Jemma Roe has been hearing voices since she was eleven, well, one voice in particular, and his name is Chance Lexar. Because of this voice, Jemma has been looked at as mental or insane to the people around her; including her family. This results in her getting shipped away to a boarding school in New York that was developed just for "special" people like her. At the boarding school, she meets two fraternal twins by the names of Katrina and Kyle Madison. They both suspiciously have the same problems as Jemma, they have a single voice tormenting their minds. The voices have also been given names too. Jemma knows that this isn't a coincidence, but what does it mean? Does it mean that these so called "voices" may not actually be something in their head; but something or someone real? Find out in Voices.


11. 168 Hours

       My head hurts. Why, why is this happening? I was was just trying to help, I was trying to make use of myself; but now I just made things worse. I glance over at Kyle, ever since I explained what was wrong, he's been silent. We've just been sitting in this empty cabin, doing nothing, saying nothing, and knowing nothing anymore. 

"This is all my fucking fault," He speaks suddenly. 

I lean my head back against the wall I'm sitting against. I wish I could say it was, but it isn't. I agreed to go along with this plan; I walked right into it, if anything; it's my own fault that I'm going to die. 

"I have 168 hours," I whisper to myself. That's right, I do; I still have time. I stand up slowly, my fists clenched tightly by my sides. "I still have time Kyle." 

He blinks up at me. "What the hell does that mean?" 

"I still have time. We can go find those pricks, we can destroy them, and somehow stop this ticking time bomb in my head." I say with a bit more determination. 

Kyle puts his head in his hands. "Jemma, you're insane." 

"Am I?" 

"Yes, yes you fucking are!" He snaps back. 

      I put my hands on my hips. Wait to start pissing me off at a time like this dumb ass. "Why am I insane Kyle? We know where they are, we know that they're in Arizona, you know someone that can get us to Arizona; we have everything we need to stop these people, so don't tell me that I'm insane!" 

       He stands up abruptly. "No, you know what, you're right, maybe I shouldn't say you're insane, maybe I should just say that you're a fucking idiot! Your voice gave you these people's location and then was terminated, do you really think that they're going to stay there now knowing that you possibly know where they are? That's why they're going to kill you Jemma, because they don't want anyone to figure out who or where they are!" 

I clench my teeth. 

"By the time me we get to Arizona, those guys are going to be long gone and we're going to have no idea where they went!" He continues to yell. 

I snap. "Well what the hell are we supposed to do then huh? We've come this far, I'm not going back Kyle! I'm not dying for nothing!" 

He watches me intently as I slump back down to the floor. 

"I'm not dying for nothing." I whisper again. 

He sits down silently beside me. "I don't want you to die Jemma, I just don't know what to do." He croaks after a long space of silence. 

"I want you to try Kyle, the least you could do is try." 

He nods. "You're right. If we go to Arizona, we might be able to find a clue about where they might go." 

I nod slowly. "OK, we should get going then." I try to stand up but he grabs my arm. 

"I'm not going to let them kill you OK?" He says seriously. 

I bite my lip, trying to hold back a smile. "Thanks." 

I sense a movement outside of the window of the cabin then. I push him quickly away from me. "Get down, I think there's someone outside." 

"Shit," He hisses. 

We wait quietly and tensely as the movement glides towards the closed door. I hold my breath as the door creaks open slowly.

"Oh for the love of fucking God!" Kyle groans angrily.

In the doorway stands Katrina, Keeanu/Marshal; and Joss. 

"Shit." I mutter now. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse. 



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