Jemma Roe has been hearing voices since she was eleven, well, one voice in particular, and his name is Chance Lexar. Because of this voice, Jemma has been looked at as mental or insane to the people around her; including her family. This results in her getting shipped away to a boarding school in New York that was developed just for "special" people like her. At the boarding school, she meets two fraternal twins by the names of Katrina and Kyle Madison. They both suspiciously have the same problems as Jemma, they have a single voice tormenting their minds. The voices have also been given names too. Jemma knows that this isn't a coincidence, but what does it mean? Does it mean that these so called "voices" may not actually be something in their head; but something or someone real? Find out in Voices.


10. Questions and Answers

Chapter 10: Questions and Answers

"Jemma, Jemma? You need to wake up." I hear Kyle's faint voice slip into my subconscious. I snap my eyes open, immediately startled by the bright, streaming sunlight coming in through the dusty windows. 

"Shit, how long was I out for?" I rub my eyes tiredly as I straighten myself up, there's a very annoying crick in my neck now.

     "Pretty long, but it doesn't matter, let's just quickly get our voices to answer our questions so we can get out of here as soon as possible." He replies back, rubbing his eyes tiredly. I notice that his face is flushed red; I wonder why, oh wait, I know exactly why...I feel my face turn beet red now and I cover my chest with my arms. God, why didn't I push him off of me when I had the chance? Maybe because I liked him that close to me; ugh, but since when? Jesus Jemma, just get your head back together and stop whining about unimportant things. 

"U-Um, I don't think it's going to be that easy." I mutter, trying to recollect my thoughts.

"What, why?" He's purposely avoiding eye contact with me, I know that there's nothing interesting on that dingy floor. 

"My voice usually only contacts me when it feels like it, not when I try to contact it." I continue, standing up slowly. 

Kyle looks at me now. "Really? Usually when I ask my voice something, it always answers."

I frown. "Interesting; maybe we can use your voice as the source then, it might be quicker and more efficient." 

"You're right." He sits down in the middle of the room then. "I need to concentrate, so try not to make too much noise alright?"

"I wont," I purse my lips. "But what are you going to ask it?"

He brushes a piece of dark hair out of his eye. "My voice likes attention, so I'll try to ask it some things about itself, then I'll try to push a bit further and get it to accidentally admit something if I can."

     My stomach churns at this sentence. It's because Chance somehow he knew that Joss had attacked me, somehow he knew that it was my birthday, he somehow knows almost everything that happens to me, like he's also my eyes and ears or something. What if he knows what we're planning right now and he's warning all of his other comrades. What will happen to us if they all find out what we're up to?

"Kyle-" I begin to speak.

"Sh," He hushes.

     I sigh and close my eyes. Maybe I'll try and contact Chance, I know it's a risk and that it probably might not even work, but I need to figure who and where he-it, is once and for all. I just need to calm down, if anything; this is for the best.


No reply. I clench my fists in determination.

"CHANCE I NEED HELP!" I scream into my head.

"Jemma? Jemma are you alright?"

I smirk to myself; sucker. 

"I need help Chance, and you're the only one that can help me."

"What is it? What's happening?"

"It's Joss, he's threatening me, he's saying that if I don't tell him who you are and where you're from, he's going to kill me!"

"W-What? N-No, I can't tell him that!"

"He'll kill me Chance, please! If he tries to find you I'll stop him, don't worry! He can't leave the school unassisted anyways!"

"If he tries to find us, me, you need to kill him OK Jemma? I can't have him hurt you."

"O-OK, just please tell me, hurry!" 

"I am currently situated at the Lexar Company,"

I'm such an idiot, how did I not know this? All of our voices have the same last name! God Jemma, get it together. 

"Chance where is this place? Please, he's coming towards me!" Wow, I am such a good faker. 

"We're in Arizona!"

My heart is racing in my chest. This is it, this is it. "Where in Arizona?"


"What the hell is going on here?" What is that? Is that another voice? But it sounds so faint, what's going on?

"Mr. Helm!"

"Chance what the fuck-"

A loud crackling sound then interrupts the stern voice, and a painful pulse sounds through my head. I cringe as I fall to the floor.

"What; Jemma are you OK?" Kyle scrambles towards me. I nod my head, but there's still a loud ringing in my ears. "What the hell just happened?" He asks, helping me up carefully. 

I put my hand against my forehead. "I-I was so close to finding the address,"

"Wait, you contacted your voice? What did he say?" He interrupts me.

"He told me that he is at a place called The Lexar Company, it's somewhere in Arizona, but I don't know the exact address. I was so close though." Shit, I feel so useless. I was so fucking close; what the hell happened?

"How did you get him to confess that to you?" Kyle presses.

"I made up a fake scenario and he fell for it. God, I was so close to figuring out the address, but then there was another voice," I reply back distractedly. 

"What? Another voice other than ours?" He frowns.

I nod. "Yeah, his name was Mr. Helm. If I'm correct, I think he caught Chance trying to tell me their location, the connection cut off almost immediately." 

"Holy shit," Kyle mutters to himself as he stands up slowly. 

I give him an intense stare, knowing what he's probably thinking.

He turns away from me, deep in thought. "Well then, I guess somehow we have to get to Arizona."

"What? Don't we need like a plane ticket and money?" I ask in obvious disbelief. 

"Don't worry, I know a guy," He says as he bends down to pick up his bag off of the floor.

I'm about to stand up too, when another pulse sounds loudly through my head; but this time it comes with a message.

Your voice has been terminated. You now have 168 hours to live.

"Jemma? Are you alright?" I hear Kyle ask but I'm not listening.


Your voice has been terminated. You now have 168 hours to live. The message flashes constantly across the blackness of my eye lids every time I close my eyes. 

Tears well up in my eyes; what the hell is this?

'Jemma?" Kyle crouches down in front of me and puts a soft hand on my shoulder. "What's going on?"

I look him directly in the eye, trying to keep my hands from shaking uncontrollably. 

"They're gonna kill me Kyle."










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