Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


24. Clean up clean up everybody everywhere

Right when Vic was going to tell me something we got honked by the car behind us. "Really?" He said the light had just turned green and the lady got mad. We then drove back to my place. I wanted to know what Vic was going to say but I can't just bring it up.

 We soon got to my house and made our way inside. "I'm so happy to finally be home", he smiled and pulled me into his arms "you know, I was worried about you when you were at the hospital", I smiled and rolled my eyes "sure," he then grabbed my face and kissed me on the forehead. "So what do you wanna do?" he asked, I shrugged "umm I don't know but I need to clean." He grunted "why do you always want to clean?" I went to the pantry to get the mop. "I don't want to, I have to, my floors look sticky"

He then came over to the kitchen and sat at the table. "Please put that up and clean later, I want to be with you..." I turned around and saw his head against the table. "You sleepy?" I asked. He looked up "a little" I then grabbed a bucket of water and dunked the mop into it. "Hey if you want you can go to my room." H sat up "it’s okay I'll be here watching, and waiting." I then began to mop my floors. Back and forth mopping here and there. Smells just like pine Sol in here. "You know what. I'm just going to your room, and take nap." I then put my hair up "okay..
Love you" he then walked away. I then ran to the TV to grab my beats, I plug my phone and began to play music. Anything can play on shuffle...from PTV to tupac to Selena (Spanish singer)

Moments later~

"She said it’s his son he said not at all..." Jhene aiko always telling her stories through music, yasss her music is so real! I continued to clean around the house, I looked at the sink and so many dishes to clean.

ooOooh Heelll nahHhh. 

I then began to wash the dishes. Song after song after song and I'm still here what the fuck?!? I got annoyed with Drake and skipped the song. I walked over to hte living room to clean up "Self-medicate while they sleep we let night chase evil things away" ayye I like his song. I wanna sing but I don't know the lyrics that well, oh well I then tried to sing. I walked towards the TV to grab my charger "So dance if it burns you, and DA DA DA DA, daa" yessss. Two arms wrapped around me I got scared a little. I took my head phones off.  "I throw my arms around you darling" Vic sang that one line and drove me crazy. I started to laugh "I thought you were sleeping?"  He kissed the side of my neck. "You were too loud...also I heard you singing" damn I thought I was quiet. "Oh I'm sorry" he smiled "it's okay...you sing good" I smiled and grabbed the broom "thank you...hey earlier you said you were going to say something" he plopped himself on the couch. "Oh yeah I doubt you'll say yes" I finished sweeping the last part of the living room, and sat down by him.
"Tell me come on" he pulled me close "okay well I was thinking that maybe after the wedding you should fly to New York for like 2 days." I smiled "okay I'm down" he smiled "great!"

I then pulled Vic to my room "let's go look for flights" we went to my room. We got in my room and I noticed all the pillows on the floor. "What the heck Vic?" He started to laugh "look your pillows are flat, so I just threw them to the side" I rolled my eyes "sure" I went under my bed and grabbed the mac, I got back on top of the bed and  brought my knees up, and placed the laptop on my knees. "Okay so Houston to New York, now wait" I noticed Vic looking at my thighs, he looked sad. "Amillia," I looked at my laptop "yes?" He took then laptop off my legs. "How long?" I looked at him confused "what?" He pointed at my legs "oh it’s been a good three days" he then grabbed my hand "you need to stop," I breathed in "Vic you don't understand, Its hard," he then took off his bracelets "look I used to do the same thing, but I stopped, if I can do it then you can do it you’re a strong girl," I looked at his arms there they were, the scars from the past, they looked pretty bad. "Vic," I had no words, I was speechless looking at his arm.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He then began to putting them back on "Amillia just please stop hurting yourself I love you" I nodded my head. "I love you too" he gave me back my laptop.

I saw the cheapest flight "Okay well there's one at 9:30 to New York! Perfect price is okay BUT hey! I'ma get to see the best boyfriend in the whole world" Vic smiled when I said that "okay I just need to go get my card from the kitchen. I'll be back" I ran to the living room and grabbed my wallet from the drawer.

I walked back in the room and saw Vic on his phone "hi" why hi? Oh well "hola" woah!?! Spanish out Vic's mouth? miracles! I got back on my laptop and something was wrong with the laptop saying that the flight information will be in my email "Vic" he looked up "what?" I turned the laptop towards him. "Oh, I'm looking for the information in my email" I took his phone "hey give me it!" I laughed "nah I'll looked for it I mean I'm the one getting on the plane" he then grabbed my body and threw me on the other side of his body, and got on top off me leaving only a small space I between us  "Give me the phone or else" he was laughing "or else what?" He smirked and began to kiss me.

Dumbass, he knows that I go numb when we kiss.  But I tried to hold on to the phone "can I get my phone back?" I nodded no and rolled out from under him. I sat up and started to look fast but he grabbed me from the waist. "Come on please" still asking for the phone "hahah nooo" he got quiet, and finally let me look for the email,

"I found it!" Right when I was going to press it until his breath hit my neck, I put the phone down "what's wrong?" His low voice when he said this drove me crazy. "N-nothing" he knows what he's doing. "Okay..." He then place kiss on my neck. "Vic" he smiled as he kissed my neck again. "What" I felt like I couldn't breathe "stop" he started to laugh "nah" I then moved over and sat on the edge of the bed.

I looked at the email. I was reading it until Vic Took the phone out of my hands. "Fine!" I got up and sent to the kitchen to grab a Glass of water. I drank most of it before I gotback to the room. "I love you", I smiled but yo, it was random getting that moment I walked into my room. "I love you too" I got in my bed and pit the water on the nightstand. "Ima take a nap" Vic then got close to me "you're not going to bed" I pulled the covers over my face "yes" he then pulled the cover off my face. I couldn't help but to smile. He smiled back and leaned in to kiss me. I waited for our lips to meet once again but he pulled away.

I felt like shit! Like why would you do that I was dying for that kiss!!! He then got under the bed covers. I looked at him mad staring into his soul. "What’s wrong with you?" acting like he didn’t know what he did. I went under my covers again. "WHY would you do that?" he chuckled "because I wanted to" I got out the cover and sat up "you can't be doing that that's not cool" I turned away from him.

"Amillia?" I ignored him "Amillia?" Ignore him and don't give in. "I love youuu!" Just keep calm and ignore him. He then took the cover off my face. "Leave me alone" he smiled "I can't" I rolled my eyes "I love you." He then leaned in to kiss me but I don't think so right when he was about to go for the lips I moved. "Awe what?!" I started to laugh "what? You got played?",he crossed his arms "uh yeah" I smiled at him. "Oh whale for you!" He then got up "Ima go okay?" I nodded "okay… make sure you close my door" he then began to walk out "okay I'm leaving" I shook my head "okay go ahead goodnight" I went along. "You’re gonna have to sleep alone", I nodded "okay can you hurry. You should be out by now I need to nap" He then finally walked out, I then went under my covers…I heard footsteps. I'm not dumb. I stuck my head out the covers. Vic got under the covers with me. "Yeah I just noticed I can't leave you" I smiled "knew it" he then pulled me close. "I love you" he gave me a kiss on my cheek. "I love you too Ima take a nap okay?" I then drifted away in my dreams 
"Hey, you wanna go to the Beach?" I had a box full of blades and suicide notes from the past.
"No its okay, it late let's just stay home, plus I need to edit this song. Tomorrow okay? It’ll better I promise" 
I ignored him and grabbed he keys and left. I need to stay awake its night 10:30
"For the best, I need to get rid of this burden" I was talking to myself as I tried to keep my eyes open and on the road. I was already close to the beach. I was able to see the moon's reflection on the water. 
I have one more green light to pass before I get to the Beach. I then noticed a note on the side of my seat I grabbed it. It was in in Vic's handwriting.



Amillia you are such an amazing, beautiful, smart girl. I wouldn't want to miss a day with you.

Look at the window to your right. I will always love you forever



The light turned green. I did what the note the said. I turned my head to the window. And saw a ring taped to the bottom corner of the window but I saw the bigger picture. It coming towards me. “NO!” I tried to go faster but I wasn’t on time.  
"Amillia?!?" I woke up scared. Vic was sitting up "what happen?" I felt like I couldn't breathe or talk. I got up from the bed and went to get some water. 
I came back to my room Vic was just staring at me. "Come on let's go back to bed" he moved over to make room for me. I looked at the time
10:42 pm
I got in bed with his arms wrapped around me. "You wanna talk about the dream?" I want to tell him but it literally scared me to go anywhere….it felt so real, the impact from the hit. "No it’s okay it was just a small nightmare” he raised an eyebrow “you sure?” I nodded “yeah, um you wanna do something tomorrow?” he shook his head. “yeah got any ideas?” I got quiet thinking about where we shoud go. But he came up with an idea before my brain could start. “hey what about a carnival?” that sounds so childish haha oh well. “yeah sure it’ll be like one of those cute dates high school kids have” he kissed my cheek and chuckled “yeah and they like kiss for the first time” this is the moment were I just wanna hug vic so tight. I really think I love him.”goodnight Amillia, I love you” I gave him a soft gentle kiss. “te amo tambien.”


Oh lawd….





A/N-omg guyes 1 k reads woow i cant believe this congrats to mehh :) jk anyways thank yall so much for these reads yall motivate me to keep writing i swear im not even kidding... i love everyone of yall. anyways yall be safe and careful because i found out today that it really is a cold world where living in i had to find out the hard way.....comment and all that wonderfl fun stuff.-PTVfuentes #cholopride

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