Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


10. help Wanted

Amillia's POV~~

We drove to the mall to find jobs and goodness I know this is going to be hard. We where walking toward the main entrance I was happy that no one has notice Tony.

Until two fifteen year old girls came up to us "um are you Tony Perry?" Tony similed " yes. Are you fans?" The two girls started to squeal "oh my god can we take a picture with you ?" Tony nodded "sure!" The girls took at selfie.I then asked "Hey girls do you want me to take one for y'all?" One of the girls just threw me the phone "okay guys professional photographer here" I then started taking a bunch pictures of the girls with Tony "millia what are you doing?" I smiled "making the moment last for the them" I gave the phone back to the girls and whispered in the girls ears "I took like 50 pictures even when he was talking shhh" The girls laughed and walked away.

Tony grabbed my hand "guys I wouldn't do that" I looked at Sam "sammi what do mean?" She shrugged "I don't know if I was a crazy fan girl and saw you holding tony's hand then I would jump you as messed up as it sounds" I then let go of his hand "okay well I'm going to footlocker because I want a job there!" Sam nodded "okay well I'm going to my habitat" Tony raised an eyebrow "are you talking about hot topic?" Sam smiled "yas!" I then pushed sam "okay well go get a job text me when you done getting the application"

I started to make my way to footlocker with tony "so you think you'll get the job?" I nodded "oh yeah for sure easy just know the newst pair and most popular pairs of shoes" tony grabbed my hand "why is your hand so small?" I shrugged "I honestly don't know. I don't think they grew along with my body." Tony laughed "baby hand" we got into the store "I'll be back I'm going to see if they have open spaces"

I walked over to the light skin boy with the referee outfit. "Hi!" the guy looked at me "oh hi do you need some help?" I smiled "um no well actually I was wondering of y'all are hiring" the guy nodded "I don't know but my name is Langston" he stuck his hand out to shake it "I'll be back" I waved at Tony to come over "hey sweet cheeks" I smiled "I'm feel lonely" he looked at me straight on the eye "why?" I shrugged "I don't know maybe because I miss my family and I want to see my sisters" tony then have me a kiss in the forehead.

Out came Langston "aye your the girl looking for the job right?" I smiled "yeah " then gave me a paper "cool okay so basically just fill this out and bring it back after that well call you in for an interview" I nodded "okay thank you "he smiled "no problem..I never got your name" "Amillia" he nodded "okay well i'll see you soon Amillia" me and tony walked off. Tony then asked "so what do you want to do?" I walked into a random store. I looked around and saw a thot she gave me bad vibes "tony I'm going to go try this shirt out really quick.

I left and tried on the shirt "cute!" I said to myself i had tried on a shirt that said thug life with tupac wearing a bandana. I got out to get tony not a surprised she was touching his neck. Someone please tell me why this thot is touching his neck!? The owl tattoo. I got close to Tony but I just wanted to see what he'd do. I heard the thot laugh "heheh watchu mean you came with your girlfriend?" Tony looked around to find me but I ducked "look Tony if I where your girlfriend I would never leave you alone. I would be by your side no matter what" is this girl serious? "No I'm good I love the girl I'm with" the thot bit her lip and grabbed his arm "look why don't you just hit me up when you get lonely" she winked and I came towards her "oh hi where you looking for a worker because they're one over there also why the hell are touching my boyfriend?" She act like nothing happened "wait what are you talking about?" I smiled "look I saw what happened and let me just tell you straight up he won't want your trashy Pussy SWERVE HOE" she got pissed and grunted loud and left the store . I looked at tony with a bad bitch stare. "what?"he asked. I laughed "nothing Ima go pay for this real quick" I played for the shirt and grabbed Tony's hand "you ready?" I nodded "yeah so I need to look for Sam ."

As we walked around I texted Sam

Me-aye girl I'm out where you at ?

S∆m- I'm by the food court getting a smoothie at thirsty's


I put my phone I'm my poker and pulled Tony's arm to go back "come on let's go" tony looked down "what's wrong?" Tony nodded "nothing just tired" I saw sam and waved . "sammm!" She walked over "hey guys so?" I showed her the paper "gonna work at footlocker! Any luck at.hot topic?" Sam rolled her eyes "they're not hiring but I'm going to see if I can work at vans" I then took her smoothie "yum its what blueberry strawberry?" Sam took the cup back after I took a sip "yes"

Tony POV~~~

I need to tell amillia that I'm leaving Sunday night because of the 2 month tour were doing. I don't want to leave her. She doesn't even know about the tour she just thinks that it's just a Friday night concert and that's it for a while.

We where going to vans to see if Sam was able to apply for s job there. We got in and got greeted by the teenage workers. "Hi Mr. Tony Perry I'm a big fan of your band" I smiled "thanks dude" Sam was talking to the guy while Amillia looking at shoes. I sat just looking a round. Sam turned at me and smiled. Amillia then came and sat by me. "Hey we should do something on Saturday" she gabbed my hand while I asked "okay got any ideas?" She went to her messages. "Well I was thinking me you Sam and of the guys go to a cook out that my friend Alex is throwing. It'll be fun for sure the whole dance crew is going" I gave her a kiss in the forehead "okay we'll go" Sam came over "okay let's go home" millia raised an eyebrow "you sure?" Sam shook her head "yeah let's go home"

We started to make our way to the entrance until "hi oh my god girl sit down and let your boyfriend watch you become more sexy" I was confused I saw guy grab Amillia's arm and throw her on to the seat. Amillia looked at me and opened her mouth "Ummm sir what are you doing?" The guy looked at her crazy "sweetheart Ima do a make over on you" Amillia got up "no thank you I'm actually in a rush I'm sorry" Sam was laughing at the scene while I just still confused . Amillia waved bye and gabbed my hand "wow those sells people get more and more crazy each to me I see them" Sam and I laughed when Amillia said that. We got to the car and went home.

We got to her place and i decided that I should stayed for a little. "Okay well, I guess I should work on this " Amillia grabbed a pen and started to fill out the job application. "Question one! What is you name? Amillia de la torre garica" Sam gave Amillia a glare "Millia please be quiet this is hard" Amillia laughed "okay well I'll go to this in my room come on " we went to her room and sat on her bed. It quiet as she was filling out the application. I saw her Mac and grabbed it "password?" She looked at me and smiled "trackwolverine" I smiled "the sport and mascot for your password you couldn't think if anything better?" She shrugged "no? Okay well I got a good question on here are you a american citizen?" She looked at me with a serious face "well are you?" I asked. She smiled "yup born in Murca!"

I was looking at her pictures she has on her laptop and saw a picture of a guy kissing her. "Whose this?" She looked at the laptop "oh that's Justin yeah don't worry about him" I nodded "oh well what is he?" She looked down "just an ex" I went to the next picture "yeahhhh an ex" she looked at me with a pissed face "he died 4 months ago...it was my fault he wanted to move but we got in a fight so i made him leave" her eyes started to get watery I gave her a hug "hey hey its okay look" I made a retarded face "tony stop" I gave her a kiss in the forehead "I love you..Amillia" she looked up "I love too" she got on top of me and gave me a kiss "I wanna stay like this forever" when she said that I felt like I got punched in the stomach. "Amillia" she looked up "yes?" I told her "I'm not going to stay for long" she bit her lip " I know...you need to go back home" I felt more like shit "I wish but Sunday I'm leaving to New York" she looked confused "wait what?" I hugged her " remember I'm in a band we travel a lot" millia looked sad and made me feel worse "okay well its what ya gotta do right?" She smiled "look just have fun and don't worry about me... Me recuerdo cuando estábamos en escuela y todos los días tu hablaste que quieres hacir parte de un band... y ahora es tu momento para mirar el mundo" When she said that I just threw myself on to her and kissed her. She smiled "why do you do this?" I shrugged and kissed her again. I whispered into her ear "Nothing will tare us apart" we laid in bed for the whole day.





A/N----Yo whats up? i know ima little late buttt i got a good reason.....i had no wifi so yall people lucky i risked my life plugging the wifi when my mom was hibernating....anyweys comment lick n favur -toPSzn #cholosunite!

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