Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


17. Hit and run

Amillia’s pov –

The cold hit of his big hand collided with my face. I stood in shock not knowing what to do next he had a look of terror on his face from what he had just done. Tears started to form in his eyes as well as mine. He tried getting close to me but I backed away. "Amillia," he started. "NO GET THE FUCK OUT. I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS BULLSHIT! TONY DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! IM NOT GONNA WAIT AROUND FOR YOU WHILE YOUR FUCKING SOME SLUT YOU FOUND IN THE DUMPSTER. SABES QUE WE'RE DONE I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR SORRY CHEATING FACE AGAIN!!!" "Amillia Im sorr-" he got interrupted “AMILLIA, TONY WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPEND I HEARD SCREAMING BUT I WAS EATING RAMEN NOODLES AND I JUST FINISHED ARE YOU GUYS OKAY IS THERE A KILLER IN HERE THAT I NEED TO KARATE CHOP!" Screamed Sam while jumping into a ninja pose.

She turned to see me fully and saw a giant hand print on the side of my face she gasped a little then started attacking Tony with really hard punches "Sam stop so this bastard can leave." She kept hitting him and punching him "You son of a bitch I can't believe you hit my sister what's your fucking problem?!?!"

 "SAM STOP!" I yelled. Silence took over the room. Sam finally backed off Tony and told him to leave. For a minute he just stood there and he looked as if his heart had just been shattered up into a million pieces, put back together, and shattered again. He stormed out leaving a very angry Sami with me. I decided that I would take a walk and try to cool off like a normal person instead of attacking myself like the darker tines of my life.

 I ended up getting a call from I ignored it I just wanted nothing to do with Tony at the moment. Then my phone started buzzing like crazy. I finally checked what all the fuss was about it was Vic he texted me 5 times asking what happed? If I was okay? Why does Tony look like he died? Are you kidnapped? And finally to call him that we need to have a serious talk. So I dialed his number and started heading back to the house

 “Hey Vic what's up?” I tried to sound upbeat like I usually do

“Amillia what's wrong I can hear it in your voice and tony won't tell me.” fuck I hesitated A:

“N-nothing” shiiiit

“that's it I'm coming over and I'm being whiskey, tequila, and beer.”

 “but..” this nigga

 Before I could finish he hung up. I sighed as I went in the house I looked in the mirror and saw a somewhat hand shaped bruise. I went to my room and put on pajamas got some movies out and set up the living room for a sleep over with Vic. Five minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. I saw Vic he was holding multiple bags of alcoholic beverages. He walked in and saw the living room, "So it’s a sleep over I guess" he said.” I guess I just wanna get drunk and sleep” we started drinking and that’s when things started getting fuzzy. I remember flirting with him telling him how cute he was. Then I remember pushing him up against the wall and making out with him. Him being drunk as well said "let's take this to the bedroom." I nodded eagerly and he followed close behind to my room. As soon as he closed the door he slammed me against the wall and started sucking in my neck immediately making me moan. We took turns taking off articles of clothing until we we're both fully undressed and from that moment on was a huge blur.

Next morning-

I woke up the next morning naked next to a very exposed Vic. I started to cry the memories from of the events that had happened just from the night before flowing into my mind. Vic woke up immediately and started to comfort me as I sobbed into his chest he grabbed his shirt and gave it to me so I wouldn't be so exposed. He climbed off the bed and started to search for his boxers while I fiddled with my hair still sobbing but much softer He left the room. In that moment I grabbed my bra and undies. Vic then came back with a bowl of cereal I thanked him and he started to clean up the mess we made from the previous night. "Umm..." I looked up and him "fuck you" I said. He made a confused face. "Wait what?" I went under my covers "I'm so fucked uppp...I quit my job." Vic got in bed "you can't give up just now..."

 I stuck my head out the covers and smiled at him "Jesus." He laughed "what?" I shrugged "I don't know" I got close to him and wrapped my arms around him. He then gave me a kiss on my head. "So what happened to your cheek?" I got quiet. "I fell" he tilted my head to get a better view of the hit "no you didn't…what happened for real?" I felt the damn tears come back "we got in a huge fight...it just didn't go the way it was supposed to..." Vic’s face got serious "what do you mean?" I then grabbed his hand "he.....hit me" tears flowing down my face. I ruined this all…nothing will ever be the same....I got hit really by my best friend, I fucked his bestfriend... I mean I honestly deserved to die. "Hey it’s okay...don't cry...don't cry" he rubbed my back. Constantly gave me kisses on the neck "Don't worry about him. I'm here and that's all that matters" I looked up at Vic and gave him a kiss on the cheek "I'm so done with everything"

 I rolled over to the edge of the bed. And it hit me "VIC!" He screamed "what?!?" I laughed "heh heh umm yeah am I gonna be....." his eyes opened up wide "Oh noooo, don't worry about that were all good" I felt lightheaded "okay good because I ain't ready to have them kids all over my house nope today, not later, no it’s too early for that" he laughed "so you don't want kids?" I bit my lip "I mean I really do but not anytime soon." He shook his head "oh makes sense"

 I got up from the bed and went to my sink. I turned on the water and began to wash my face. Vic came over and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Viiiic stahp, suelta me" he chucked "I can't you’re so beautiful with your big curly hair" I grabbed the towel from the side with this leach on me. He then started "why are you alive?" I gave him a lost confused face "what the fuck are you talking about?" He smiled "you're so-" he placed a kiss on my neck "beautiful" I laughed "pwahaha Vic chill." He then let go of me and started to laugh "You see that’s the way Tony is supposed to treat you but no he can't"  

I sat on the edge of my drawer "yeah... I ruined everything" I whispered. Vic then ran over to me "Don't be blaming this on yourself it’s not your fault he fucked up everything for everyone" I pushed Vic away "you don't understand though..." He crossed his arms "okay explain" I took a deep breath in "Try dating an old best friend and you catch them cheating....you see him after all that happens you start to yell at him but the moment get three words into your first sentence he slaps you leaving a fucking mark...and to top it off that same night you fuck his best friend..." By the time I was done saying I was crying. Again. For like the 5th time. Vic then came over and hugged me "shit that’s hard...but hey you can make it because I understand that last night meant nothing so you don't have to feel so bad about that…Okay?" I looked at him "sure I guess" he then gave me a kiss on my cheek "everything will be okay I promise" he stuck his pinky finger out. I laughed "okay" he got up from the bed "Ima head out...give you some space to think" I got up from the bed and walked out Vic "thanks for the slumber party...it was fun and it also means nothing to me..." Vic gave me a final hug "just wait everything out please. Also I saw them." Pointing to my legs. I nodded "I will, trust me Sam is gonna be here with me the whole time." I looked at the parking lot and only Vic's car was there "wait where is Sam?" He shrugged "I don't know she left last night a little after I got here" I rolled my eyes "okay bye Vic tell they guys I said hi" he smiled and made his way to his car and drove off.

Tony POV~~

 I did it...

I hit the love of my life.


After Amillia kicked me out for the dumbass move I made I grabbed my keys for the car she had while I was out I walked out and saw my car trashed badly. Windows, lights, the car looked horrible on the back it said fuck you...which I deserve getting. I got in the car and drove back home. I got home and guilt just takes over more and more as each minute passes. Jamie was outside cooking "hey tone!" I looked up at him and waved. He notice something was off "dude what's wrong?" I shrugged "I don't know nothing" I went inside and saw Vic writing some stuff…"How did it go?" Vic knew I was gonna go talk to Amillia but I can't tell him anything. "Tony?" I ignored Vic and went to my room and laid in bed thinking about Amillia. I love her so much but, she hates me so much for what I did...I don't know what happened when I did that... I just wanna go to her place and say sorry but I know she won't answer the door. I could ask Sam to help me bit she hates me now too. I literally just ruined everything for me and Amillia. Only thing I could do is use the guys to help me. I walked out my room to get some air.

 "Tonay! Wanna beer?" Mike always wanting to drink "I guess" he threw me a beer "there ya go!" I opened and took a big gulp. "So what's up with you?" I shrugged "nothing just tired" Mike nodded with disappointment "Come on its 6 how are you tired?" I shrugged "today is the first day back from touring,umm I'm exhausted to so yeah" vic then grabbed his keys "hey guys Ima head out tonight I'll see you guys later. “where ya going viccy?” Vic laughed “nun of yo business Mikey” I got up and went to my room. I stayed there all day and night thinking about Amillia. Everything was perfect until I decided to be a dumb ass. I just want her here in my arms close to me. I want to play with her curly hair that’s bigger than her body.

The next day I got up. I heard talking and chittering form the living room. I’m not in the mood for them. I got from my bed to grab my charger until Vic busted through the door “DUDE WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!” shit…Amillia told him. I got quiet “TONY SHES A FUCKING GIRL WHAT THE HELL?!?” I then told him “dude I don’t know what happened when I did that.” Vic got mad “YOU DUMBASS YOU LEFT A FUCKING BRUSE ON HER FACE” Tears started to form “Vic I’m sorry” He shook his disappointment. “YOU KNOW WHAT I FOUND OUT?” I ignored him at this point “SHE FUCKING CUTS!! ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR DUMBASS ACTIONS! SHE FEELS LIKE SHES WORTHLESS BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO HER” I shot up “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?” He yelled back “SHE FELL I HELPED HER AND SAW THEM ALL HER THIGH…THEY WHERE FUCKING NEW…YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING ASHAMED FOR MAKING HER DO THIS TO HERSELF.”

 I got up and took the keys from the table and drove straight to her place. Sam wasn’t there it was empty. I looked at my keys to see if she left her house key on the chain... Yes

I got out the car and went inside of her house I heard crying. I know she’s in her room. I walked quietly towards her room. I opened the door. She saw me and dropped it and backed away with tears. “NO!” she yelled at me while trying to get away from me.






A/N-holy fuck two update in two days damnnnnn im proud hahha lol okay im out bye yall -TopsZN #moneyovereveythingbro

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