After Everything

Sarah Myland is a country girl. As a adopted child she has never felt normal. Now her adopted father leaves the family and all she has is her mother and her farm. Well, and she has her best friend Pierre. Sarah works all day to keep her mother alive and doesn't go to school because they can't afford it. Can things get any worse?


1. That Day

He is packing up the car, the only car we have. Does he not love us anymore, what did we do? He was never my father, but he chose me and now he is leaving me. Mom is crying. I am not speaking, I just sit here on the hay in the barn hoping it is all a dream. I hear the accelerator, I pinch my side. I now know this is not a dream. Why do the people you love the most always leave first. My father, the man who talked my mom into adopting me, the girl that never talked to anyone. Me the girl who was traumatized at age 5, because she watched her parents die in a car crash. He chose me. And now he is gone. Probably already down the dirt road by now. Gone, no more, never coming back. I guess I will have to forget, but how can one ever forget the man who chose you. My mom is begging now. I hear her pleading. I guess he doesn't love us anymore.

I don't understand.

Why me.

Why is he leaving.

 I am crying.

I see the chickens and the horses. Even though I can't see it I feel like they are crying ,too. Everything ends like this for me.

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