Jemma Roe has been hearing voices since she was eleven, well, one voice in particular, and his name is Chance Lexar. Because of this voice, Jemma has been looked at as mental or insane to the people around her; including her family. This results in her getting shipped away to a boarding school in New York that was developed just for "special" people like her. At the boarding school, she meets two fraternal twins by the names of Katrina and Kyle Madison. They both suspiciously have the same problems as Jemma, they have a single voice tormenting their minds. The voices have also been given names too. Jemma knows that this isn't a coincidence, but what does it mean? Does it mean that these so called "voices" may not actually be something in their head; but something or someone real? Find out in Voices.


12. 5 Runaways

"Katrina, what the hell are you doing here?" Kyle hisses angrily at his sister who looks like she has hell burning in her eyes. Katrina charges towards him and grabs the collar of his shirt. "What am I doing here? The real question is what are you doing here Kyle! I can't believe you just ditched me back there, and to do what? Hideout in a creepy cabin with Jemma? The whole school is in shambles looking for you guys, that's why we were able to slip out so easily because they're so distracted trying to track you idiots down!" She rants furiously. Wow, I've never seen her this heated, but I guess it's understandable. 

Marshal walks carefully over to me and takes my hand gently. "I've been so worried about you Jemma, did that asshole try and kidnap you?" He asks me. I arch my eye brows in surprise. "What? No!"  

Katrina puts her hands on her hips. "OK then what the hell is going on? You two didn't come here to 'you know' what right?" 

I feel my face turn red. "God no!" I laugh through the embarrassment. Marshal tightens his grip around my hand. "Oh thank God, because I would have killed him if he tried anything with you." He flashes a glare at Kyle who's already shooting daggers at him. 

"I-I wanna go back," Joss shakes suddenly from the doorway. "This place is dangerous, these people are dangerous, I don't trust them!" 

Kyle cards a hand through his messy black hair. "God Katrina, why the hell would you bring these two with you? Are you insane?" 

She crosses her arms. "I didn't intend to, but Marshal was asking where Jemma was and I was also wondering where the hell you disappeared to as well. We both had a sneaking suspicion that you two had snuck out together, mainly because you both went missing at the same time. So while the school was trying to figure out where you guys went, we decided to sneak out and go find you ourselves, Joss only tagged along because Marshal was coming." 

Kyle narrows his eyes at Marshal who still has a strong grip on my hand. "Why the hell were you looking for Jemma?" 

He shrugs casually. "Because, she's my damsel in distress." 

I blush immediately. Ugh, God, since when did I blush so easily? Kyle walks over to us and slaps his hand out of mine. "I don't want you or your psychotic friend anywhere near Jemma or my sister alright? Just go back to the school." He says. 

Marshal leans in closer to him, looking more intimidating. "There's no way I'm leaving her here with you ice prince."

I put my hand on his shoulder. "Marshal, it's alright-"

"No," He snaps at me and then turns back to Kyle. "You know, I've heard about you before, your face was all over the news when you killed your father. You can't tell me that you're actually gonna keep this girl safe after doing something evil like that!" 

Kyle flinches at his words. Katrina quickly steps between them. "Marshal, that's enough. Kyle only killed our father because he was trying to kill us!" 

Marshal frowns at her. "Do you think I care? He's still dangerous!" 

"Yeah? And what about you huh? You were at that school for a reason too, I bet you're just as guilty as I am!" Kyle shouts.

"Guilty? Guilty for being blind!" He scream furiously. "That's the only reason I was put in that god damn place, because I'm blind!" 

It falls silent immediately between them.  A sharp pain suddenly rips through my head, I scream, and lose my balance on my feet, falling hard onto my knees. The pain doesn't leave though, I put my hands around my ears and clench my teeth hard. It hurts so much!

"Jemma!" I hear Marshal's faint voice call. 

"Get away from her!" Kyle hisses. I feel his arms around me. "We need to get moving, I'll explain everything to you on the way Katrina. If you two are up for going to Arizona then be my guest, but you're just gonna get in our way." 

"Are you insane? You can't bring Jemma anywhere like this, and how the hell are you gonna get to Arizona!" Katrina argues. 

"That's not important right now, we just have to get going." I feel him lift me up, but my body feels like a dead weight, I can barely move. 

"Kyle, let go of her," 

"No! You know what Katrina, if you can't accept what is happening right now, just leave! I didn't want you to come with us for a reason!" He shouts. It makes my head hurt more. 

"Look, I get it alright? You're trying to 'protect' me, but I don't need you to do that Kyle, I can take care of myself." She replies. 

Kyle groans. "I don't care alright! We need to go!" 


"Jemma doesn't have a lot of time left," He pulls me closer to his chest. I can barely think, but I can see how sad he is. 

"What the hell are you talking about?" I hear Marshal snap. 

"T-They're gonna kill her," Joss shivers behind him. 

"Who's gonna kill her Joss?" Marshal presses.

"The Lite Group, they want her dead." 










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