Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


6. I do like you...

 I woke up with a bad headache. Last night was a blur I only remember coming home with the guys and that's it. I was facing my wall I then rolled over to find Jamie in bed with me. I then poked him "Jamie" I whispered his name "hello?earth to jamie..." I then got out of bed and I had a cow onesie on. Wtf?

I walked out of my room and saw Mike awake on the couch messing with his phone. "Goodmorning mike.." He looked up "oh good morning amillia" I then walked into my kitchen to pull out Advil for my headache. Once I took I then asked mike about last night "Mike what do you remember from last night?" He squinted "nothing I only remember we got here and then you disappeared with Jamie" I noddded "oh and tony were is he?" He pointed to Sam's room. I then tried to sit in my couch but no I couldn't. Vic was in my spot sleeping. I then just threw my self on my floor. I sat there just thinking what I need to do today. Right in the middle of my thinking tony popped up into my mind. Can you not Mind ?!?!? Ugh I dont wanna like tony. I know that I kiss him on the cheek all the time..but I only do that to people I know very well . It's part of the Spanish culture. Fuck my mind. As I was fighting my feelings mentally I saw Sam get out her room. "Morning guys !" Sam was more bubbly than usual "morning Sam watcha gonna make?" She grabbed bread and ham "a sandwich for tony" I walked over to also make myself a sand which ."Amillia can you get me the advil." I threw the bottle at sam. "Thank you beautiful!" She then went back to her room. I say by mike on the couch. "Hey are you okay?" I smiled at mike "yeah why" he shrugged "i don't know. Well, I mean you look a tense " I punched him "shut up hey let's wake up Vic because he's in my spot" I grabbed a Nerf gun that I've had in my room (me and Sam like to play with nerf guns) and ran back aiming at Vic forehead. *POP* The moment it hit Vic in the forehead mike and I just died of the laughter. Then got up "hey you didn't have to shoot me to wake up" he then stretched. I then asked "So what do you guys wanna eat for breakfast?" The guys gave an awkward smile "burritos!" I then went to my kitchen grabbed eggs, chorizo, and a big pan. I wanted everyone in the kitchen because I'm only cooking once and thats it. I walked over into my room and Jamie was still asleep. "Jamie wake up" he refused. "Jamie wake up Ima make breakfast" still nothing... Time to get Mexican ghetto "pinche way si no levantas no voy a cocinar Nada para tu pinche mudo. Puto no estoy jugando no vas a comer !" Jamie then got up "sorry! Jesus you sound like.my mom " I got more mad "dude come on I need to cook for everyone Ima bout to grab the. Chancla and hit you if you keep acting.up!" I got quiet "oh my god Jamie I do sound like a mom!...oh well lets go" I went to the kitchen and made the guys their burritos only people messing where tony and Sam. After eating I had to go run "hey guys can I trust y'all here for a good 40 minutes?" They nodded Vic then said "you know were not kids " I did a fake laugh "haha your funny and I'm sorry i have trust issues like my husband !" Mike choked on his water "wait your married?!?" Idiots I then grabbed my Drake poster from the coat closet "no haha I was talking about drake the rapper it's a song that he sings" their face looked relived "oooooohhhh" I then walked over to my room to change for my run. "Wait? Like this?" It was Sam talking to tony I looked in the little space between the door and there she was kissing Tony. I then went straight to my room. What the hell is going on? I feel like I can't breath. Something in me didn't feel right just by watching her kiss tony. I felt hatred grow in me I don't know why? I mean if Sam is with tony that's a good thing. I'm happy two good friends together. Nothing wrong with that. Aw What the fuck it pisses me off. I'm done right know. I need to admit get off my chest I like tony. I feel so ughh!!! I need to run the stress away and find the positives of them being together.yeah! That's a good plan amillia ! I got my Nike's on and put my hair in a ratchet bun. I then yelled for my run "Sam, guys I'm taking daily run" I went outside to stretch and out came Sam. "Hey beautiful, look I'm sorry I did get to eat breakfast with you and the guys its just me an-" I cut her off I couldn't stand hearing her say she's with tony "dude tell me later after my run bye" I got up put ear buds in and put my "fuck off" playlist. Its the perfect playlist to get out all my shit out. The moment I sprinted I already felt way better. I ran for like an hour and I haven't even notice. Wow . I then finally made my way home.

Sam pov-

I can't believe I agreed to do this. This morning I woke up with tony and NOTHING happened last night I swear. Anyways when I woke up he was already awake "hey tony" he looked over at me and smiled "hey" I then asked him about Amillia "so how was Amilla 10th grade ?" He shrugged "i don't know oh she was athletic. And she would always copy my math homework while I copied her Spanish homework" I smiled "typical amillia" he laughed "yeah oh and she always got in trouble for attitude" I then asked about him asking her out "how come you haven't asked out Amillia yet?" Tony then threw his face in to my pillow "ugh I just can't its too hard " I then grabbed the pillow from him "dude just go to her and tell her." Tony then got up from the bed and started walking back and forth "I can't ask her out unless she says she like me or admits it to someone." I laughed "yeah thats not gonna work. What are you going to do? date someone to make her jealous so she can tell everyone that your her Bae first? " tony made a wierd face when I said Bae "that a good idea I date someone and she'll be jealous she tells one of the guys!! Yes that's a good idea." Is he serious?!?i then added "Tony I was playing are you playing ?" He then sat by me "Sam I'm not playing now please be my fake girlfriend " I laughed at him "dude are you high or drunk still?" He then just gave me a straight face "no. So are you gonna help me or not?" I then agreed. Before you can say anything im doing it just to help to friend out hopefully it works. I hope it really does. After just sitting processing that I have to fake being Tony's girlfriend. I then went to the kitchen and millia was there I made a sandwich for tony and took some Advil to my room. After he ate it he said "we should tell everyone that were DATING" he put air quotes on dating it made me laugh "okay?" He then said "you need to make it seem like you really like me. Pretend to have the cupcake phase" I was confused "cupcake phase?" He laughed "you don't know what the cupcake phase is?" I was lost "I think amillia has said that but please explain" he laughed "okay so basically its like when two people start dating and there all PDA ish and all up in each others face saying I love you like every five minutes and doing shit like that." I smiled "oh one problem ! I've never kissed anyone before " tony laughed "aw haha kiss virgin " I rolled my eyes "Sam come over and give me a kiss its easy this is a practice kiss and it means nothing ." I felt bad I went over and just leaned it until our lips touched it felt good but bad. I got off him right away "hey you did good " I felt like throwing up . "Sam guys I'm going for my run!" I didn't say anything. After I heard the door close I went out to talk to her but she cut me off before I can tell her the *news* after she left i went back inside and tony talking to the guys "yeah so me and sam are dating" Mike then said "but I thought you liked Amillia" I was confused on what was happening but just let tony finish telling the guys " Sam and I are really happy" I came and hugged me from the back. "Tony get off me " I'm not used to the lovey dovey. The guys laughed at him. The whole time amillia was gone we cleaned up around the house and until we took a little break Jamie looked bored "guys I'm bored let's play a game" I laughed "Haha!YES! Let's play clean my house!" Jamie rolled his eyes "no I mean a real game like hangman, or charades!" Mike pulled out his phone "Nah I'm good " I then thought about this game I played with amillia it was like charades except its on the phone. Jamie then yelled "I Found charades it's downloading aàaannd done okay let's play!" We all got up ready to act. Jamie was scrolling through his phone finding themes. "Hey guys wanna do accents?" We all agreed. The first accent was italian . Vic then jumped like Mario and said "its-a me Mario!" The guys then all bust out laughing. Jamie was lost "Mario??" We nodded no. he then said "mexican!" We gave jamie a dead look "really? Mario is Mexican?" Jamie's eye git huge "ITALIAN!" Right when he tilted his phone done the buzzer went off. "My turn" yelled.vic we gave the phone to Vic. The theme was still accents his is Mexican "wassap ESE?!?" Jamie said to Vic and vic started laughing mike then joined.in too "ESE que pasa?!" Vic finally was able to say it "Mexican" next accent was Darth Vader what the hell? I didn't even know  that was an accent. Me mike and Jamie stared at tony. Funny tony rolled his eyes and did it "luke...I'm...you-" "Darth Vader" the next was Swedish we didn't know what accentn use so I yelled out "Pewdiepie! " vic was confused his face was blank. Amillia then opened the door and came in. Everyone then became silent.






A/N- Hey guys im really sleepy and barly had enough energy to do this but hey i did it! Anyways like and stuff Love YALL!  Also if you dont understand the spanish google translate it and DONT ASK YOUR PARENTS OR TEACHERS FOR THE MEANING OF THE SPANISH PARTS :) -ToPsZn #Choloswag

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