After Everything

Sarah Myland is a country girl. As a adopted child she has never felt normal. Now her adopted father leaves the family and all she has is her mother and her farm. Well, and she has her best friend Pierre. Sarah works all day to keep her mother alive and doesn't go to school because they can't afford it. Can things get any worse?


2. Life Without


Today I sit in my orange room and try to count all the blue polka dots. My dog Rose Ann comes in and puts her front paws on the edge of my black and white striped bed. I help her up and she licks my face.Everyone is more upset now because when my dad left he took all the money. Well, he left us 200 dollars,but we own a farm , a big farm too. I have been in bed for 2 hours and then I realize, "Oh my goodness I need do my chores". I run to my closet grabbed some purple leggings and a plaid yellow shirt. Then I pulled my knee length red wavy hair into a bun and set out. I ran outside, but I don't get far because my best friend Pierre runs up to me. Pierre's hazel eyes look at me with great  despair. "What is wrong" I asked. "Well, their is an issue with Rose Anne" he said. "WHAT HAPPENED" I yelled. " Rose Ann is dead, she was hit by a drunk driver, I tried to stop him I really did, I'm sorry Sarah" He sounded pitiful. My eyes are heavy now, I feel queasy. Why not me, why Rose Ann. My Rose Ann, dead. I just want to scream until my lungs explode, because everything goes wrong for me. The dog I got for my 5th birthday. The little yellow lab that jumped out of the box and licked my face for 5 minutes, dead. 




I will miss you.

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