprise”

 Heard someone’s voice in the back “DUDE come on we need to do it a few more times.”

 I raised an eyebrow. “Vic you sound busy I’ll call you when I’m about to land.”
“you sure?” I looked out the window

“Yeah I love you!”

“I love you too”

I hung up and grabbed the blanket from under the seat. And took a nap.


I woke up to the sound of airplane landing. I then texted Vic.


Me-aye where about to land so hype to see you ❤

Vic-ima be there waiting right my the gate❤

The plane finally got to a stop the lady’s then made an announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen you may now leave the plane” I ran off the plane with my heels on and dress. People looked at me like I was crazy but I didn’t care wanted to see Vic. I got out the gate and looked around to find Vic. But I couldn’t see him “Amillia!” I looked behind me and saw him standing “VIC!” I ran to him and hugged him “I didn’t think that I could do it without you it was crazy” he laughed “come on…” I grabbed his hand “hey it as frustrating”

We got to the hotel within 15 minutes. We got in the room I was so hype “Vic lets watch a movie, no let’s just sleep, no fuck it lets just sing!” he started to laugh “Okay” I then grabbed my clothes (pj’s) I went to the bathroom and walked out and saw Vic looking at me smiling “stop smiling like that” he start to smirk “why?” I shrugged “I don’t know…” I then got in bed with him. “Did you have fun today?” I rolled my eyes “please, it was horrible, it was stressing” he then gave me a kiss on the forehead. “It’s okay you’re here with me and that’s all that matters” I missed Vic so much I feel like I’m dreaming. “Am I dreaming?” he chuckled and leaned in to kiss me. Our lips touched for the first time in four days. I felt so good just kissing him. The kiss got deeper. I ended up on top of him “I love you so much” I said.

He then kissed me again but way deeper than before. Lips in sync. I felt like I was on fire. He then tried to take my shirt off. I made it easier and just took it off. He then began to place kisses on my neck, making me weak. “Vic,” he didn’t stop doing. It was going down. Before you know it there was no going back on this night. “Do you love me?” I asked he smiled and “of course” he placed a soft kiss on my lips.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             AN- hi shhh i cant be on my laptop like -PTVXO                                                                                                    

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