The One Who Knows All

One Girl, a fan of Star Wars is transported in to the world. Once only thinking that it wasn't real, hoping that it was real.

When Ciara Mitchell is transported into the universe of Star Wars. In 20 B.Y she knows what is to come of the Jedi Order. Struggling between the language barrier of English and Galatic Basic. Obi-Wan Kenobi helps Ciara, who soon becomes his Padawan.

(Set in two Points Of Views)

*I do not own anything of Star Wars all rights belong to Lucasfilm and Disney, all of the speech in here belonging to the Clone Wars I do not own*


1. Prologue

A blinding white light appeared on the green and blue planet of Earth. Visible by those chosen to see the light. The light appeared on the small country New Zealand. In a school in the City of Sails, a young girl of fourteen looked up from her work and towards the light, as she looked at the light she heard screams of pain and fear, and she heard a voice 

"You can stop it all, you can change his destiny. You have been chosen. You are the chosen one" Then the girl was consumed by the light. 


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