The One Who Knows All

One Girl, a fan of Star Wars is transported in to the world. Once only thinking that it wasn't real, hoping that it was real.

When Ciara Mitchell is transported into the universe of Star Wars. In 20 B.Y she knows what is to come of the Jedi Order. Struggling between the language barrier of English and Galatic Basic. Obi-Wan Kenobi helps Ciara, who soon becomes his Padawan.

(Set in two Points Of Views)

*I do not own anything of Star Wars all rights belong to Lucasfilm and Disney, all of the speech in here belonging to the Clone Wars I do not own*


3. Chapter Two

Ciara Mitchell, had been sitting in the subject of math at school. When something rudely pulled her from her seat. She had heard people talking in a strange language above her for sometime.

Forcing her eyes open she found herself on a bed in strange surroundings, looking around her she saw a droid tending to a station. She heard a door open. She looked up and saw someone she recognised, but only in movies and TV shows. She blinked again. No, it couldn't be. She reached for her glasses and put the on just to be sure. Ciara, tried to hide the look of shock on her face but it couldn't be concealed. Obi-Wan Kenobi stood before her.

Obi-Wan said something in a strange language, that Ciara thought of the language of Star Wars, the one thing she hoped was real.

"Sorry I don't understand" Ciara apologised shrugging her shoulders. Ciara looked towards the door again as a golden droid entered the room. C-3PO, human cyborg relations. Ciara smiled a bit.

"Hello, and save the speech, please I know who you are. I speak the language of English" Ciara said "One question where am I and how did I get here?"

Ciara watched as C-3PO repeated the question to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"Master Kenobi says that you are in the Jedi Temple hospital on Corucasnt and he was going to ask you the same question"

"I have no idea how I got here, but all I remember, is sitting in Math and a bright white light, and he said something earlier what was it?" Ciara asked "At least it was math not science I love science it's my favourite subject, and once again I'm going off topic, so what did you say earlier" 

Threepio repeated what Ciara had said she saw Obi-Wan chuckle and repeat what he had said earlier

"He said that its good to see your awake" Threepio replied "And he also asks who are you? And he is Obi-Wan Kenobi"

"Oh yeah I forgot my name, I'm Ciara Mitchell" She laughed at her mistake "if you are wondering which planet I'm from, it's Earth or Uthhra I think that's how you pronounce it"

Ciara saw Obi-Wan laugh and say something to Threepio who repeated in English

"The planet that doesn't believe in aliens and other beings in other galaxies"

"Yes, but not everyone doesn't believe in worlds that are fictional, people think this world is fictional. I never did. Can you pass me my bag please?"

Ciara reached for her bag but was stopped by Obi-Wan who got it for her. Rummaging inside her bag she picked out her iPad and tapped it on.

"It's an iPad if you are wondering" Ciara Said "great no internet I can't believe I didn't think of that, okay where I come from this world is fictional. Made into a movie. Well six movies"

Ciara tapped on her iPad and thought of something. Attempting to do something that was not possible on Earth she used the force. "Unlimited WI-FI, yes" accessing the Internet she typed in the words Star Wars.

"So where I come from this world is called Star Wars, so I sort of know what is going to happen in, Wait What year is it?"

C-3PO obviously knew the answer to the question himself "20 B.Y"

"I know what is going to happen, this is why I was brought here" Ciara muttered to herself "I may need to learn the language you speak because I can't always have a protocol droid translating for me"

C-3PO repeated the question.

"He says we can arrange that, but who do you want to teach you?"

"Can he teach me please?" Ciara asked shyly "I could possibly teach some english also. I am a fast learner"

Ciara watched a conversation occur between Obi-Wan and Threepio before the answer came back to her

"He says that he will teach you"

"Thank You, so when do we start"


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