everything changed

Sophie has never fell for someone before. Well everythings about to change when she moves to a new school in London where she meets Niall Horan from the band one direction.


1. new school

Chapter 1: new school


Sophie's p.o.v


I woke up of the sound of my dad shouting name to tell me I have to get ready for my new school. I eventually got up and picked out my high waste blue skinny jeans with my selfie top and some black Nike blazers.

I went down stairs got my breakfast and then I walked to school because it was only a 15 minutes to get there. The school was huge and there was so many people. I got to the office to get my timetable I found out I had chemistry first but I didn't know where it was. All of a sudden I bumped into a person and dropped all of my equipment. I went down to pick it up and the person bent down to help me pick all of my stuff up and said "I'm so sorry I was in a rush to get to chemistry". His voice sounded so perfect, I looked up to see Niall Horan from one direction but I didn't fangirl on because I wasn't them type of girls who screen and faint when they see a band member or the hole group. But anywhere I mumbled" no no it was my fault I didn't look where I was going, I'm going to chemistry too. I'm new so I don't know where I'm going". He replied saying " or your Sophie aren't you. I'm Niall Horan, well it looks like here from your timetable where in all of the same classes. C'mon I'll take you to chemistry!". So we walked all the way to chemistry, once we got in the teacher didn't even look and said "HORAN your late again sit before you get a detention!!" but Niall never sat down he stayed where he was standing and said "sir, the reason why I'm late is because I bumped into the new girl Sophie and she's in this class and didn't know where she was going so I took her here.". Then the teacher finally looked up and with a smile he said ". Arrrrr the new girl, Sophie well sorry Niall. Sophie welcome to the class you may sit next too...Hmmmmm let me see errr you can sit next to Niall for the day then I will sort you out next lesson.". I nodded and sat next to Niall but some guy turned around and It was zayn Malik. He winked at me, I blushed but put I turned my head and looked at Niall who looked angry but I dont know why.

After lesson I finally made my way round to the cafeteria, I only went there to get a drink and go to the field but Niall walked up to me and said with a jolly face "hey mind if I hang out with you" I nodded and we walked to the field I  questioned him saying " can we go sit over there I like to be alone" he replied " of course I sit over there to think"


We talked what seemed like ages, we have literary everything in common. I think I like him like, like like him. He's so funny, handsome, fun and I love his personality. I know I have only met him for a day but it seems ages. The bell finally went and mine and Niall's next lesson was English. I had to sit next to Louis, but I was sad that I never sat next to Niall. Louis was so funny I got wrong once or twice for laughing when I should be listening to what the teacher was saying but I honestly couldn't help my self.

After School


I got home from school and my mam asked me " how was school darling. Did you enjoy it?" I replied saying "yer it was great thanks for asking". I ran upstairs got changed into my usual clothes, sat on my bed and went on twitter. I suddenly got millions on messages well basically threats saying " get away from Niall you here" or "if you talk to Niall I will kill you". I didn't even know who these people are but the must be from my school or how else would they know I talk to Niall. I started crying how coupled people say this. it was horrifying what people where Saying, there was more and more comments and it began to spread quickly.


Authors note ( this is my first movella so please comment if its good hope you liked it will write more because its the first chapter.) 





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