Jemma Roe has been hearing voices since she was eleven, well, one voice in particular, and his name is Chance Lexar. Because of this voice, Jemma has been looked at as mental or insane to the people around her; including her family. This results in her getting shipped away to a boarding school in New York that was developed just for "special" people like her. At the boarding school, she meets two fraternal twins by the names of Katrina and Kyle Madison. They both suspiciously have the same problems as Jemma, they have a single voice tormenting their minds. The voices have also been given names too. Jemma knows that this isn't a coincidence, but what does it mean? Does it mean that these so called "voices" may not actually be something in their head; but something or someone real? Find out in Voices.


9. Operation: Escape

Chapter 9: Operation: Escape

     Kyle and I agree to meet up with each other after dark the next day when everyone is fast sleep. He said that he would have to make up an excuse that wouldn't let Katrina follow him, and that it would be easy enough because apparently she's very gullible.

     My heart races in my chest as I climb out of bed in the dark to retrieve my bag of equipment that I had prepared in the morning. Before we went up the other night, we stole as much food from the cafeteria as possible. I now have my share in my bag, including some clothes, and a few of my other belongings. I also made sure to pack some hygienic products like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant, because I don't want to smell like a hobo when I found the source behind those voices and kick their asses.

     I creep as quietly as I can out of the room, still highly aware that Artisan somehow knew that I'd left the other night to get a midnight snack. Come to think of it, I still don't really know what Artisan's problem is. She must be in this nut house for some reason or another; so what is it?

      I quickly shake the thought out of my head as I climb slowly down the staircase, keeping my hood as close to my face as possible. That's not what I should be worrying about right now; I need to worry about getting the hell out of this place. I continue to make my way towards the front of the school, making sure to keep my head low and to hide out in the darkest corner of the hallway, so that if anyone comes down they won't see me. 

     I glance down at my watch. Where the hell is this guy? He was supposed to be here when I came. Ugh. God, I'm actually so tired, I could have used that extra six hours of sleep to be honest. My eyes start to flutter slowly closed, but then a hand suddenly comes crashing over my mouth. I snap them back open, ready to scream bloody murder, until I notice those familiar blue eyes glowing in the dark around me. I sigh a loud sigh of relief; it's just Kyle. 

I push him away from me. "Why the hell would you do that?" I hiss angrily. 

"I don't know, maybe because your eyes were closed? If I'd just randomly came beside you in the dark, you would have screamed and ruined this whole plan." He replies back, slinging his backpack further up onto his shoulder.

"Whatever," I mutter, knowing that he's completely right. "So what took you so long? You were supposed to be here before me."

He lifts his hand up to show me that he's holding a screw driver.

I stare distastefully at him. "Oh great, you wanna become Bob the Builder? I'm so proud of you Kyle." 

He rolls his eyes. "No you idiot, I was disabling some of the alarm systems so that when we walked out of here, there wouldn't be anything to signal that we left." 

I raise my eye brow in surprise at how smart that was. "Well in that case, good job I guess." 

"I also covered up some of the security cameras around the areas that we would be walking through," He continues, making me feel even more like a dumb ass for not thinking about doing this than I already do. 

I put my hand up to stop him from speaking. "OK, OK, you don't gotta brag." 

      He gives me a quick wink before turning to look out the glass front doors. "OK, so I was thinking that we should start travelling north until we find a rest stop. I remember seeing an abandoned cabin a few good miles from here. We just need to get as far away from this place as possible, and when we reach our rest stop we can contact our voices to trick them into helping to lead the way." 

"Um, hold up. A few good miles? Do you know how long it's going to take us to get there Kyle? Shouldn't we have a more reasonable rest stop?" I quickly intervene. Who the hell does this guy think I am? Endurance girl? Fuck no.

    He looks back at me. "Jemma, in the morning when they notice that we're gone, they going to start looking for us immediately. If we stop at the closest, most obvious place in this vicinity, they will definitely find us and bring us back here. We can't risk that happening." 

I bite my lip. He's right; again. 

      "And don't worry, if we start heading out now, we'll be able to reach the place in no time. Just think, I'm only crazy because of my voice. Just repeat that over and over again in your head if you ever start to doubt yourself; that's what I always do." Something flickers across his eyes just then, but I'm not sure what it is. Hate? Regret? Conflict? Or maybe it's all three. 

"OK," I sigh, forcing myself to ignore whatever I just saw, "let's go."



We walk for what it seems like ages. By the time we approach the cabin, the sky is turning a lighter shade of blue and can barely feel my feet against ground. 

     "I think it's just through here." Kyle says, pointing just a few feet ahead of us. I glance upwards and notice that we are currently in a very deep ditch. I can hear the cars passing by above us, which means that there is definitely a road up ahead. How did Kyle manage to see down here from up there? Maybe he was looking for an escape all along. 

I'm snapped out of my thoughts when I hear the loud crackling of splinting wood ahead of me. Kyle pushes the dented door open wider and gestures back at me to follow him inside. I do as instructed, and enter the cabin a few seconds later.

     It's nasty in here. There are wet leaves and sticks all over the floor, the windows are muddy and fuggy, the wood looks like it's rotting, and it smells like a million people died. But it doesn't really matter to me because I am so tired. I slump down onto the damp floor and close my eyes, trying to stop myself from panting. I can feel Kyle's eyes on me from across the way, I open my eyes slowly. 

"I'm giving you twenty minutes to rest, tops." He says softly then.

I frown and cock my head at him. "And what about you? Don't you need some rest as well?"

He looks down at his wrist. "No, I need to start asking my voice some questions," For once I can see right behind his pale blue eyes; I know he's just as tired as I am.

"C'mon Kyle, just for fifteen minutes. You'll feel a lot better if you just close your eyes for a bit." I pat the space beside me, indicating that I want him to sit down. 

"Jemma," He begins, but I cut him off.

"Kyle, sit; now. You don't want to mess with me when I emphasize my words." I glare at him, showing that I'm not messing around right now.

He gives me an annoyed look but comes to sit down beside me anyways. 

"We need someone to keep watch though." He yawns then.

"What can happen in twenty minutes?" I feel my eyes starting to close. 

He doesn't reply but his head suddenly collapses onto my chest. That's enough to jump me out of my subconscious state. 

"Kyle?" I whisper, poking him to make sure that he's not dead. But then I feel his steady breathing against my top and realize that he's just asleep. Wow, that was fast.  

I glance down at his peaceful face. He looks a lot calmer when he's asleep. I lay my head slowly against his soft black hair that tickles my chin softly. It feels nice to not be alone for once.

I feel my eyes flutter closed, his body heat and soft breathing lulling me fast to sleep. It feels nice to be safe.  







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