LazyTown <SecretLove>

13-Year-Old Stephanie Meanswell loves her life with her uncle and friends in LazyTown, after getting saved by Sportacus when she and friends call help, she starts to feel in love more than she did when she was an 11-year-old girl when it was only a schoolgirl crush. How will she reveal her feelings to the #1 superhero in LazyTown Sportacus? Stay Tuned!


1. Secret Love <ExtendedChapter>

It was just a normal day in LazyTown as a 13-year-old Stephanie Meanswell woke up, she quickly brushed her teeth and with a ballet spin she got dressed into her usual pink outfit and her pink headband with minimum glitter and as always her pink bracelets. She went into the kitchen and saw her Uncle Milford making a healthy breakfast. "Hey there Uncle, somethin' does sure smell good" said Stephanie smelling the food for breakfast. "Well, it is a healthy breakfast, delicious, so eat up sweetie" said Mayor Meanswell handing her a plate. She ate it all up, cleaned up, kissed her uncle good-bye then headed outside to play. Outside around the park she found her friends Ziggy,Stingy,Pixel, and Trixie playing some basketball. Stephanie walked over to where they are. "Hey there Trixie, seems fun, could I play along as well?" Trixie handed her the basketball and they played for a while until Ziggy desperately wanted to make a basket he wouldn't stop begging so Trixie had no choice and handed Ziggy the ball. Ziggy threw the ball but instead of throwing the ball he threw himself up into the basket instead and got stuck. Stephanie and her friends down on the ground tried there best to get him out but no use. Up in the airship was Sportacus where his crystal beeped. "Someone's In Trouble" said Sportacus in his hero voice. He did was he usually does and flips into his seat and rides his airship to LazyTown. As Sportacus arrives he flips and finds Ziggy stuck onto the basketball hoop. Sportacus jumps high up and rescues Ziggy out of the basket. "Thanks Sportacus, I thought I would never come out of there, my arms wer starting to hurt" "No Problem, Ziggy, so whatcha guys doin'?" asked Sportacus. "We were playing basketball until Ziggy kept begging to make it into the hoop but instead he made himself throw into the hoop" said Stephanie. "Well, now he's back on the ground, could I play by the way with you guys?" asked Sportacus giving Stephanie a wink. Stephanie blushed a little and said "Sure Sportacus, we always love to play with you, c'mon let's go" As they played, they start to sing a song called 'Let's Make A Hoop'. "O great, now what are they doin'?" said an angry Robbie Rotten. He checked his telescope and found the teens and Sportacus playing basketball and even saw Sportacus winking at Stephanie several times every time she made a hoop. "Those brats, they just love to play, playing is boring they should be inside watching TV, playing video games, instead of goin' outside in that hot sun..... Uggh... I know, I'll pretend to be a basketball coach and say that whoever misses a hoop has to leave LazyTown forever and I'll bet it's Sportacus I'll make that happen, mwahaha, I'm a nerd.... Um.... I mean I'm a genius, nevermind, it's disguise time" Robbie heads to his machine and disguises himself as a basketball coach but instead he comes out as looking like a clown which was totally not what he had in mind so he tried again and this time it worked. He heads outside. Back to the park, everyone was still playing basketball and Stephanie made another hoop as Sportacus winked at her once again making her blush a bit more. Robbie comes in in his disguise and greets himself. "Hello everyone, I'm a basketball coach and I would like all of you to come join me into playing a game of basketball, shall we?" "Umm..... Who are you?" asked Stephanie confused as she'd never seen a basketball coach anywhere in LazyTown. "O. My apologizes where are my manners! I'm Gerald Heap" said Robbie introducing himself. "OK, so this is how this game works, whoever doesn't make a basket after 3 tries has to leave LazyTown forever, hmm.... what about you young man, Sportacus I think that's your name, would you like to be first?" Sportacus surprised that he got chosen first to shoot the ball said "OK, Sure" Robbie as Mr.Heap handed him the ball and Sportacus made 2 hoops until it was the 3rd hoop, he threw it but didn't make it which would mean he would be the one to leave. "Uh-Oh, you didn't make it into the 3rd hoop which means you'd have to leave town forever, so sorry" said Robbie in his pretending sorry voice. "I believe Mr.Heap is right, I have to leave, I'm sorry, I'm really gonna miss all of you" said Sportacus feeling upset. "Well, you won't have to go alone, I'm coming with" said Stephanie standing next to Sportacus. Sportacus winked and said "Umm.... Stephanie, I'm the one who needs to leave town, I'm the one who missed the basket, you do know that you have to stay here in LazyTown, it's sweet of you to come with but i'm the only one that needs to leave" Stephanie shed a tear and then she picked up the ball and threw it missing the basket and said "I missed as well so that means I'm leaving LazyTown with you" "I guess so, so let's go, bye everyone, we'll miss you" They hugged each of there friends good-bye and headed up to the airship. While on the airship, Sportacus looked at Stephanie and said "Stephanie, why did you decide to leave with me?" Stephanie looked back at Sportacus and said "Well, there's somethin' I've been wanting to tell you for a while, I've been in love with you ever since I first came to LazyTown, there I said it and we are not leaving, I've gotta plan" Sportacus blushed a bit and then said "I've also been in love with you ever since I met you and what type plan have you got on your mind?" Stephanie blushed and said her plan "My plan is to pretend were leaving LazyTown but instead we'll be leaving half of the neighborhood of LazyTown and head to the place to where you get your supply of water" Sportacus kissed her cheek and Stephanie kissed back. Sportacus flips into his seat while Sportacus calls out for his bed since he has no where else for her to sit, then he rides to the place where he goes to fill his water. After he arrives, he flips outta his seat while Stephanie gets out of Sportacus bed. His airship starts to talk to Sportacus and says "Sportacus, while you're here you should get your water filled up" Sportacus agreed and had his water filled up with the help of Stephanie. "I guess it's time to get goin' back home to LazyTown, it's about to get late" said Stephanie yawning. Sportacus said "Yeah, your right, let's get goin', BED, Stephanie my love you go sit on the bed again" Stephanie blushed when he called her his love, Sportacus saw her blush and kissed her cheek and then her lips that tasted like delicious sportscandy, Stephanie kissed back and off they headed back to Lazytown" After arriving at LazyTown, there friends including Robbie still disguised as Mr.Heap were down on the ground at the park it's like they never went home. Stephanie and Sportacus looked confused as Sportacus called out his ladder, he and Stephanie climbed down and held hands while walking and flipping to there friends and Robbie. "I thought you all would be home by now, what's goin' on?" asked Stephanie. Robbie as Mr.Heap saw Sportacus and Stephanie were holding hands then Stingy said "We wanted to see if you'd really leave LazyTown and are you two up to somethin', I see hands holding?!" Sportacus said blushing "That's nice of you, thanks for being our friends and yes me and Stephanie are now in a relationship." Stephanie looked at Sportacus and Sportacus gave her a kiss while Robbie got disgusted he began to leave but he didn't realize there was a rock in the middle of where he standing and almost tripped until Sportacus caught him but then his disguise fell off and everyone said "ROBBIE ROTTEN"! Robbie then went home and then everyone laughed, while Stephanie sang 'Big Bang' and danced with her now boyfriend Sportacus. After there dance, they both kissed each other's cheek.


That's It for this chapter! It is an extended chapter as I said it would be. I love ya'll my sweets, Happy Holidays! XOXO's <3 <3 <3 <3  

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