Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


7. Baby its you! your the one i love!

Amillia's POV

got home and opened the door. Everyone got quiet as soon as I opened the door. I waved "hey guys I'm going to take a shower I'll be back" mike then added "I'll join, if you want me to" I laughed "I'm your dreams" then guys laughed at mike. I then went to me room and Sam followed me into the room. "Amillia we need to talk" she then closed the door and sat on my bed as I went to my drawer to get my undergarments "well last night-" I cut her off letting lies pour out my mouth like a river. "Sam I’m happy for you and tony. I hope that your have a really good time with him you can spend as much time as you want with him no shoo go you tu amor esta aya" I then put a fake smile. She then walked out. I went to my bathroom and washed myself and then put on a bikini I had and filled my Jacuzzi and relaxed in the hit water as I had my headphones on. I had my music loud screaming in my ear so I decided to song along "I was weak then and you know it. You took me out and left me in the deep end. Plus I thought you we're the one so it was worth it....why would you call this love when you knew it wasn’t?" Before you knew it I was in tears. From thinking about Sam and tony. It should be me and tony. I took off my headphones and also put my face into the water with the rest of my body. I stayed under for like 30 seconds. I got back up and just blankly stared at the ceiling.

I then finally got out dried my legs and arms and looked at myself at the mirror and I look like I have been crying. I got out.my bathroom decided to just jump into bed and sleep (my room has a bathroom, shower and Jacuzzi) I opened the bathroom door and saw Vic in my room chilling on my bed "what the hell Vic?" He just stayed in the same spot and covered his eyes "sorry beautiful, I just wanted to talk but it’s okay if you don't" I turned around and said "it’s okay I have a sports bra and shorts on." He then put his hands down and continued "well I was thinking... Oh my god your eyes what happened to them" I looked at NY eyes and they're red and puffy. "Nothing I got soap in my eyes" he rolled his eyes "lies I know you've been crying your eyes say it" I put my hair in the towel and sat on my bed by vic. And asked "how do you know I've been crying I mean I really got soap I. My eyes" he laughed "eyes are the windows to the soul baby,” trying me make laugh "well, tell me what's wrong?" I then told him a bunch of crap "I miss my family I want to go back to Houston and but I can't cause I need to stay in the dance crew. And I still need to loom for a job I’m just frustrated!" My towel off my head. I just left my hair like a monster all over the place. Vic then started moving hair out of my face. He got closer to me just moving my hair. "thank you for styling my hair" Vic laughed "your welcome" he then got to the last strand of hair right in the middle of my face and smiled and got his face up to mine I didn't know what was going on until he did it. He kissed me out of the blue what the hell? I kissed back but I don't know why I just did that...once we separated he opened his arms and I just laid in his arms and he whispers "you don't know how bad I've been wanting to do that" we sat there and he added "so what are we something?" I looked up at him "Vic I can't I'm really sorry I just wanna be alone and think I'm sorry" I looked down he then gave me a kiss on the forehead "okay well Ima go with the guys”, I nodded okay.

Oh my god what the heck?!? Why did I kiss him back?!? I got my hair dryer and did my hair I curled it and put on some make up just too waste time and also cover up my puffy eyes. I then went out my room. I saw Sam with tony and Vic only. I sat by Vic. Sam stared at me so I snapped "Sam stop staring at me!" She then opened her mouth "dude why are you wearing make up? You never wear makeup" I rolled my eyes added "I'm not wearing makeup" she then laughed "Milli I'm not dumb I can tell you even put it on wrong" I then said to Vic "babe...um where’s mike and Jamie?" And Gave Vic a kiss...his face was shocked. Tony then answered for Vic "AMILLIA!" Tony got up and yelled at me like as if I was doing something bad in a serious tone and sat down I mean millia! Jamie went to get some clothes from the house to bring for.us to change. “I smiled and tony just glared at Vic.

Vic's POV

Well I guess I don't really need to worry about tony and Amillia. I like Amillia she’s a cutie, her body is so perfect, she’s athletic and her big brown eyes they’re just so big I can just look at them all day. Anyways after I told her I wanted to date her she kicked me out her room and think and I guess that she agreed...when we we're in the living room she kissed me and called me babe. So I KNOW were are dating. All four of us sat in silence and tony looked pissed as fuck at me. I bet he wants Amillia sucks for him because I already got her. She grabbed my hand and mouthed to me "thank you” I smiled and said "I love you baby." She gave me a hug. Sam then got up and said "I'm going to my room to change I've been wearing this half of the day I'll be back." Tony asked us "so you guys like each other right?" Amillia answered fast "yeah we like each other right babe?" She then got on me and gave me a kiss. At this rate well be married by next month haha kidding.

Tony then just stared at Amillia. Sam then came back with a similar outfit as Amillia. It was awkward for a while. Amillia just sat and stared at me while she played with my hands. Sam was actually distant from tony she was sitting on the floor while, Tony was on his phone…They won't last long. Amillia grabbed my phone "let's see who was the last person you talked to" oh god no I told mike I kissed her. I took the phone "haha nope I don't think so" she rolled her eyes "okay guess I'm not worth it." She the grabbed her phone "how about you.do the same to me see who was the last person I talked to deal?" I couldn't turn my girl down "fine" I gave her the phone and she gave me hers I went to messages and not surprised but tony was the last person she texted I was reading some of the messages and they flirt too much with each other. It’s not going to be like that between them two. I looked at Amillia and she was just taking funny pictures of herself "babe have you seen my messages?" I asked She laughed "um no I'm taking pictures are you done looking at my phone?" I laughed "yeah here" I gave her the phone "wait real quick let me see your messages I've been taking pictures"

she was going through the messages and pressed on mikes conversation she was reading and I guessed she read that I texted about me kissing her. She smiled and looked at me and gave me a kiss and whispered in my ear "tell him that I kissed you this time" blush took over my face. Tony then yelled "really?!? You have to kiss right in front of us?" Amillia rolled her eyes and got up to look in the fridge. For something "guys we have nothing to eat! I'm going to the store! Wait never mind I have no car" tony got up and gave her the keys "can I trust you with my car?" She smiled "dude of course you can trust me I'm not going to crash your car unless I get mad” tony poked her with the key flirting dumbass better stop. Tony added "nope not taking the risk I'm going to drive you." Amillia then rolled her eyes "fine babe you wanna come or stay?" "I want to go but I can't because my phone needs to charge and I'm waiting for a call" she nodded and came and gave me a hug "okay well I'll be back as fast as possible I love you" I smiled "I love you too" tony playfully pushed her "come on slow poke.”

Amillia POV

 I should die. Honestly I deserve to die. I'm only using Vic just so I won't feel so lonely and also just to have someone while Sam is with tony. Damn I just wanna shoot myself for doing something this retarded. Anyways so tony offered to take me to the store. I kinda want Vic to come with us but he couldn’t. We got in the car and it was quiet but tony broke the silence "dude why are you dating Vic?" I was happy he asked I had this planed out "easy because he's really sweet and funny and cute" he nodded in disappointment "your lying you just met Vic like three days ago how are you in love with him that fast?" He had a serious tone "Um haven't you heard of love at first sight" he rolled his eyes "yeah love at first sight" I then got mad "DUDE JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP OKAY IM IN A DAMN RELATIONSHIP LIKE YOU IM HAPPY FOR YOU AND SAM WHY THE FUCK CAN YOU BE HAPPY FOR ME? YOU KNOW WHAT?!? YOU HAVE KNOWN SAM THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME I HAVE KNOWN VIC AND IM NOT BITCHING ABOUT IT AM I!" TONY pulled up into the parking lot and started to yell back "THERES A FUCKING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MY RELATIONSHIP AND YOURS. I CANT BE HAPPY FOR YOU." I got more mad "WHY NIGGA POR QUE NO PUEDES DICIR NADA?!? YOU.KNOW WHAT IM OUT"

 I got out the car and ran to the store and grabbed everything I needed for the week. After paying I went back to the car and tony was just staring me down I pointed to the trunk and hey opened it. After putting the stuff in fighting started again "dude stop staring at me" he rolled his eyes "don't be a bitch ass hoe" my crazy bomb exploded "THA FUCK?!? DE QUE ESTAS HABLANDO?!? DAMN NO PUEDES A CAMAR FOR SHIT?! DIME POR QUE ESTOY UN PUTA DIME!!!" Tony looked at me "YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?!?" I nodded "SI POR QUE YO SE QUE NO SOY UN PERRA” he bit his lip "BECAUSE YOU CANT BE HOEING AROUND WITH A GUY YOU MET THREE DAYS AGO." I yelled and punched on the arm "DAMN YOU TONY WHAT IS THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE YOU DOIN THE SAME EXACT SHIT AS ME" he yelled back "NO ITS NOT BECUASE I LOVE YOU NOT SAM" I got quiet I don't know if I heard Tony right. He sighed said "look I wasn't really going out with Sam. We both pretended to date so you can tell one of the guys you like me so I can actually have more confidence to ask you out" I smiled but frowned "why ?! Why didn’t you just ask me out?" He laughed “It’s easy I didn't want to get turned down" I rolled my eyes "well I love you too tony" he grabbed my face and brought it close to his and I let him kiss me. I took my seat belt off and got on top of him and hugged him "tony don't ever do stupid shit like that ever again. Just know that I love you." I closed my eyes and hugged him really tight he then whispered "baby we need to get home were still at the store get off me." I looked at him "I can't I love you too much" he then Gave me a nice soft kiss "I loved you since 10 the grade" I got off him and sat on my seat. The whole time we held hands. Once we got to my house I took off my seat belt "I love you Amillia" I smiled "I love you too tony" I leaned in to kiss him until they yelled "HEY!"

 shit im screwed..-_-






A/N- Hey yall i updated and im in austin haha probs gonna have the next chapter out early i have like 3 hours to write and look out the window. Anyways yup like and stufff love ya! -ToPsZn #coolio

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