After Everything

Sarah Myland is a country girl. As a adopted child she has never felt normal. Now her adopted father leaves the family and all she has is her mother and her farm. Well, and she has her best friend Pierre. Sarah works all day to keep her mother alive and doesn't go to school because they can't afford it. Can things get any worse?


3. Understanding

I run to the barn as fast as I can trying to hold the tears in. Pierre is trailing behind yelling " Come back Sarah it will be ok. He knows it will not be ok. I run around the side of the barn and sit criss-cross applesauce. Then I scream, I just scream for the sake of screaming because I have nothing better to do. Pierre catches up and kneels down beside me, and tries to calm me down. Then we just sit their thinking about every thing that has happened and I wish as hard as one girl can wish that I could start over from the first day my family picked me out, me out of all the normal ones. I also then wish for my memory to be erased. Then I snap back into reality and understand that will not happen at all and that I need to do something about all the pain I am having and I think the best way to do that is get revenge. Get revenge on the drunk who hit my Rose Ann, my father who chose me then left, and my biological parents who gave me away and made my life the mess it is today. They will pay.

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