Sweatpants and Skinny Jeans (Pierce the Veil Fanfiction)

what happens to a hiphop girl when her bestfriend takes her warped tour, and finds an old friend, but also falls for the type of guy she never thought she would like...


22. 911 whats your emergency?

Amillia POV

"Vic I need some time just please" he caught up to me. "You need some time okay, I'll be here with you in case you wanna talk." I place my hand on his cheek "I love you" I then ran off. "AMILLIA!"

The only way to get my anger out. I ran till I felt like I was about to pass out. It took me a while. But I still ran. The wind hitting my face. Everything around me is to slow, why can’t it go as fast as me running. Everything was going good until I felt something come up my throat.

shit I'm sick.

 I called Vic "Babe I don't feel good come and get me" I felt light headed "Okay where are you?" I looked around. "By a park"  "Okay I'll be there real quick." I sat down and the bench to breathe. My head was all over the place I felt like I was going to pass out. I put my head down hoping that the head ache will go away.

"Amillia!" I looked up and saw Vic. I just waved I know couldn't get up. He got out the car and ran over to me. "Amillia?" I looked up "carry me" he grabbed my arms and carried me to the car. "Amillia are you okay?" I nodded no "I feel so light headed, and I wanna oh shit" my eyes grew wide "Amillia…" Vic grabbed my hand I didn't know what was happening. His mouth was moving. I then came back into reality "sorry for a second I couldn't hear" I looked at me worried Amillia are you okay?" I shook my head "please just get me to your place" he turned off the car. "Were already here." I looked out the window and saw different colors like purple and green spots. I got out the car Vic wanted to carry me but I turned him down "It’s okay Vic I got it." He looked at me with concern "are you sure?" I nodded and got out the car as he went to open the door.

The moments I got on both my feet everything was black...what is wrong with me. I felt something on my back. I kept blinking trying to see but I couldn't. I heard Vic yell. "GUYS GET OVER HERE!! I NEED HELP!!SHES OUT" Tony was there calling ambulance I can hear him. "Yes I need an ambulance here now my friend she passed out...." Vic grabbed my hand and started talk Amillia say something" I couldn't move my mouth. I felt so dead. I wasn't able to see, move. "One person can co…" holy shit I'm dying. Everything slowly disappearing. Black is the only thing I can see.


 I never had this happened to me before until today. Opened my eyes. I saw Vic he had his head on my legs. "Vic?" Ye shot up in that moment. "Amillia, are you okay?" I shook my head "yes it just I have a massive headache" he grabbed my hand "you just need some water." He went the table across the room to grab me a cup of water.

 "What happened to me?" He smiled "nothing major you passed out, you couldn't talk, everyone was freaking out but, when I got here with you they told me you were just dehydrated...did you drink water at practice?" he gave me the cup of water. "No, Um where's my phone?" Vic took it out from his pocket "When the ambulance was about to take you Jaime grabbed your phone from the grass and gave it to me" I smiled "thank you Vic...and Sam?" He sat down in the edge of the bed "she's on her way she should be here in 10 minutes" I got under the covers "do you know if I have to stay?" He smirked "yeah you have to stay...in my place" I smiled and moved over to make room for Vic. "Come over here! So...I can leave right now?" He got under the cover with me "we have to wait till this tube thing finishes"

 I gave him a kiss. "Oh its water right?" He smiled and nodded. "Babe its 8:13 where's Sam" he shrugged "I don't know text her"

me-sam where are you?

Sam-dude I'm here at the hospital. Where are you?

Me-at the hospital.

I got off the phone. "How long is this tube going to take to finish?" He shrugged and gave me a soft kiss. "Maybe an hour" I then got a message.

Fuckboy(tony)-are you okay? Me and the guys are coming.

Me-yeah...bring me a damn gorita its the least you can fucking do bitch

Fuckboy(tony)- chill and okay

I got off my phone grabbed Vic's hand. "Promise that no matter what happens you'll always love me" he kissed my head "promise" Sam then got through the door. "AMILLIA!" I smiled at her "Sam" she gave me a tight hug "holy shit I got scared mike told me and it was thinking that..." I gave her a serious face "Sam I would never do something like that... Anyways the guys are on their way" Sam pushed some of my hair back "Amillia I love you...you are my sister...I'm sorry that I haven't been there" I smiled "its okay Sam plus I've had Vic this whole time" she smiled "anyways so what happened? I never got the details" I looked over at Vic "babe can you explain, I don't remember much of what happened" he gave me a kiss on the forehead and began to explained to Sam.

"AMILLIA, AMILLIA AMILLIA!" I heard the guys coming getting louder by the second. "AMILLIA AMILLIA!" The guys opened the door with stuff in their arms "guys!" They all came over. "Here ya go Amillia" Jaime gave me a little teddy bear. I smiled and gave him a hug. "Hope you feel better" Mike gave me a king sized chocolate bar I did the same for him smiled and hugged, but Tony is a different story.

"This is my fault for making you mad...your my best friend and I can't he mad at the decisions you make, I'm supposed to support you like a best friend" he then gave me flowers. He opened his arms but I just stuck my hand out to shake...don't worry it was a gangster shake ;) the guys and Sam sat around my bed. Tony then finally accepted it "Vic, I'm happy for you and Amillia...Ima kick your ass if you hurt her she's my best friend" I smiled "Tony chill he's been a really good boyfriend. Also I know he won't hurt me like others." Tony's eyes got big when I said that as if no else knows. But everyone found out earlier. Mike then went to the bathroom, while Jaime went to ask for more water at the desk.

 I then fixed myself "I mean emotionally...yeahhhh...Sam!" She was looking a Tony with disgust put I grabbed her attention "yea?" She tilted her head a little making her look like she wanted to kill someone (tony) "um me and Vic are dating again" she smiled and rolled her eyes "what?" Vic asked. "Figured, you called him babe, y'all kissed, top it off y'all fucked so it was bound to happen soon" my mouth opened to look like this -> (°O°). Tony looked at me weird "you guys had sex?" I nodded slowly "y-yeah" he laughed "oh damn you guys are fast. Are you gonna be pregnant? I mean I need to know if Ima be an uncle or not." Holy shit. This nigga went 100-0 really quick. I looked over to Vic and laughed "nope too early hell naw I still need to dance, and have fun I'm 24 Ima wait till I'm at least 28..." Tony started to laugh...which is weird because I honestly thought he was going to be mad.

 I looked at Vic he looked like he was screwed or in trouble "Vic what's wrong" he nodded and gave me a kiss on the forehead "nothing" "GROSS!" Tony yelled. "Shut up puutoo" I laughed and mike got out the bathroom "wow...Vic get it!" Sam looked at Mike Como loco "Mike all late n shit" I looked at Vic again still looking worried as fuck. I poked his cheek "Vic?" He looked at me and smiled. "Yes beautiful?" I intertwined my fingers with his "what's wrong you look all out of it" he shrugged "I'll just tell you later." I bit my lip "fine...TONY!" He shot up from his phone "WHAT?" I smiled "where's my gordita you promised?"  He got up "oh well you. See it was either flowers for you or food so I got the flowers because they’ll last longer" I rolled my eyes "well, I want a grodita!"

Jamie then barged in with three brown bags. "Hey Jaime what you got there" Mike wanted to know but I know that it has to be tacos or something. "Uh food and something for Amillia" he pulled out a torta and handed to me "tony texted me to get you some food earlier so I just got this" I smiled at Jaime and Tony "thank you guys." I then began to eat my torta.

I then saw the door open the doctor came in "okay I'm sorry to ruin the moment but the friends need to wrap it up visitor time is going to be up in 10 minutes." I looked at the doctor like he's crazy "wait I need to stay?" He looked at me and nodded "yes...until the water in the tube is gone...that will take about 3 hours" I grunted "but...wait...how long have I been here?" Vic then answered "about 3 hours." The doctor then looked at the tube and doctor stuff. "Well I'll be here tomorrow the moment they let me in" she then gave me a tight hug "te amo hermanita" I told her she smiled and made her way out the room. Jaime, Tony, and Mike then gave me a group hug "well you later Mrs.Fuentes" Tony said I rolled my eyes "shut up" Mike then tried to take my chocolate he gave me "MIKE! I SEE YOU" he started to laughed "FINE! Vic we’ll be out here waiting on you" the Doctor pointed at the clock to let Vic know to leave as he walked out the room.

"Damn you look beautiful even wearing hospital clothes” I rolled my eyes " shut up" he smiled and hugged me "Amillia, I need to tell you this but...that night where things got a little crazy I'm sorry but I didn't think" I cut him off "Vic it’s okay we were protected...that's all that matters"

Vic's POV-

Okay so Sam just practically told everyone we fucked.


Tony asked if he will be an uncle... he is! It was bothering me not to tell Amillia but this just made me want to tell her before shit goes down. She noticed something was up with me but I just pushed aside for this moment. "I wish but that night there was no protection..." She looked in to my eyes trying to see if I was playing. She started to smile.

Wait why is smiling?!?







A/N-this can go many ways....anyways i love you guys all you guys are the reason why i keep writing -TOpsZn #chola4aday

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