Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


3. Hey stranger! Fix my car please!!


Damn where do i start to ask? I walked around for ten minuets asking for help and no one wanted to help. wow it just couldnt get worse. I then went to the bathroom fast. Once i got out i went back to asking. I was getting so pissed like i dont understand. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Im just asking for help.

I then saw someone with a red snapback, with obey written across. Thats my next hope. I walked faster catching up to the guy and stoped him. "Hi im sorry to ruin what ever you where going to do but umm... can you help me?" the guy smiled he actually looked familiar he had a cute little face. "Sure, whats the problem?" I smiled back sighing "well my car broke down i dont know why but it makes no sound what so ever. So.... can you help see what wrong with it?" the guy nodded " Sure, so wheres the car?" I looked around "Oh its straight ahead." He then gave me a dead stare "Here we'll take a short cut" We walked through a lot of sets and junk and boy was I lost. It was quite for while until the guy broke the silence "So whats your name?" I tripped over something and laughed it off "My name is Pablo" It was funny until the guy just stoped and looked at me "Forreal whats your name?" I then made a duck face "Amillia, but my best friend calls me Amillionaire... So what you name kind sir helping me out?" he laughed "Vic I like your nickname. Are you a millionaire?" I laughed "nahh i wish" before you know it we were at the parking lot looking for my car. he then asked "Are you like a hip hop dancer or something?" I rolled my eyes "no well yes im learning with a group so...yeahhh" Vic then nodded "Cool next question" I smiled "Im all ears" "do you know who i am? like do you know what i do?" I felt dumb cause i honestly didnt know. but i found sammi standing on the car from like  50 feet away "I dont what you do..." he nodded with disappointment. "I saw you in the crowd" I Laughed "Umm i saw alot of people in the crowd too haha youre funny Vic" "Um Im in a band you know you were watching us and i was looking at you every now and then." I then felt like a dumbass "OOHHH you're the lead singer!!!!!!!" He laughed "Yeahh now you remember us?" I then felt bad cause I dont listen to them "YEAHH! I remember you and the guys!" Vic smiled "so what was your favorite song that we performed?" i have no idea what to say '.'  "Dang I don't know that's hard. SAMMII I GOT HELP!" Vic got scared when i yelled he made me giggle with the face he made. heehee. We got to sammi "Yo Sam I got someone to help! Vic meet sam, sa-" "HOLY JESUS OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU AND JUR BAND SO MUCH LIKE YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND!" I laughed away when Sammi did that I knew she wouldn't be able to keep her cool. And Vic Oh god his face was shock when she got all fangirl.

After Sammi's fangirl moment Vic decided to see what was up with the car and god he looked under the hood and was done. "Well girls i have bad news" I can feel tears rolling in I've had this car since i was 16 this car has been through EVERYTHING WITH ME and i was waiting for the bad news with Sammi. "It was easy figuring out what was wrong with your car, your engine is fucked up bad. There's no way your gonna get home unless you have a ride." I looked at Sammi and of course shes drooling "Look Vic we just moved here and we know no one at all so....-" I looked over at Sammi and she said "CAN you take us home?" Vic looked around and answered "Sure, just tell me what your favorite song is from us" haha this guy really wants to know my answer. Sammi then blurred out " THE FIRST PUNCH AND IM LOW ON GAS AND YOU NEED A JACKET!" Vic smiled and pulled Sam into a hug it was cute my little Sammi was about to pass out. "HOLY SHIT SAKES THAT WAS THE BEST HUG EVER" I started laughing "Okay Sam i guess my hugs are shit . I think i'll move out and find my own place. You know what I mean?" Sammi rolled her eyes "You know i was kidding."  I then told Vic "okay well since your being such a good person and your gonna take us home here's our address."  he smiled "cool let me just go get my keys" Sammi then had to jump in "Heyy so can i- i mean we go with you ?"(seductive wink). I busted out laughing when she did her winky face. Vic nodded "Yeah sure i mean i don't think i would remember were the heck you and Amillia would be at. Come on lets go" I then started to follow Vic and Sammi was wiping her tears of joy, Haahaa  i love her ^.^

After 5 minutes of walking we got to his tour bus. Vic opened the door "Hey guys you can come in if ya want" I wanted to stay out and wait but nooo. Sammi gave me the Please-come-with-me-so-i-wont-look-like-a-loser look. I walked on the bus."Hey guys, ima help out these peoples.. Sammi, Amillia meet the guys." I waved and smiled to the guys. Sammi over here all emotional hugging the guys. Lawd please help me help her grow up 

"Amillia," I looked over at the turtle looking guy and smiled waved. "Whats good...um whats your name again?" "Tony" i nodded "Coool anyways whats up?" He looked around "Don't think im weird but whats your last name?" I scratched my head. " Garcia. Why"  I looked at me with no expression "Thats it nothing crazy or like long?" "Ooooh okay my last name, full last name is De La torre Garcia. There!" I smiled and he chuckled "Okay now what high school did you go to? " I did a duck face "Okayyy i went to only to  Clifford Lee high school." he smiled "well, do you remember your friends from tenth grade?" I sat thinking 

Flashbackk ---

"Sammi why are you not at school yet its about to start" I was getting mad because i haven't seen my best friend since July.

"Milli you're not gonna believe me but my mom sent me to live with my grandma for the 10th grade year."

"Dude why mexico?"

"Mom found out about Alex im sorry i need to go I love you fight the thots if they wanna start drama!"

"Bye sam"

I walked to home room and got greeted by the teacher "HI im Mr.Wilbur Welcome to our first day of 10th grade!" I looked around to see who was around and just a bunch of bitches with drama. I saw one chill looking kid and sat by him "hi Im Amillia" The kid looked up and waved. But t was one of those fuck off waves. I don't like those types of waves. I then sat thinking to myself how am i going to do it this year with out Sam. "Okay class I going to call roll if you can all quiet down...thank you Alyssa Albermane"  "Here" The teacher was calling out everyone and complimenting them until he got to me "Amillia de la torre Garcia." I smiled and raised my hand "here" Mr.Wilbur smiled then frowned "Now Amillia you do now that hats are not allowed in school.Give me your hat." I got up and started walking but the teacher added "Look class school is for getting education not walking around like a thug you can't come to school like your going to start a fight your hat is also a distraction." Once the teacher said that i felt something in me come out. "Wait Im sorry but im dressed like a thug? You're funny because last time i checked my snapback represents the Miami heat not some thugs off the street and i didnt know that basketball is thug related. And WOW that's a new one my snapback is a distraction yes makes so much sense my hat beats out these thots here in some heels and boobs hanging out that's a distraction with they ratchet self's in class mmmm i got nothing to say these people are distracting with they pops they make with their gum. And i ain't givin you my snapback" The class was quiet "Amillia go outside now" I went outside. I laughed at the fact that i went off on the teacher on the first day of school. I sat down by the door. *BAM* "Oww" someone hit me with the door. "im sorry Amillia" It was the kid i sat by "Its okay...whats your name you never told me" he smiled "I thought i did oh well my names Tony" I smiled "Oh well Tony quick question what is the teacher doing?" He stuck his hand out "You may wanna stand up" i grabbed his hand while he helped me up "Okay  well?" "hes writing a detention for you" "fuck" he then patted my head "its okay ive been to a couple and  they're not so bad Im go to the bathroom ill be back."  I guess i made a friend. A cute friend ;)

5 months later in the flashback-

"Tony please go to the track meet please!!" Tony grabbed my duffle bag as I got my money for a slushie "Why should I?" I looked at him with a smile "Becuase its my last meet!.look all im asking is that you just watch me run then you can go home okay?" He gave me my bag back "fine only because it's your last meet." I got happy and gave a hug "YAS! I love you so much. I dont know what i would do without you." I gave him a kiss on a cheek"

End of the flash back. 

'TONY!!! I'VE MISSED YOU!" I gave tony a hug is had been so long since i saw him in high school everyone was confused. Tony explained our past to everyone. Sam then said "Im sorry Millia but Tony millia had a big crush on you she would call me and talk about you non stop." I laughed "Shut up Sam.'" Tony then added " How come you never told me that you liked me?" I rolled my eyes "dont want rejection duh!" Tony then gave me a hug "God i miss your crazy ass I liked you for while shhh" i laughed "same except you were lame " he then pushed me away "I thought i was awesome' I smiled "you still are!" Vic then came and put his arms on me and sam "well lets go its already late say bye to your class reunion with tony" I walked over to tony and gave him a hug "i love you tony stay awesome" I gave him a kiss on the cheek like the old times. "I love you too Milli" I was about to walk off until tony yelled "WAIT YOU"RE NUMBER we need to hang out and catch up!!' I smiled "yes! I was about to leave like a ghost haha"  we traded numbers and his little contact has a turtle by his name . He still likes turtles. Me and Sammi got in the car with Vic. Sam sat int he front while i sat in the back to sleep.

"Millia wake up were home." I heard Sam but i couldn't get up "Do you want me to get her?" i can hear Vic too "please she to big for me" I heard laughing "were do i put her?" More laughing "Just throw her here on the bed thank you so much!" "No probs Night mrs.Perry" wtf?





A/N--- sry i didnt update as early as i wanted the thing is ive been really sick with d dang flu ughhh now i have a bad cough well im try to update on christmas as a christmas present lol tlak about being cheap haha well love ya comment like ect <3 <3 -TOPszn







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