Me and my friend joked around and made a story together.... It might not be good but what the hell xD There might be some mistakes in the spelling but I was to lazy to edit them out... Enjoy this sick story and I hope it brings a smile upon your lovely face :)


1. Bored over skype

Once upon a time a squirrel lived in a castle made out of cake, it was always a happy being.
it had many bug friends to party with, but sadly did the flies alway thow up on the cake before eating.
It had to stop, and it had to stop now the squirrel thought, when it yet again cleaned vomit up from the plates.
It had to get help from it's best friend, who was a moose.
it had made a plan, to get rid of those danm things.
It was the greatest plan of all, it was a masterplan!
All their needed were teddiebears and alot of poison, then could the plan come to life.
But then the Moose looked at the Squirrel and said. "But the most importan part is to get Paris Hilton, she is needed so they will never come back again!" His evil eyes looked Down on the happy animal, who smiled with all his might.
It should all start on the promise say, and end in one big hell fire of smiles from heavens most wanted.

~~~~~~~~~~~~One week later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The squirrel had invited all of it's friends to a grand party, and they were all in a party mood for only the best was to come from this party. Or so they all thought.
It was almost midnight and the flies had gone eating like they always did, but they did not know it would be the last time. The roof above them was lifted up in the air, and a cold Wind began to make it's way inot their bones. Most of the bugs ran out of the castle, in fear of freezing to death. But the flies found them self unable to move, due to the cold air that froze them to the ground.
The moose then came intot the room smiling a heart breaking smile, to the small frozen things. It was then they knew that it all....

Was just a dream!
And just before the moose would crush them under a Paris Hilton teddiebear, did they all wake up.
It was just the effects of a bad trip. The castle was merely an old dusty box, the cake is left for you to decide what was. The moose were not even alive but an old toy who was left to rot away.


Marry Christmas!!!


I am so sorry for this story ^_^ But me and my friend were bored to death and we came up with this. It's not meant to be god but more of a way to kill time, and yes were a treated for what ever insane sickness we might have xD

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