Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


2. Do I have to go?

Amillia POV----

Man do i love sleeping or what. I was dead into my wonderland of dreams. I was dreaming about going to a party and everyone was there all my old friends, family, even Drake! Ahh nothing could ruin this dream. 



I got up from under my covers to see Sammi dressed for a party.Hair done, nails done, outfit on point, shoes on, and her makeup on point. But the only thing was I was confused "Sammi what the hell? why are you ready to go out do you know what time it is?" Sammi laughed and layed down by me "Dude its 10:30 get your ass up and get ready were going some where awesome as fuck!" I pulled her hair as she yelled a little "Where are we going?" She smiled "heh heh you made a promise so now you have to do it." I grunted "DUuuuuuude do i have to go?"  Sammi started to walk out my room "YES NOW GET READDDY! PIERCE THE VEIL HERE WE COMEEE!!!!" 

I rolled out of bed and walked to my bathroom, turned on the shower while waiting for the water to get hot I brushed my teeth making them pearly white. I got in and out the shower fast. After the shower i put on my favorite pair of sweatpants, with a Wu-Tang Clang Tank Top. YES I LOOK FLAWLESS! I waved my long light brown hair. I put on my name bracelet. Only thing missing was my shoes. What? you thought I was going to say make up? haha i don't like to wear make up i rather be natural. Anyways I walked over to my closet filled with boxes and boxes of my Jordans. Ahhh Those shoes make me happy. I threw on an old pair of black flight jordans they fit my outfit perfect. I then yelled "SAMMIIII! IM READY!" 

She then came racing in to my room. She smiled and then looked confused at my outfit. "UM Amillia you do know we are not going to a dance class Right?" I smiled "I know And?" She bit her lip "milli I dont think people will like you if your going like that to warped tour..." She looked around the room to find something not like what i'm wearing. "Sam does it look like i care about how i look ? No so dont worry i'll try to fit in and if i don't oh well i know i'm making my best friend happy!"  She then smiled and gave me a hug "You ARE THE BESTEST FRIEND EVER!" I laughed "I know now lets go." 

We raced to the car like little kids. Sammi sat in the front driving seat cause i had no idea where the heck this thing was at. I plugged my phone to the AUX cord(our car is old its about to die any day may our car rest in peace when that day comes)  and of course Sam gave me the dead look "Millia i don't wanna hear rap not today." I smiled "dont worry I JUST WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY I WANNA FEEL THE HEAT SOMEBODY" Sammi the jumped in while i played the song "I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY WITH SOMEBODY WHO LOVES MEHH!!!" 

After 30 minutes of singing songs from the 80's, we finally got to the place and DAMN. That's all i can say they place was pact with people  running all over the place. I put my snapback on looked around. Until Sam pulled my arm "come on dude we need to get to the front!" I walked with her looking around at people and wow i don't fit in at all. I looked like i just got out of the hood ghetto or something. Anyways so we finally got to the group she wanted to see and LAWD I need help. I don't know if this band was trying to make fun of hispanics or something but they had a mariachi band playing like what the fuck? The funny thing is I acually knew the song they were singing. "Y VOLVER VOLVER, VOLER A TUS BRAZOS OTRA VEZ!!" I grabbed Sammi and danced with her. We died of the laughter. We couldn't get anymore Mexican. Next thing you know the mariachi band disappeared And you hear some guys get on stage yelling at the crowd "WHATS UP SAN DIEGO WE MISS YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!WHOS READDY TO PARTY?!?!?!" I was so confused i had no idea what was happening. I then asked sammi "Dude who are they?" She looked like she couldn't breath "They're-" she got cut off by the lead singer "IN CASE SOME OF YOU ARE NEW WE ARE PIERCE THE VEIL, WE'RE JUST 4 MEXICANS WHO LIKE TO PLAY MUSIC!" I was still lost after 10 minutes of the concert. The only thing I knew about the concert  was I was still confused. The whole time i just took pictures and my battery drained fast. It was fun being there i mean all I cared was that Sammi was enjoying her self. Half way through the concert Sammi then yelled in my face "OH MY GOD HE STARED AT YOU OH MY GOD!!!!!" I was lost in my thoughts when she said that i then asked her "what? who ? when?" She then smiled and siad "Vic the one singing lawd he is so cute!" I then punched her "haha dude your funny who would want me? and also one stare doesn't mean a thing!" she then made a duck face "well does it make a difference that so far through the concert he looks at you and smiles?" I rolled my eyes "Sam I know you wanna get me excited but I know you just made that up. good try. Ima go walk around" Sam grabbed my arm "dude please stay with me till the concert is over" I sighed and stayed.

Well as i'm standing watching the band play i try to understand what was going on and next thing i know i hear lil wayne's lollipop play i looked on the stage i see the band remixing the song. WUUUUUTTTTTTT????? After they played that song the concert came to an end. To be honest i was shocked that they remixed lollipop. WOW. i'm speechless.  

It was already 7:00 and it was dark as fuck. Sammi's boy band was done and i was exhausted from being outside the whole day. We walked around the parking lot to find our little Nissan car. Within seconds we found our car. Sammi wanted to drive back home. I tossed the keys to her, and she tried to turn on the car. sammi then gave me a dead look.  "Dude the car doesn't want to turn on." I laughed thinking she was playing "Sam stop come on lets go." She nodded "nope nope it wont turn on" I grabbed the key and turn it "FUCK she died." We sat in the car thinking what to do. Sam then broke the silence "We need to look for some help" We both got out with a plan "Look sam i look here and you look over there." As she agreed we went our own ways. 



A/N HEEY YALL hoped you liked the story so far if theres anything i can do to make it better please let me know im all ears :) and also like and erythang lol LOVE YA ESE'S (HOMIES)


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